I Tried Sensory Deprivation Therapy in a FLOAT TANK?!

Touch my skin so soft, mom, feel it. Feel it. (Mom: Ahh) Hello and welcome to another follow me around vlog These are so highly requested lately, so I’m excited to do another one for you today my mom And I are having like a little girls spa day, downtown Toronto so it’s morning time right now. It’s about 9 a.m. And I have my kale smoothie here to start my day out as you can tell I’m not wearing any makeup And that’s because we’re going to try sensory deprivation therapy which will get my face all wet along the sides And then I’m going to go get a facial you can probably tell since I’m not wearing makeup that I’m dealing with some acne breakouts because I’m a human and humans get acne sometimes And I did a pretty intense juice cleanse and sometimes after you do juice cleanses like that because you’re detoxifying in your liver You can get some acne breakouts cuz the liver toxins come out through the skin So I think that’s probably why I’m dealing with this so anyways we’re doing like the sensory deprivation therapy Then we’re doing like a nice little cute lunch, and then we’re doing the facials together So I just thought we’d bring you along with us, so let’s go. So, we’re here at the Rest Nest in Yorkville? Is that correct mom? Mom: It’s right. Molly: and fun fact about rest nets this is actually where my Like the Canadian media launch for my dubbed shower film was so I’ve spent a day here But I couldn’t get into like like I was just doing a bunch of interviews and stuff And I couldn’t get into the headspace to do Sensory Deprivation Therapy and really get a benefit from it so they offered to allow me to come back another time to try it And I’m so excited. For those who don’t know sensory deprivation therapy’s like these little like pods with salt water in them You’ll see when we go inside. So let’s just go inside. So, now I’m in the room with my float tank, we have to shower first and after. So there’s a shower here and then I put earplugs in and there’s like a halo that you put your head in, and you lay down in this, you turn off the lights, You close the shell over and the water is like room temperature and filled with I believe 10,000 pounds of epsom salts Which makes your body float you can do complete sensory deprivation therapy Which is complete silence for 55 minutes, so you can’t hear, smell, taste, see nothing and then You can do some with like music at the beginning and music at the end I chose to do music the whole 55 minutes through so it’s not that people real sensory deprivation therapy, I guess but We’ll see. Alright you guys the ear plugs are in I have the halo for my head now it’s time to say goodbye. So my float is over, I don’t know if you guys can see this, but there’s like all this salt right along the edge of the bath Which is so funny like, right here’s a big chunk And then this is the halo that I lay my head and it’s like the salt that goes around your face. There’s so much of it it starts to like, crystallize. On your face. It’s like when your body’s nice to dry. It’s very still like Crystallizes, that’s why I have to shower after. Mom: What does it feel like when you’re in there? You go through like stages, Like because you turn the light off once you close it so You go through like first you’re like Can’t stop your thoughts and then you Get to this point where you’re like Relaxed, but you’re very aware like I could hear my heartbeat, and I could like feel every muscle in my body And then you kind of completely like zone out and almost like go in to like a dreamlike state Yeah it’s really interesting I would recommend this to anybody with like muscle problems like muscle pains Or joint issues or anybody who likes meditation or alternative therapies. It’s really interesting It’s worth trying, my hair is very salty now and so am I. Um I wore a bathing suit in But I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to I chose to because you’re with me, so… But yeah it was really fun, I recommend trying it it’s one of those things that I always wanted to try and I mean why not Give it a go I don’t know where I’m going. We’re trying to get cute footage of me walking into the restaurant, But I can’t see where I’m going and Gallop [Guide Dog] doesn’t know because we’ve never been here, so this is a failed blind girl vlog. So, I am done at the float place Rest Nest, I know I think Rest Nest is such a cute game, and it was a lot of fun. It was a really interesting experience And now we are having our little vegan lunch at Planta Which is this gorgeous vegan restaurant and look at these cups! There’s so tactile I love it. So tactile, blind friendly hmm. I was vegan for five years, I’m not anymore due to reasons I won’t discuss in this video, but I still love vegan food, and we – some of my favorite vegan restaurants down-town like, Fresh is my absolute favorite. Not Freshee; Fresh. And Cali Love is a really great restaurant. It’s not vegan, but it’s like a really healthy restaurant as well. Downtown Toronto if you’re ever visiting. But, we thought we’d try something new so we’re trying Planta. I’ll let you know how it is. So now we’re heading into Blitz Facial Bar Where my mom and I are both gonna get facials they specialize in facials, so I’m assuming it’s going to be pretty good My facial is finished, and I feel like I’ve been laying in the most luxurious Dentist chair ever because instead of hurting my teeth they’re making my skin look beautiful And I got microdermabrasion and my skin has literally never felt so soft like it’s amazing Touch my skin is so soft, mom, feel it. Feel it. (Mom: Ahh) It’s so soft. Mom: That’s amazing. So as you can see I’m clearly at home and in my PJs sittin’ in my bed It’s like 10:30 at night, so I realized right before I was going to bed that we didn’t ever finish the vlog so We drove home after our facials we bought a couple products when we were there for our skin because we like to try and stick with like organic natural products and the Products that they make there are made in Canada and organic so we picked a few products up And then we had some like phone calls and meetings and stuff in the evening and then I just had a bath and now I’m just hanging out with Oliver you guys helped me name my new stuffed animal on Twitter, so Shout out to the 53 percent (53%) of these 600 people that voted for ‘Oliver’. He is now Oliver. Sorry Oscar voters You didn’t win um So yeah, that’s the end of this vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed. Oh, and I already know I’m probably gonna get questions on that jacket I wore it because it’s so cozy and it’s like a teddy bear hugging you um so I’m gonna put links below for like the Rest Nest website, the Blitz Facial Bar and The place where I got that jacket just you guys can Check out all the stuff because I know there’s probably gonna be questions on all that stuff So I’m just in the description box for you, so I don’t find all- all the comments asking about it So I hope that works for you guys Thanks for coming along for another fun little day that my mom and I had, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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