Mat Tarrant and Moe Sbihi: Preview to World Rowing Cup III

Initially crossing the line I was very happy with the race and the result. We’d had a bit of a
rollercoaster weekend – unfortunately, our heat wasn’t very good and then the
rep, it was scrappy but it was a much better performance – but then, the first
24-48 hours afterwards I was still content and quite happy, but then since then I’ve
been quite frustrated. I don’t know why, it just feels like, in hindsight, it was a big missed opportunity. And then, on the other side,
nobody’s beaten the Germans yet at Europeans, and we had a fantastic
opportunity that weekend. But still, saying that, I’m very happy with the
result. How am I feeling going into this next World Cup? I am optimistic, I think
we learned a lot from Europeans. As Moe said it felt like a bit of a missed
opportunity but, saying that, it was the Europeans – we didn’t have the Australians,
we didn’t have the Kiwis in there, we didn’t have the Americans. You know they
could all turn up at the next one and we know that those crews, especially the
Australians and the Americans, were our closest opposition at the
World Championships. We could’ve lost to the Americans, we did end up losing
to the Australians, so we’ve still got a lot to prove, so I’m very optimistic. Poland has a history of being very quick, so I’m just
excited, hopefully it’ll be quick again and we can see how fast we can go. The season’s aim is always to try and
qualify as many boats as possible and through the winter you can
really feel like the emphasis is being put on that from the coaches, support staff,
and everybody just amongst the team just from athlete to athlete. The ideal
is that we qualify everybody, men and women, it just means that we then get the
best possible selection opportunities for staff, and support staff, and athletes next season. The team dynamic is, I think, it’s strong. We all know that our seat isn’t 100% ours, we can be switched out up until the day of a race
so you’re never really sure and you’ve always got to keep proving yourself, but
I think the squad is growing year on year, and the strength and the depth, for me, is one of the strongest teams that I’ve been part of. Everyone’s working as hard as they can and the dynamic moving forward is just
so supportive and strong and whatever crew we end up in, everyone wants
everyone to do really well right down to the people who are the reserves and the
spares, just everything they can do to make our lives easier – it’s just phenomenal and Lucerne was a big eye-opener to that again.

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