Just Cause 4: Spring Update DEEP DIVE

Hi everyone, it’s Lucy here from the Just
Cause 4 team at Square Enix. Now, Just Cause 4 hasn’t stopped evolving since it was initially launched back in December 2018, and now we are very proud to present:
the Spring Update! Released on May 21st, the Spring Update brings an amalgamation of improvements
and additions to the game, making Just Cause 4 the best it has ever been. You can check out the trailer here if you want to see a quick rundown of all the new updates, but if you’d like to see a more detailed deep dive,
then keep on watching. SPECULAR LIGHTING UPDATES One of the main improvements to the
visuals has been to the specular lighting. But what is specular lighting? It’s bright and condensed and
bounces off reflective surfaces whether these be man-made like this metal sheeting, or natural, like the glistening reflection of the sea. From these before and after scenes,
it’s easy to see that more visibility and vibrancy ripples throughout this gargantuan sandbox. There’s a greater variation in shadow details, allowing for you to see each object
more clearly when exploring at night. But, it’s not all about looks… DESTRUCTIBLE BLACK HAND STATUES The Spring Update amps up destruction even further, as the world of Solís is now populated
with fan-favorite sabotagable statues. Like the political monuments that
came before in Just Cause 2 & 3, Just Cause 4 features intimidating
structures of the Black Hand soldiers constantly watching over the citizens of Solís. Ha – not on Rico’s watch! INCREASED AMMUNITION Rico’s firepower has been dialled up to the max. Each weapon he equips comes locked and loaded with a far greater supply of ammo. You no longer need to worry
about conserving those bullets. Let loose and go nuts! IMPROVED COMBAT AI AND NEW CHAOS OBJECTS We’ve amped up our AI system to
upscale the amount of aggression Rico will experience when provoking the Black Hand. You’ll engage in deadly conflicts by land, air and sea. Nowhere’s safe from the Black Hand. Turn the tide of battle with mobile chaos objects, allowing for more opportunities
for creative destruction. Send Black Hand helicopters plummeting, and trucks exploding. DESTRUCTIBLE TRAIN BRIDGES You asked for more blow up-able bridges,
and we listened. You can now derail the Black Hand’s hold
on Solís by destroying train bridges, sending the structures tumbling to the depths below. With these improvements and additions, there has never been a better time to jump into the world of Just Cause 4. We would love to see you guys enjoying
the latest Just Cause 4 updates, so why not share your gameplay clips with us
across any of our social media channels. So download the Spring Update for free
now, and we’ll see ya in Solís. The Just Cause 4 Spring Update.
Download for free from May 21st.

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100 thoughts on “Just Cause 4: Spring Update DEEP DIVE

  1. I finally forced myself to beat the game and I have to say it is alright now. I would give it a solid 4/10

  2. I think everyone including the devs have forgotten about the resident main villain Oscar Espinosa. He doesn't have a lot of presence in the world despite being the ruler of Solis. No statues of his own, no propaganda, not like Di Ravello who made it known throughout JC3 that he was the big bad in both story and gameplay. Basically the game needs more Espinosa propaganda

  3. Please add it so when you disable a jet a wing or the tail section can fall off and then the cockpit glass is ejected off and then the pilot eject and parachutes to the ground and basically becomes a soldier kinda still a fighter pilot though… anybody else think that's a good idea? If we can also use ejector seats it can be good for stunts.

  4. Alright summer update here

    Please add re-liberation

    ơ̴̢̤͈͇͓͘͟r̬̄ͧ̃͆̍҉͘͝͏̶̴ ̷̷̵̨͚͔̯̩̼͉́͢͜҉̵e͙ͤ̊ͦ͊ļ͍̊ͨ̃̇͐̌̽̀̚҉̸̨̛͏̕͜s̬̩̩̲̮̝̆̌̈̍̂ȅ̸ͧ̂̿̉ͪ͢͠͡͡͠͠

  5. Re-oppression feature please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. No liberating towns or strongholds. They took the fun right out of the game. I want a purpose to use my toys not just to screw around with them. I had the game when it was released and after a few days I traded it in for JC3.

