Joe Thomas & Spencer Drango Swimming Rematch!

First annual Joe Thomas O-line Joe
Thomas Natatorium swimming championship race unfortunately not one by the namesake of
the tournament Spencer Drango the Browns
offensive guard at the time was the victor he did beat me by a nose hair
and it was a sweet championship amongst the offensive lineman refereed by the
great Bob Wylie the offensive line coach at the time I certainly thought I was
gonna win there was a lot of money on the line but unfortunately Spencer had
the advantage being that he was a swimmer in high school and even though we were
both in terrible shape he did have a little bit better form and my great desire for a
championship came up a little bit short Now that I’ve got a couple more years in
the bag and I’ve had a little bit of coaching I would definitely like to
challenge Spencer Drango to another swim off and this time I definitely
think I’m gonna win!

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