Mind-Boggling Off-Grid FLOATING Island HOMESTEAD

Hello, I’m Catherine King and you’re
joining us here in freedom Cove on the mid west coast of Vancouver Island. Hello everyone, I’m Wayne Adams. I’m the handyman. It started 27 years ago the idea that
the two of us wanted to be somewhere other than the wilderness and do our art
and be immersed in nature because that’s where we get this. Freedom Cove
gives us all the protection we need and we were able to start with the house you
see was half the size and just a log in front and that’s what we began with 27
years ago. We recycled the fish farm. That’s the technology and agriculture
grew as we grew here so it was never available before in my youth. I’ve
been a model maker, you’re in my model. It’s a half-scale mo-up. I’m living in my own
water it’s what’s called a kit bash if you put models in the middle of the
living room floor and mix them up and make your own that’s what this is. I did
my boyhood in Australia which taught the trades very early in age. I’m old school
so I had early training. At grade three I started working sheet metal work so
making things and building things it’s always been part of my life but I’ve
never floated a million pounds on the ocean before but I’ve had a background
in science doing something that hasn’t been done before, the unknown. So when you
go into the unknown it’s always challenging and you’re always learning
something new, it’s my teacher. Welcome to Freedom Cove. I’m going to
give you a little tour to explain what we’re doing out here.
So to start, right here where you’re standing is my dance floor. I am a dancer
so for me the first thing required when we moved out here was a place to move.
You’ll notice the colors magenta and green. We have those colors throughout
the whole place because they represent to us
rebirth. Fireweed is the first plant that comes up after forest fires and it is
this beautiful magenta color. So, come on in. We’re going to enter into what we
call the Bower through actual whale ribs so this is how large this whale was so
you’re entering through the belly of the whale and if you look up on the top of
the pole you’ll see a bird called the Bower Bird. The bower bird lives in
Australia and Wayne grew up part of his childhood there and really got to know
that bird. It’s quite a character it creates a beautiful Bower puts
attractive baubles to attract his mate. So all the shells and bones all the
plants represent those things in the Bower and as we walk into the Bower we
are walking on old recycled fish farm systems that we’ve transformed into what
you see here. In fact our whole place is made from recycled material. And my
garden. We’re in early spring so everything’s just starting to wake up.
I’m just starting to bring life back but I managed to grow enough vegetables all
year round to feed us in the wintertime. Come on in and see our house. Main item that we like to show everybody
it’s the Ocean Channel. We’ll even have the otter and seal stick their head up
there from time to time. This is our wood stove. It keeps us warm all year round
and my bathtub is under my layout table behind the curtain which right now has
lights for my new seedlings that are growing. Back here we have the kitchen
area. Let’s see I have a kitchen table and even a little cabinet to store all
my special dishes from my grandmother and we have a beautiful view and you can
see that we’re both artists and we both carve. We do other things as well. Carving
is one of the main things we do. So this is Wayne’s carving side and this is my
carving side over there and we’re gonna walk back out. I can take you upstairs
onto the balcony area you can come in here and this is our upstairs area a
nice large space where I can dance in the wintertime, do yoga, and meditation
Tai Chi all year round, do my painting, do my writing so it’s a lovely bright space.
So we’ll head back out. We’re going to walk down through the whole garden now.
This is the utility area. These are my composters and this is what we call our
lighthouse building. We have an actual light up top there and storage space in
the middle space and this is the first greenhouse. As we walk around you’re
going to see all my greenhouses where again I start
from seed and bring them out as they’re ready. Because we are right on the water
it’s a little bit cooler here so learning by doing. I have found that
giving the plants just that bit of extra protection in the greenhouses to get
them started makes them grow that much better then they all get brought outside
and transplanted so everything is just in beginnings of process and I go
through each greenhouse and clean it out after the winter. This year is a very big year in the 27th
year to complete my little island and one of the two new things is for 2019
it’s my power house. This is everything here. It’s a multi-purpose
building to be out and have be comfortable. You’ve got power, we’re
gonna have water. I’m on a solar generator you can hear it now. It’s also
my man-cave my little toy making shop and it’s a new addition for 2019. It’s been a
lot of years of building it new out of salvaged and my floating sandy beach.
This is my 2019 but it completes my project so we’ll step in here and show
you. I built it in the model of a miniature cuckoo clock so when you come
in here you’re walking inside my little cuckoo. Everything’s in process. I want to make
it functional you know for when the kids come. I’ve got a room on the side from my generator. I’ll close it so it’s not so noisy. So
there’s my intermittent power source when my Solar is not available like
right now it’s cloudy and I have an old old system 25 years old so it has its
