My Ex Cheated And Then Demanded Money | WWJD Ep. #12 Highlight

N: Hi Jamie, I was in a long-distance relationship N: For nearly 3 years N: He came back during his school break but became N: Really weird N: Okay? J: Hmm N: At first, I thought it was just because he was N: Graduating soon and maybe he was stressed N: Then he started saying “We should break up” J+N: Oh N: Kept telling me that J: OHHH N: I can not visit him J: HOLD UP HOLD- N: Oh wait wait wait N: And stood me up at the last minute N: We broke up because I figured out that N: He was cheating on me with his friend’s- Oh damn, ex N: Friend’s ex? Wait. Friend’s ex?? N: This mothafucker’s- J: So I’m dating y-, no N: No no its like J: Okay J: No we’re not, okay, sorry N: Shut up N: Okay, I’ll say that again N: We broke up because I figured out that he was N: Cheating on me with his friend’s ex for 3 months+ already N: When I found out, I didn’t confront him and just texted him N: That we are over N: For me, I wanted to end this thing quietly and maturely N: But then his friends started to tell me that he’s N: Telling people that I was the one that wouldn’t let go N: Of this relationship and it’s my fault N: This motherfucker is like crazy like N: He keeps spreading all this false info and keep telling N: People that he didn’t cheat, even still I’ve been silent N: About it. But the story doesn’t end here, oh my gosh N: He now keeps asking me to payback for all the N: Things he gifted to me. At first, I thought just pay him N: And end all this shit but he asked for more money still N: So I decided to never give him money anymore N: My problem is that after all this drama N: I’m so scared of dating now N: My friends say to give it a try and date someone else N: But I’m really scared N: What suggestions would you give me on getting over these struggles? J: Girl. Congratulations for ending the stupidest guy ever J: Clap. J+N: *CLAPS* J: It’s really hard to end these kind of situations if you J: Are still in love, which you call J: It’s a very toxic relationship to be N: Hmm J: He’s the one whos doing all these bad things but why J: Do you have to feel bad, it’s really.. J: It’s just not right J: But… for him, um J: I’m really sorry that he kinda lost you, I mean J: You don’t really have to be sorry for him cause J: Dating his friend’s ex, is like at the first place he J: Doesn’t have any respect to one of his friends or any J: People around him. So soon, he’s gonna lose all that J: And his dick too, um J: Don’t be silent about it, why would you be silent about it J: Um, if it was me and if my boyfriend J: *Whispers* If I had a boyfriend J: If my boyfriend does that to me J: I would play baseball with his dick, alright? So N: Home run J: First J: I would break up, that’s the first thing that I’m gonna do J: I mean like of course and then J: Ask for money? Dude like, really? N: That was like a- that shocked me J: “Payback for all the things he gifted to-” J: So, how- wait. 3 years right? J: *Gasp* J: Even though it’s such a waste, J: I’m actually glad the relationship didn’t last beyond 3 years. N: Ahhh, the time, the timing That she didn’t spend more time in this stupid relationship J: Yes N: Hmm J: I’m just happy for you J: That you don’t have to keep on going with this guy J: And um, cheating… is a habit N: Hmmm J: So, if one starts to cheat in a one relationship J: Next is not that hard, right? N: Hmm N: Hmm yeah, got to admit, I cheated J: *HITS NATHAN* N: I cheated like once or twice N: I’ve done it, I’ve been there J: It’s not N: Don’t meet someone, don’t meet someone who cheats J: But if you’re like him and he knows what he has done that’s bad J: It’s okay, but most of the guys won’t think that deeply J: He’s kinda like, more like a um, sensitive side J: Because he thinks a lot, he thinks a lot in the girl’s J: Perspective, so he knows what he’s been done wrong J: But, for him, I don’t know because he’s really J: Messed up and J: He started talking about bad things about you J: Which is really what a pussy would do, I’m not talking J: About girls, it’s just so J: I’ll talk in Korean because you are Korean. J: I don’t think breakups are ever easy or end well. J: But, you can still tell what kind of person your ex is through their behavior after the break up. J: In my case, I tend to keep only good memories, J: because the good memories are what stand out to me. J: Therefore, I’m on good enough terms to say at least “hi” whenever we run into each other down the road. J: But if you find out your ex has been talking shit behind you? J: You gotta kick the person out of your life forever. Indeed, there are some people who have this ’Nice Person Syndrome’. J: Since they are the ones who end the relationship or feel guilty, J: Out of guilt, they might think “I want to be remembered well by this person”, J: or “I did something wrong to make them cheat on me”. J: But you shouldn’t ever think like that. J: Seriously. J: You might feel terrible and think “oh, the past 3 years were a waste of my time”, J: but what I want to say is “Girl, congrats for not letting it go further than 3 years.” J: and you also might be worried like, ‘Can I meet a new, better person?’ J: or ‘I’m afraid of starting another relationship.’ J: There are TONS of better people. J: TONS. J: You will meet a way better person than your ex. Because, J: You deserve it. J: So, don’t be so frustrated. J: Be confident! J: Fighting! *MUSIC* What Would Jamie Do?

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3 thoughts on “My Ex Cheated And Then Demanded Money | WWJD Ep. #12 Highlight

  1. I got cheated on with his cousin…yup dated 10 years so i wasted my late teens to 20s with him and he was messing with his own cousin for 7yrs. Found out about it last year (2018) and im terrified of dating again

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