Kayak Recommendation – 55yo Couple Want 2 Solo Kayaks for Full Day Paddling Trips

hey this is Emily at Oz
Inflatable Kayaks so looking for two single kayaks and I got your weights as
about 60kg and 90kg I think and in the height that I got was 172cm so I’m assuming that’s the tallest person so those heights and weights are
fine for any of our kayaks I just ask that in case I get a six foot seven you
know man or a woman in which case we would have to choose strategically yeah and
and what you want to do is either full day or half day so full half day we
basically stop here so from here onwards I’d say no no good for that but anything
from AdvancedFrame Ultralite and up is going to be good full to half day now
you said flat water again these kayak are all great for flat water
you didn’t say open ocean so the difference or what we look for with open
ocean is inflatable coaming see how these have inflatable combing you’re in
the cockpit and what that means is you can put a spray skirt on and then it’s
classed as suitable for open ocean this one and this one these two don’t so
the sport kayak and the Ultralite have a wide open cockpit
you can’t put a spray skirt on so they are suitable for the waters you guys
want to use like a flat rivers flat lakes that kind of thing but if there
was a bit of splash you couldn’t put a spray skirt on to keep that water out
and these kayaks don’t self bail so once water is in it’s in now I reckon 90% of
my customers are fine with that because they’re only going out on flat
water anyway and that may well be you but I thought I’ll just mention it
because if you were traveling with it and you wanted something a bit more
versatile you may wish to go for the ones with the inflatable coming now how
do we choose between these well the first thing you said was you don’t have
a huge amount of experience you’ve just hired a couple of times so these two
kayaks here the AirFusion Elite and the AirFusion EVO these are by far our
fastest kayaks they go like the wind they are quite amazing the reason they
do that is they’re long and they’re narrow so in kayaking language the
longer a kayak is basically the faster it goes and similarly the narrower it is
the faster it goes but the flip side to this is the narrower in is the
less stable it is okay so that’s when we start to look a bit at experience now these
aren’t so narrow that they’re like those little surf skis that you see the
Ironmen on if I don’t if you ever sat on one of those wow
they’re not like that but they’re certainly not as stable as a lot of our
other kayaks so I just like to mention that upfront because some people kind of
know themselves to know that no I’m not interested in that I just want something
stable I can plonk myself in and kinda look at fish right so these do a very
very fast excellent the water but they’re not as
stable the other thing is they take a bit longer to set up so this is
something that you need to think about your personality and your situation
Advanced Elements have done a great job of creating some kayaks that are very
very simple and quick to set up which is a really important feature right so this
one the AdvancedFrame the AdvancedFrame Sport the AdvancedFrame Ultralite these are really really quick and easy
these two are a bit more complicated to to get such a narrow long structure that
maintains its rigidity they’ve had to use an internal pole structure that goes
around here and through and you have to assemble that pole structure and then
there’s a few chambers this one the Evo is a bit quicker than the Elite it’s a
newer version so lightweight materials and a basically a simplified design and
it’s even narrower so even better performance but if you can’t spend 15
minutes assembling a pole structure and don’t buy this kayak basically that
that’s got to be something in your personality and I sell heaps of them
right they’re really popular kayak but the people that I sell them to know
themselves well enough to know that yeah I’m happy to set it up you know that’s
not a big deal um amazing to paddle that’s that’s the other side – really
really awesome to paddle over 4m kayaks then we get to the
next fastest one is this one I have an expedition this is the old version
that’s ex demo if you’re interested it’s a bit cheaper these ones the AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is also a 4 meter kayak now I don’t sell this to a lot of
ladies 50 I think you said 55 that’s that’s probably okay but if a 70 year
old lady came to me I’d never sell her this kayak because it is too heavy it’s 19
kilograms so that’s the downside of this one the upside is that it’s quite fast
so it’s four meters like these ones but it’s wider so it’s not quite as fast
the Air Fusions but it’s pretty fast it’s very very comfortable it’s got a
beautiful seat with a lumber support in it it’s quite versatile you can take it
out an open-ocean it’ll really zoom along multi-day expeditions I know you
said you weren’t going to do that if you’re going out for a full day this is
really a wonderful kayak in terms of setup times it’s a bit longer than the
Sport but it is simple just because there’s more air and more chambers but
it’s simple you unfold you inflate inflate the floor clipping the seat and
away you go kind of thing it’s it’s got a deck riser I think that you you pop in
but it’s not a complex pole structure or anything like these two so a bit simpler
bit quicker to set up but not quite as quick in the water but I think this one
is more comfortable than these two in terms of back support so if 19 kilos was
a bit too much then you would probably start to look at the advanced frame the
advanced frame is 16 kilograms it’s basically the same design but it’s
shorter so we’re talking 3.2 meters now so the speed is less but they’re still a
beautiful kayak to paddle so all of these AdvancedFrame lines they have the
aluminium ribs in the bow and the stern and it basically stops the kayak from
waggling so a short fat kayak normally waggles with each stroke these
ones they because these are fairly short fat kayaks right as far as kayaks go you would expect them to waggle quite a bit what they’ve done is
there’s aluminium ribs in the bow and stern keeps them in the water it stops
the waggling okay so these ones paddle beautifully in the water but you don’t
have this great big long kayak to set up it’s only 3.2 meters it’s only 5 minutes
to set this one up 4 minutes to set this one up right so as discussed the
difference between these two is the cockpit mostly this one also has
