[JJ Swim]초급6강 누워서 발차기, 킥판의 역할 진짜 알아? Backstroke kick

Backstroke kick For what Find out how to float, lying down and how to stand up backstroke’s basic posture, and to stably move forward without visuals of the pool bottom. How to Place the kick board on the water surface and bend the legs to dip the shoulders into the water. Dip ears in water bending neck back, and then with your feet, push the bottom in the forward direction, and when feet get off the bottom, start kicking. With the kick and the propulsion by pushing the floor, place the belly button in the middle of the kickboard. Keep your feet and knees from rising above the water with ankle snapping. Let me tell you the role of the kickboard. kickboards are not a device for you to float your body. This is the standard that tells you where the water surface is. So instead of pulling the kickboard, you have to place your belly button under the kickboard. Based on the kickboard, place your ears underwater, your chest outside the water surface, splash with toes must make lots of splatting water When you stand up, move kickboard away from the body, pull both knees over my chest, and keep your forehead close to your knees. Roll your body, sink, touch the bottom with legs first, and stand up.

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