LOVE BOAT strikes AGAIN! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 247

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100 thoughts on “LOVE BOAT strikes AGAIN! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 247

  1. I have an offer for you. One week you will post an episode from few months ago and week after that episode as close as possible to real time. And why? Because we won't see Sierra on the boat any time soon. What you post on Facebook is not enough.

  2. "DELOS" (definitely experiencing love off shore). I do like the passage video's best. Love seeing life on the water. Sean and Chia holding hands asleep, Blue tucking Brady in, sweet.

  3. Sean is a pretty awesome sailor – his knowledge on how to read the weather as well as the sea is impressive. I bet you all learned a lot from him one this passage. Thanks for another great episode!

  4. Knew it would happen! I remember in ep 240 when she called Sean 'Brian' by accident, definitely won't forget his name now lol

  5. The more time I have to witness the Amel 53’s rig the more I appreciate it. Such an adaptable setup with so many options for both heavy and light air passages.

  6. From time to time, there seems to be a 5th wheel on Delos……….this time its the Kid's turn to be the wheel………….

  7. Delos crew – how are Brian and Kazza doing? It would be cool if you guys could check in with them every once in a while and update us on the new baby. Cool vid as always!

  8. I know you guys don’t drink on passage or night watch… but I was wondering if the little brother might be smoking a little bit of weed while he’s on night watch….He thinks he’s going to find a lady and become a man! Wait till he finds out that Brady is who makes him a man.. good on ya captain

  9. This is getting boring! Just another fabulous episode by the good ship Delos. I've followed since Brady joined Brian in Mexico and it's amazing just how lucky you've been with the personalities on board. In fact it can't be luck and you must have found the right process in determining the right mix of personalities especially when involving people from different cultures or different walks of life. Most everyone has had an impact on the good vibes that exist and all have been absorbed into the workings of a sailing life and their individual skills and/or talents have contributed to the success of Delos and long may it continue. ⛵🌊🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️😁😎👍

  10. Exhibits A , B , C and D all asleep, was it just me but it seemed Blue was keeping her voice down a bit , not wanting to wake anyone , make the most of the quiet time.

  11. congrats to the new loves and old loves! Boat life is wonderful, it strengthened our relationship and made us a real team. Wouldn't have it anyother way!

  12. The first couple of chords on the ukulele sounded like the beginning of the Bohemian Rhapsody, 🎼 and I was thinking, Rubes, you have more talent than you let on !!! 
    Fabulous 'Love Boat" episode and my hats off to Captain Brady for weather discernment and integration into the float plan !!  ✨☀️✨🌊⚓️⛵️🏝✨💕✨

  13. I had found this channel a few yrs back and realize I was binge watching so I went to the start and started from the beginning and then couldnt wait till every Friday I actually stayed up Thursday into Friday waiting for it to pop up. I had to go away for 9 months and had to recap on everything I missed…guess what binge watching this channel I wish I could do this someday.

  14. I just love the Delos videos; been following them for a long time. But I'm now seeing (or maybe just noticing more) something that grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. It's the full-face, full screen facie. (Recall the Seinfeld episode with the "close talker".) I'm just not that enamored with your face. Back off to arms length please. I use my 'forward by 5 seconds' arrow whenever 'the face' appears, and I find that I'm blinking through 1/4 to 1/3 of the video. I quit following MJ Sailing all together when J (not M) took up at least 1/3 of the video on her own. I'm probably exaggerating a little, but I'm recounting the 'feels like" to me. But, I'll keep watching.

  15. Hey Blue, will you stop treating Ruben like he's a fucking moron.
    He wants to learn and become a better sailor, but you're very condescending and it may sour his attitude, thus slowing his learning curve.
    Trust me I'm guilty of doing it to the young guys at work, sometimes I didnt even realize I was doing it. However, unlike Ruben these guys at work were actually morons lol, and even worse, know it alls.
    You can't teach a kid who already knows it all. So frustrating. Lol.
    Play nice cutie, he's a gentle soul..
    Love you guys, I know you already made it to the Azores, but safe passage can't wait for the next video.
    Peace in the Middle East, I'm out.

  16. It never ceases to amaze me how the Standing Rig and the system in general holds up to the relentless pressure of the wind on these blue water boats. When you look at a sail boat under way, even in nominal wind, the pressure on the rig is amazing. In a gale, with little to no she is still taking a load. Watched Delos now for several years and now and I remember when you guys rebuilt the rigging…this stuff fascinates an old gearhead like me.
    Brady you are a born captain. Not everyone is. You and your brother both have the gift.

  17. Senor Brady, you might consider a career in meteorology if this sailing thing doesn't work out, it seems to be an area of interest for you………but then you would have to wear a jacket and tie every day……..don't think thats gonna happen anytime soon!!!

  18. Sean. What a fine sailor you are! The Cape story was rad. Being that close to catastrophe and loss. Woah. Plus it's clear you are in touch with nature. Very astute observations on the front passage. And you have skills. Chia is tuned in to the sea as well. Ruben settling in too and Brady and Blue are steady as always. Good episode. Go Delos crew.

  19. The description you’ll provided about Bermuda was correct. There is a since of genuine friendly people who live together in harmony. And they treat everyone with that same respect. Been there many times, but local laws prevent living there. Houses are outrageous and independent incomes must match.

  20. Ever thought about putting a camera on top of the mast while in high seas? It may show a little bit more of what they're like. 🙂

  21. 2 things must be said {& only @ 11.51} 1. Blue I love how you really are the "Boat Mom." 1st gentle passage motion, Blue checks down the crew -> all asleep. 2. Night watch sky shot with Ruben. . . I just love the night sky out on the open sea! SO stinking beautiful! Thanks!

  22. This channel should be renamed "Blue's Soliloquys." The channel has too much of Blue in it. I have to skip ahead anytime she talks so I don't get nauseous. I can't get into this crew – they're not relatable. I'm ready for Brian to return. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  23. Hey Delos you know what be cool, when you say: so let’s go. pretend to turned the camera off but keep rolling for a bit more

  24. Been watching you guys since day one ,I Haven't Missed A week,love you Guys And your video's, would love a shout out to my daughter Jaime, in NOVA SCOTIA. CANADA .from your posted video, your passing Nova Scotia DEC 12th 2019

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