Monkey Bum first bathed in a high chair

hello everyone, i’m bathing Bum and Red Bum is on the chair, guys, Bum is very naughty What is Red afraid, now bath My mother lent me the phone Bum you guys are very playful Red is good he is used to bathing Bum hey guys, Red bath then go to Bum, please Bum wants to go down to the toothpick, he runs around Bum was afraid of dogs, Bum saw the dog come do not be afraid Bum pulled the chair away Red is good, he is almost done Bum does something, break it Red hugged her mother very tightly, Red could not swim Bum, Bum was afraid of dogs, he saw Bu’s dog approaching oh, okay, he ran back to his brother to protect Bum dog is coming Red is over, guys son holds this for mom Red sat silent, went to Bum to bathe Where’s Bum, shower Bum im I dumped Red’s dirty water tank Bum climbed onto the high chair He knew it was his position Bum got used to his chair, so I’ll bathe Bum here too Bum was very good and sat still in his chair Red guys, he’s sitting on the table Red is drying the hair Then, take a shower Bum swims away, Bum is very proficient in swimming Today I gave Bum a lot of water c Bum swim very well, do you see good bum? Bum is resting a bit Bum is cleaning the hair Bum went swimming again Thank you for watching the video, remember to register and share to follow the next Bum monkey family

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