limitations so when the weather’s right I got solar when it’s not I got
generator and don’t drain my batteries too low. It’s learning how to use it.
There isn’t anything you do that you don’t need to maintain somehow
lots to learn in here. I can heat it so all my appliances stay warm and
dry because we’re in temperate rainforest. I have a washing machine the
laundry room down there for washing and this is my toy making shop, has
all the little things I’m gonna be making so come on this way. This is our
gallery building so you get to see here the different types of materials we work
in. I’ll start with the feather work. It all began about eight years ago
these are all eagle feathers except for the crest that is actually Heron. Our
regular Heron who lives in the cove called Harry and he drops feathers every
year so his feathers are in a lot of the head pieces on the masks. These pieces
here are burles that form off of cedar trees. They’re big bulbous shapes and
this is like a slab that’s been cut and this is one that Wayne is working in
here and I’m working on this one here and another piece that I’ve done here in
ancient mineralized walrus tooth and woolly mammoth. We also make molds of our
carvings and turn them into beeswax candles which we give to everyone as a
gift. So the new addition last year was this beach area. Wayne actually gathered
sand from beaches and brought it over here. I think there’s about a ton on here
right now then we transplanted all these trees here. We even have palm trees that
we’re actually donated to us and here we have our floated beach. Okay, come on this way. So this is our fire pit area where we
burn any paper items and in the summertime we have family and friends
who come and stay so we put chairs around and we have bonfires roast
marshmallows at night and you can see various antler ornaments on here. Wayne
is not a hunter but he has friends who are so that’s where those came from.
This happens to us a lot people give us things that they think that we can
make use of and we always do make use of them in some way and this is our big
skiff. This is how we beach comb firewood so we’re able to cut the wood up into
rounds on the beach where we find it and then put it into the boat here, bring it
back home. We have a large woodshed over at our son’s place that we process all
the wood cut it up then it goes into our small woodshed here and this areas for
our smaller boat. This is actually our son’s boat, but we have a a smaller
Boston Whaler that usually sits in there. Learn by doing. There’s two types of
schools and I’ve been to both, one the institution as they go but also when you
step out choose your teachers, travel, experience,
get out of that little nest and do things. Get away from the high tech
computer and use your hands head and heart. What you see here, what you’re
taking pictures of is what you can’t learn in school anymore,
life skills. I learned them out of school and that’s where they are. Search and
look for people of something that’s for you before you choose and take your time
because it’s a knowledge-based lifestyle. It’s not a freebie, take your time, don’t
be in a rush lose anything but your sense of humor and you’ll be fine. It’s a big deal. You got to enjoy
yourself. We enjoy each other. We like each other. I refuse to lose my sense of
humor in this mess. It’s important. I realize that the difficulties that
present themselves are there to teach you there to be worked through. It’s how
you respond when difficult things happen that makes a difference and means
whether you will succeed or not at what you want to do.
I think it’s okay to stop living a fear filled life. Don’t be scared to have a life,
get out there. Fear is there to be gotten over and worked through. If you can do
that then you can accomplish anything you want in your life.

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100 thoughts on “Mind-Boggling Off-Grid FLOATING Island HOMESTEAD

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    Do you know if it’s legal to build a raft/houseboat (as it were) on inland lakes, or must it be on the ocean?

    Merry Christmas and Blessings to you both!🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻

    Love and All Good Things,


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    You can't exactly lift them out and paint them with anti-fouling.

  17. Forgot time and place and escaped into these beautiful people and their phenomenal creations and way of living a fulfilled life! Thanks Florb for a very well done and inspirational video! As I watched and went along on this journey I was wondering how for so many years they were able to keep it all so well afloat. Maybe there are the plastic barrels as I see used for various uses together there were 2 green ones and a black one. They look very durable, like the barrels employees get from a papermill I once lived by. It must be tons that you float so you must have very good means to float that does not need replacement for decades. Wayne must have lost all of his Australian accent maybe from being many years away from Australia. I notice no waves, so must be quite a complex of islands to break up the surf, right? Thanks for a great video!

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    It is in the learning the promise of happiness, in its unreached, yet ready to unleash horizons of knowledge, that life turns meaningful every bit of it. Its landscape looks just as it is depicted this way, and its fashion may reach infinite expressions of freedom, accomplishment, fulfilment, dreaming and feeling alive, really alive.

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