  7. it would be really cool if there was such a rocket launcher (as in Just Cause 3 M488) … maybe with a much bigger explusion 😀

  8. If the black hand would send in special units like the titan when you have heat the game would be much better

  9. lighting improved? what else corrected? There are no Russian subtitles for this video, and I did not understand anything

  10. Really enjoying the new content and the updated look. I'm playing on Xbox One X in 4KHDR and it is a beautiful game. Thank you guys for keeping up the hard work and continuing to update improve the game.

  11. Envés de colocar "mejoras" coloquen nuevos objetos, colecciónables, misiones secundaria con cinematica buenas y no que coloquen a Rico de espalda hablando eso es mediocridad y insentiben a usar el gancho de anclaje, que se pueda usar mas ganchos y que el jet pack sea gratis por que ese precio que le dieron es horrible y coloquen los trajes del just cause 1 y 2 y ya🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  12. There’s only recruit enemy’s that chase you it makes it boring atleast make some have helmets or hats. Great game though also add pilot black hand and perhaps add Rico an oxygen mask? On a skin or so you can customize your Rico with a helmet or somthing

  13. It is still nowhere near as polished and fun as just cause 3 and that wasn't even perfect, the map in JC4 is just soooo BORING unnatural and fake like a child's toy car mat. the cities feel small sterile copy and paste affairs and there are no smaller islands to travel to and explore, NPC character models are still abismal, still a bewildering lack of multiplayer and any replay ability value.. Just all in all a trash game by today's standards and even past Just causes.. Still so angry I bought this game.

  14. Is there going to be more updates like this again because I think the game needs it and thanks for listening to the community.

  15. Here is a big thing I would love in the game! An option on the map to turn on and off the tornado, sandstorm, thunderstorm, and blizzard!

  16. Now if you could make hair on certain characters less distracting, that would be amazing! Other than that, you've covered about e everything I wanted from this game, good job!

  17. 1st of all i'm not here to praise you for shit you should've done from the get go. This comment section is loaded with fuq boys/girls sucking you off like it's no tomorrow. I hope someone listens to heart with what i have to say. because you never listened for JC 3. There is no doubt that the shooting mechanics is 10x better and to perfection here. But for the love of god why has the graphics taken such a dive? The water, the water & the water. From the moment you start the game in that little bridge villa, you realize how ugly the game is.

    Please give Just cause back to Avalache Sweden. This division of Avalanche doesn't know what the fuck they are doing. I remember playing just cause 2 , where chaos mattered and we didn't have to do retarded ass challenges in order to unlock abilities. It is a sad day when i have to play rage 2 in order to get a Just Cause experience because that is the ORIGINAL Avalanche. please for the love of God, Avalanche Sweden, make Just Cause 5 and keep your new studios the FUCK away from Rico Rodriguez. Don't forget that this franchise is where you began and what put you on the map, why have you chosen to pawn it off to amateurs? This is so fucking disrespectful. I watched my favorite gaming franchise get pummeled to shit by idiots. It's like you want to destroy this franchise. Rico deserves better…

  18. just saying but once you complete the story, you always have to go to a base to turn on the tornado, thunder, sand storm and snow storm.

    Can you make it so you have those options in the menu or atleast have an option in the settings to keep the disasters on when you shut the game? thanks

  19. Can I just say about how impressed I am with the performance of just cause 4. I bought it yesterday and I must say, in comparison to the 3rd game, it performed with little (if no) frame rate drops. Moreover, I love the way you guys listen to the community and bring in what they want. This makes the game better and more enjoyable! Thanks for being such good game developers!!!

  20. Thank you for the many great updates and improvements over the past few months. However, please fix Antialiasing on PC… it still looks bad occasionally.

  21. Happy about the updates. But i think each frontline should involve a battle to clear it. If that was added in a future update it would make the game more enjoyable. Well thats my suggestion anyway. Also slow down some of those civilian helicopters they are way too fast.