two main chambers for the inner tube and this one has one that makes this one
slightly less rigid so the the one of you that’s 90 kilograms you may wish to
consider buying a drop stitch floor with this one which is a floor that gets to
high pressure and goes rigid because this one isn’t as good at the higher end it’s rated up to 113 kilograms but the performance isn’t as good at that
weight of this one where as at 60 kilograms you wouldn’t really be able to
tell the difference okay so I paddle the sport because I can’t tell the
difference because I’m only 55 or so kilos right so my husband who is getting
close to 90 he actually actually paddles the
expedition but he can tell the difference okay so this one’s got the
coaming and and two chambers this one has one chamber and and no combing so
this one’s eleven and a half kilograms versus sixteen so that’s the other thing
to consider who’s interested in lifting heavy things not me so that’s the other
reason I take this one out a lot this one in the Evo I’ve got a new Evo that
I’m in love with at the moment it’s eleven and a half kilograms for me is very appealing
I’m not a big person okay so it’s really easy for me to set this to carry it and
to set it up I love it and I love the quick setup four minutes and ten seconds
really really simple really really quick what I sell is a combination quite a bit
is this one to the wife and this one to the husband that is a very popular
combination because the husband’s usually heavier and he needs that bit of
extra rigidity and he doesn’t mind lifting 16 kilograms whereas the wife
wants something like the lightest thing possible to lift and is usually a
lighter person and so doesn’t need the rigidity so that’s a really popular
combo and then this one down here the Ultralite this is 8 kilograms so this
is a new one it’s made out of really lightweight materials so different
materials it’s it’s folds flatter too than this one because it’s a different
material even though it looks the same and it is the same in terms of stats
like it’s the same length same width looks like the same design but actually
internally it’s a bit different the setup times slightly longer maybe 6
minutes instead of 4 because it’s got a foam floor that you’ve got to unfold in
there and it’s actually got side chambers and a deck riser bar bla bla
bla won’t bore you with the details but it is a bit longer to set up than the
sport but if you’re looking for that if you’re really cutting down and weight so
if you’re traveling for example so I’ve been selling this quite a bit to people
who are travelling and they really really like the 8 kilogram weight limit
so that’s basically a decision without getting feedback from you based on what
you want to do and your Heights and your weights a new experience I would say
wife husband number one number one for the two of you if I if you put a gun to
my head or one end to if your wife feels confident with 16 kilos and you think
you may do some stuff in colder climates and you want the opportunity
to put a spray skirt on so these two are probably my top picks now we
sell lots of packages so I’ll just show you what you need because this is
everyone’s second question is okay great what else do I need so I put together
some packages to give you an idea we actually do custom packages most of the
time these people do buy these straight up but just to let you know that’s an
option for me to do a custom package for because I’d rather you get exactly what
you need if that makes sense beginners choice is very popular you’ve
basically got the AdvancedFrame kayak you’ve got the Touring 4-part paddle
so we sell a lot of the Touring 4-part paddle it’s a beautiful snug fit between
the four parts which is the most important thing to look for in a four
part paddle you don’t want one that’s gonna rattle and it’s fairly lightweight
you know it’s an alloy shaft and you’d expect it to be a lot heavier than it is
with four joins it’s not it’s really nice I use this one myself foot pump and
a pressure gauge I like a foot pump because you get to stand upright you
don’t have to bend over and the pressure gauge is important because you need to
get good pressure in these kayaks to get good performance if they’re sagging when
you sit in them then the bow and the stern stick up out of the water and they
waggle okay everyone freaks out about overinflating if they don’t get a gauge
so I always recommend the gauge your biggest problem isn’t is not actually
punctures or overinflation every year at least somebody blows up that tube
because they’ve left it out in the sun so don’t worry so much about how much
pressure you’re putting into the kayak just worry about when you take it out of
the water let some air out and a dry bag set because that’s a very very handy
thing to have and flying solo is the same kayak but with a drop stitch floor
and that’s that high-pressure floor I was talking about it gives you better
performance and it’s got a spray skirt in it and then this is another package
that’s very popular it’s the Advanced Frame Sport with a foot brace in it so
the foot brace just gives you a bit of back support if you can brace your feet
against a flat surface a lot of people find that that takes the pressure off
their hamstrings and their lower back foot pump pressure gauge touring 4-part
paddle and a lumbar seat so this has an inflatable cushion behind the lumber and
you blow it up and it gives you beautiful support now we also sell PFDs
which is a fancy word for lifejackets we’re not allowed to say life jackets
anymore for some reason and we sell an australian brand called liquid life i really
like their products because they’re good quality and they’re designed by a kayaker so
they’ve got really wide open arm holes no bulk over the shoulders good freedom
of movement these are actually the same this one just has pockets so let me know
if you’re interested in those they’re sized based on weights now where were we
packages oh yeah so if you want some sort of combination of these packages
with life jackets just let me know what you’re thinking and we can I can make
anything work basically okay so I hope this helps if you have any questions
please come back to me you can either give me a call on 0401 048 084 or
you can just hit reply to this email or if you know what you want let me know
and I’ll do a quote for you we always do a deal on the packages so I’m happy to
put together a quote for you but let me know where I would be
shipping to and we’ll go from there okay this is Emily at Oz Inflatable Kayaks

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