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11 thoughts on “INTEX POOL Chemistry 101 | Swim University

  1. Read on another blog site stated that shock wasn't needed in a intex pool unless alagae is growing. We own the 8'/30" intex, I did buy the clorox pool and spa shock but haven't used it yet I did purchase the chlorine strainer and the one inch chlorine pucks that is currently in the pool can I have been checking my pH daily the pH level is still a little high what you recommend how much shock do you recommend for this size pool your help is greatly appreciated

  2. I have an Intex pool which had a salt water filter with no sand filter… Set it up and added to bags of 20kg of salt to the water and ran the pump for 24 hours before running the salt water filter .. when should I add more salt?

  3. I have a 2200 gallon easy set with an Intex 10 inch sand filter and intex saltwater generator. I for the life of me can't get my cya to register on strips or a liquid test. I have been using granular material. Any thoughts? All other chemicals are balanced. I do have a solar cover and a solid cover on when not in use.
    Levels are as follow.
    TH 200
    TC 3
    FC 1
    PH 7.4
    TA 180
    Cya 0

    I do have high iron that has to be filtered with a homemade 5 gallon pail at the beginning of the season if that matters.

    Thanks in advance

  4. I've got a 12'x48", 10000 gallon pool and I've f'd the chems I think. PH is stuck at between 8-9 and I've tried to use the reducer to no effect and it won't register the chlorine I've put in. Ive just left it alone for a few days and the water is still pretty clear but I'm concerned because I'm responsible for everyones health and I can't get the chlorine up. Any thoughts? Thanks

  5. Swim University suggests a 100-150 ppm Alkalinity however most recommendations are 80-120. What's the difference?

  6. I have the same problem,my ph is fine but my Alk is really high,I’m been trying lowering the Alk with Acd. but my ph is going down as well and the pool has copper pipes,so I don’t want to keeping low. Help please

  7. I have a 22' round by 52" high Intex with sand and salt. The pH usually stays pretty stable but the alkalinity is consistently high – usually around 160-180 range. I've been adding acid to lower the alk and then soda ash to try to bring the pH back up but I usually end up with normal pH and high alk. Is that a problem?

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