  22. I may actually go back and play it now. I bought the game when it came out and it was the only game I ever played that made me nauseous. If that is fixed I'll play it now.

  23. If you knew statues were a "fan favourite" why weren't they included from the start? Glad this developer keeps adding and improving on a single player game, No Mans Sky-like.

  24. I want to see a feature where things will be permanently destroyed. One of the main things I found amazing about the previous games was that you could destoy things and leave feeling satisfied with your work. However, in the fourth installment, things tend to regenerate and make things seem pointless. I feel like I'm destroying objects for no reason. I hope you all, as developers, can hear me out and see what you could do to make those traditional mechanics a thing in Just Cause 4.

  25. I wish Just Cause 3 could get a patch for the Xbox one X (ps4 pro as well) I still play it. I do plan on getting JC4 but still would be cool to have an improved JC3 with some visual upgrades uses the more powerful hardwares.

  26. It's great ya'll are listening to the feedback but the game still looks poor. Like PS3 quality, very low. It's sadly not up to scratch, though the crazy aerial dogfights are a big improvement. JC3 looks still 10 times better. How about a remaster of Just Cause 2?👌😏

  27. It's getting better for sure, still not quite as good as jc3 though, I would love to see the machine gun built into the jet pack again.

  28. what is the point of making a huge empty map,jc2 had some much to see,there was always something new to see,your maps are going backwards

  29. Will there be outfit swapping? I was not a fan of JC2 but I still grew up with JC1 and appreciate the reintroduction to the series with JC3.

    I hope the outfits from each game can be swapped out to play with. I like the JC2 outfit the most.

  30. Love the game, great to see they listen. But please add multiplayer, it would greatly improve the already amazing game.

  31. Hi im sorry for asking but how can i get this spring update ? I have a playstation 4. Hopefully you can help me out.

  32. Just cause can you add grenades like from the last game and for a update can you add the optional thing like with Rico for the vehicles like the shark design from jc3 and some of the vehicles and weapons from Jc3 like that giant war boat and the nuke gun and the Eden spark it would be the just cause 3 update or something like that plz you are the best game creators ever and I think it’s nice to take from your former success

  33. In the next update can you make the map bigger and add more black hand outposts and add a minigun

  34. I hope that they continue updating the game and bring new features for a long time, not just stop after the last DLC

  35. Dont get me wrong…..I saw the trailer, balloons, less funny dialogues, THATS new about it? I dont nag alot when it comes to games but I knew this would go down…and it did. Its not the graphics guys, its just not the same game anymore. Changing does not mean improving. I dont even buy it with 60% off…80% maybe…just to make sure.
    EDIT: This looks way more fun now though I have to admit!

  36. Those destructable statues are fun, but I thought it would bring the angry Black Hand to Rico. Like you want to get heat to earn chaos points.

  37. Update to be still make.

    Unlimited Ammo in Vehicles.

    C4 Like in Just Cause3

    Water Waves and More Water Effects Overall

    Few Dual Wield Weapons

    Removing the Fog Overall in the World

    Not so Aggressive Jet Fighters Fight You

    Parachute Soldiers

    Trains that can shoot You.

    Few Corales and Plants under the Sea

    A little Base ore the High Mile Club in the Air

    Mechs Like in Just Cause 3

    More Rainy Days

    Lens Flare

    Foggy Days in the Tropic Region

    Trowable Grenades

    And it would for me the best Game ever.

    Self Ideas:

    Sharks and Fish in Ozean
    Snow Sand Effects when Drive trhu
    Remotable Drones to Fly
    A Big Sea Base Like the JC3 DLC
    Predator Missiles to Launche
    A RC Tank to Drive
    Parachute Thrusters
    Real Wave Physiks for Water
    Explosions Like JC3
    Dogs to Battle with you
    Order Many Packs Off Soldiers/Stuff
    Better Drive Physiks
    Sound Overhaul (Birds,Sea Waves…)
    Few more Npc Models
    More Vehicles from JC2 and JC3
    Real First Person
    Few More Props arround the World
    Valkyre Rockets
    Tuning Off Vehicles

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