I Crashed our Boat in the Marina, Way to Make an Entrance! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 101

I am the captain now. Last time on SLV in Spain we headed up the coast to take shelter from the Tramontane winds that were about to blast us from the north We bunkered down in a magical spot called Puerto de Cadaqués. What are you up to? I’m gonna go free dive… Well, I’m going to go spearfishing over there, but I’m in Europe There’s not that many fish. So what I say, is I am going to go free diving with my gun and then I don’t get disappointed. With my gun. With your gun. I’m going over there where that flag is. There’s a bit of a drop off on the other side and the wind going that way So there’s not much… swell in that little place there. I heard there’s a grover We’ll see what happens. How’s the stainless looking? Well…I’m nearly finished. I want to know if that stuff’s good or not? And I also want to know, do you leave a little bit of goo… like slime on there, when you finish to stop it from rusting in the future, like as a bit of a protection? Or you wipe it all off. If you wipe it all off it looks beautiful, but .. yeah. I don’t know. It’s another one of those five AM starts. We have just dropped mooring line and we are motoring out of the bay, just to get away from the little mooring balls and we’re going to hoist the main. We are going to La Grande Motte today. I forget how many nautical miles it is, but we are going to try and do it in a day. With no wind. So yeah… Wish us luck. Riley hoisted the main. Riley has just gone back to bed. We are going… I need to stop yawning, it’s ridiculous? We’re going five knots into an eight knot breeze which isn’t too bad but I think It’s going to die off even more and we’ll probably put the code zero up when Riley wakes up Which, I’m betting, won’t be too long Being on our way back to where our new journey had begun only a few months ago It was good to finally feel like a new La Vagabond We had learned what all the new sounds mean How the new systems work and how to deal with sails as a team quickly and efficiently. She’s a very beautiful boat and we’re all pretty much still in awe Hell yeah, the winds just picked up. We’ve got 11 knots true and now going six point seven, so… Things are starting to move now, folks What can I do? Ah nothing. It’s alright We need to… I want to get there before the sun goes down We’ve gone far enough East I think I’m going to have to motor directly on course for an hour or two whilst the wind changes direction Hopefully, it’s a tick to and then it should swing around to here Then I’ll hoist the main again and we’ll sail off again. I obviously prefer to sail the whole way, but… we’re on a tight schedule with that Tramontane and… booking in and stuff we’ve just got to get there so… And I’m just making lunch in the kitchen after sleeping most of the morning. We’re having burritos today How many sails have you rolled in and out today? I’ve put up and down the code D twice sorry the code zero and I put the code D up once I’ll put the main up twice. and I’ve rolled the head sail in three times. and it’s quarter past three we just reached- [In the background] Eleven point 5! Whoo! We just got our top speed on La Vagabond. We got we got an eleven nine. We got an eleven point nine. Hammering La Vagabond I was nearly gonna title this episode motoring La Vagabond Because I didn’t think we where going to get sail very much. and here we are we’re flying along What? 12.9 What? yeah! Holy crap. Holy crap Perfect conditions team. Yup, I can work in 13 knots. I never thought that would be possible. Yeah, actually I didn’t think about that That’s crazy. I’m having a great time. So yeah, I’ve got to pay attention I’ve got my eye on the apparent wind speed if that picks up to more than 15 knots I just go downwind a little bit which will reduce that and We’ll go just slightly off course which is fine when you’re doing 12 knots and then As it drops down a bit we come we point a little bit higher and the wind picks up and … yeah That’s the game we’re playing at the moment Now I’m sitting on the toilet, but I’m not really on the toilet I needed to show you the view from here Seriously, it feels like I’m going a million miles an hour So I’ve got the autopilot on performance level 4, which I’d never used to really use on the old boat, because it would suck power, but look at how fast and how accurate it is. This is the rudder here I think that’s the degrees plus and minus, and it’s just… when you feel a wave come and pick you up you feel a wave come behind you like this, and I’m sitting here going- well I’d steer into and then back down here and Before I can even think about it This thing, look at that, it’s gone to ten and then back to normal and then minus two and then back again, it’s just No one could steer as good as this thing. [Elayna in the background] 18 knots! Yeah it’s alright Wow Oh, it’s on a hinge Be careful. Oh my God Thats scary! We just came outside to drive And there’s a drone flying around the boat And guess who it is? It’s bloody Mathew on the drone again! It’s behind the sail now Aww, we’ve missed you too, Mathew. Can you keep it on that one? Hey Mathew I absolutely hated that Holy crap Took me four attempts to be able to get into this little place. And I hope never to have to do it again A mass I bash the boat on the pillar as well They got rubber around them, so I don’t think there is any damage, but… The first scars. Oh dear. Sorry And they said it couldn’t be done, but I did it wow so we didn’t put a second line over this side and uh Daniel has just- what do you call that? Lassoed Lassoed it. But not over the whole pillar, Just like back on the ranch that I didn’t live on I think that would be okay, though Might be yeah Yeah, if you’re tying it down, then it can’t lift up, if it’s super tight Think I’ve stretch the rigging on the right hand side, not so sure about the left, but the left I think will need some. So, just thought I should explain why it took me, like three goes, to get into our berth And it was less of a mistake and more of a panic attack, sort of thing, I guess But, you know, I’m going to show you, anyway So here’s all the boats, all the Outremers nearby and the wind was coming from this direction At about- what was it, like 15 knots or something? and so, when I came in, what I was doing was, I was heading into the wind, like this … and reversing back in, but by the time I got to here got in between the pillars, the wind had already grabbed my nose and like swung me around, so … I had to attempt it three times, and I didn’t stop and think about what I was doing, because I remembered JP Who gave a sailing lessons before we left, we had no wind during these few days So this is the way he taught us, and then I thought again later and I did remember, that he said: in stronger winds you have to put your butt to the wind, because This is where you have most control, and it’s common sense really, because both of the propellers are at the back So, what I should have done, and I did in the end after Mathew was yelling and screaming at me from the dock Is yeah, I turned my butt to the wind and I reversed all the way back And then I used this pillar as, sort of like my pivot point kind of thing And I was able to put my portside back to the pillar and then bring the starboard side engine all the way back And my own nose is turned around and I was able to come straight back in and it was so easy Like I got it straight away So yeah, that is what happened We picked Mathew’s brain about a few things and as the sun set we regaled him with tales of our exploits in the western Mediterranean I see the rock. and it’s running smoother. Up there. Yeah Usually that’s when you want some twists in your face All righty, who is it this week? It is Graat Strone. We’re inviting 10 Patrons on board. Graat Strone. You’re the next one, mate, congratulation Luckily I called your name, because Elayna was going to call you Grant Stretching so Send us an email at [email protected] and Yeah, we’d love to get you on board. We want to try and meet as many of you people, as possible This boat is amazing. We want to get you on here and to experience, what it is that we’re doing, so Really looking forward to seeing you, mate.

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100 thoughts on “I Crashed our Boat in the Marina, Way to Make an Entrance! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 101

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  6. Great job folks. Re docking, Crew should have been about with a roving fender! it might have been possible to get a line on the windward pole to stop you sliding too far to leeward? An alternative could have been to drop a stern anchor to stop you sliding, having crew to control the lines, or drop the dinghy and carry lines ashore to warp in like they did in the olden days : ) Love what you do.

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    Riley, if you want stainless nice and clean use baby lotion. We have Johnson's in the UK. It's a clear liquid. My dad was an engineer and swore by this stuff.

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