Man accidentally saw 3 beauties bathing

The girl in red Change into a bathrobe and follow me What are you looking at? Never seen a woman change? Sisters After I serve the boss well, And win the gratuity Everyone can get a share Then you must keep your word Don’t worry You dare hit me? How did I hit you? Don’t play. Hit you to die. You’re a little tart What’s the noise outside I am having a good time. Damn Go out and see Yes I am hitting you. So what? Don’t fight What happened? Take some brothers over Yes Stop it. Stop it Get the hell out of here. Don’t stop me Screw you You little bitch. Flirtatious Be careful no one wants you Shame on you You have no face You have no face. Right You, and you. What’s the noise? What is going on here? Go and help sister Red Remember not shoot Until you are forced to Dove. go go Open the door. Open the door. Who the hell is in there? Open the door quickly Open the door. Who the hell is inside the door? Open the door. Open the door Anyone come? Stop fighting Who are you? Stop fighting Stop fighting They’re our own people. They’re our own people My distinguished ladies. Don’t be angry Misunderstanding. Misunderstood Sir, The reason I didn’t let you into that room just now is.. You are all my guests What guest? Boss Zheng made a block booking The hotel should be clear And.. Women come to a place like this. For what? Your boss Zheng is boss The person inside is your boss’s boss. Japanese Japanese? And followed by two girls with black and white clothes. Who is it? There was a division of the gendarme. It’s heavily stamped. I know it If I am not careful The two ladies would fight My people Have suffered a lot The female master inside said She said in Japan Both men and women like hot springs Also, they are generous So, I said So there is still a female inside? I haven’t heard of it Female still likes to come to this place I’m really going to open my eyes today Not good. Had an accident. Go. Quick Go and see Yes Miss Xunzi It is stupid Chinese. Gun off accidentally How come so many people want to kill you How do you know someone is going to kill me? Because I’m here to kill you Fast. Go there. Fast Fast. Somebody come. Pick up the phone Somebody come. Somebody come Fast. Fast Somebody come Why didn’t anyone answer go LanLian. Don’t fight. Hurry up to retreat I’ll cover Dove. Retreat Okay Not good. This is not the way to fight Let’s go Retreat Sister red Xiaoqing Lined up. Rush out Yes. Yes. go Chunni, Chunni Get up Chunni. Are you all right? Fast. Take her away Okay. go Chunni. Hold it. Get on the truck quickly. Get on the truck quickly. Fast. Fast. fast Hold it. Get on the truck Come. Fast. fast LanLian. Get on the truck. Okay Come Sit tightdd

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