How to poop overboard – Ep42 – The Sailing Frenchman

Hi everyone, here is the first Q&A session Wait, I have to speak in English right? Hello everyone I’m doing
the first Q&A session of this vlog because there’s been lots of questions in the comments and I’m trying to answer
comments but there’s a lot and I don’t always get time to answer these questions so I picked up some questions and I will try to answer them in this episode Let’s start now with the questions:
do you have to show passport when you dock yes I do
every time you arrive in a new country that is not the country of
registration of your boat you have to show passport and show the boat papers so
you go to customs declare the boat you go to the next window which is normally
immigration you show you passport It’s called the clearance in and before you leave
normally within the 24 hours before you leave you go back to the same offices
and you do your clearance out which mean you say I’m leaving with this and this
person on board and I’m going to this place one little thing is that for
example here in the Caribbean there is some French islands even if I’m French
and the boat is registered in France I still need to do my clearance in and out in all of the countries most of the time it’s cheap in the
French island it’s really cheap some English islands or like Ex Commonwealth
Island can be much more expensive in general when you do your clearance in
it’s also when you have to pay a cruising permit So yes, there is some admin you have
to do when you arrive and leave a country #2: You crossed the Atlantic
with that little thing, what if there was a storm? First it’s not a little thing,
it’s a valiant ocean crossing boat What if there was a storm?
Well, this boat is prepared to get storms if you want, go back have a look at episode 20 I
think and and also one of the first one around 16 something like this I already
got storms with this boat it’s perfectly prepared to have big wings just reef the
sails put small storm sails in the front and yeah just organize inside everything
inside the boat, pack everything away and just wait for the storm to stop People see storms as something that is terrible but storms are just part of sailing
and if you cannot take a storm, don’t go out on the water but I’m also touching wood so nothing happens to me too bad, some storms can be pretty mean I’ve been lucky so far and I’ll keep working in
having the boat prepared in case there is a storm #3: Where do you poop? That’s probably the most asked question in the comments you guys seriously have toilets issues However, on this boat I do have toilets, let me show you On this boat there is toilets they are there but toilets on the boat always smell bad
and I can you see I use the storage above them so install them but never use
them what is more convenient to do is use the biggest bathroom in the world
which is outside so when you want to pee, you just lean on the side do you thing, it’s pretty simple And if you want to poop, just stick your butt out and do your thing, pretty simple And like this you don’t have smelly heads in your boat When you’re in an anchorage like here, you just use the marina to go to the toilets or go in a bar Happy? There is no heads in the boat, you do it outside, pretty simple #4: Ain’t you afraid of pirates I mean for real some bad people are in a bigger boat just find you in the middle of the sea and just rob you well this is
looking a little bit too much a TV. Yes, pirates exists, really little in the
Caribbean, even if it’s picking up a little bit more they are just thieves, pirates is a really romantic term There is much more piracy in places as the Gulf of Aden and around Somalia However I heard in the Caribbean it’s
picking up a little bit more especially after the last two big hurricanes from 3 years ago and people are struggling living so some of them tried
to steal from leisure boats with my boat I’m not too concerned because
it’s really small not much to steal on it people are not really interested
there’s many nice boats around I’m not too worried it can happen again touching
wood that it doesn’t #5: You need a bigger ship?! No I don’t, it’s a perfect sized
boat, small boat small problem, less costs, it’s perfect #6: What material do you use for filming? I use this camera which is a gopro session I’ve been filming with this since 2 years,
works perfectly for me I just ordered the hero 7 because I’m super interested in the in the hypersmooth function to do you nice time-lapse and things like this and I also have a phantom 3 drone from DJI, it’s old but works well for now let’s see for how long and then I have a computer for the editing #7: why don’t you have a patreon? This I talked about already: I don’t feel comfortable asking you guys for money directly to pay for my travels instead I prefer to work with YouTube, who is putting ads on my clips and I get a little bit of money out of it,
so I’m really sorry if you are getting ads but that’s a way I found so everyone
contributes somehow and I don’t have to ask people directly for money,
because I’m super happy that some of you would be keen on helping me with some funding on patreon but others could not, rather than with advertisement, everyone has a 5 seconds ad, just skip the ad and watch the video and so it’s kind of I don’t know more
equalitarian for me #8: Don’t you have a job you need to
attend? Well I’m working right now But no, I don’t have a job I need to attend,
I’m freelancing as a skipper so I take contracts when I want and when I need Also this YouTube thing is kind of a work I’m doing alongside kind of constantly I’m lucky enough not to have a contract and not to have a work I need to show up on it on a weekly basis let’s say #9: when sailing offshore alone how do you sleep? Autopilot with radar warning or “small boat big ocean theory”? Well on this boat I don’t have radar or AIS, so what I do is that I wake up every 15/20 minutes,
check around me and go back to sleep meanwhile the autopilot is steering for me so I keep making way while I’m sailing For me AIS or radar isn’t a solution, it’s an help, but it’s not a solution so for me I have no problem falling asleep or waking up, so I just sleep outside in the cockpit or here downstairs and every 15 minutes I wake up check and go back to sleep This is cruising mode, it’s not
racing, so I’m really happy with this solution, other persons will have their own technique but yeah that’s something that is working for me #10: Do you ever capsize? No I don’t, and I hope it won’t happen This boat and normally the monohulls they cannot really capsize, they just lean a lot Eventually if there is massive waves they can roll but normally they design to come back up so with this boat you don’t capsize, you reef, you reduce sails so you don’t have too much sail area and your always have nice lean but
not too much #11: How do you upload your videos? I don’t have any satellite phone onboard so when I’m on offshore passages I don’t have any communication I upload videos when I go back on shore and I find an internet cafe or bar where I seat, get Wi-Fi and upload #12: Can I join you on the trip
this looks too good?! Yes it’s really good and as much I would love to have every one of you that are asking to come on board my boat is really small and I’m doing lots
of different things so sorry I cannot take you on board but if you see me in a
harbour or at an anchorage come have a beer and for a chat, I would be
really happy #13: That it is not rough seas if they were rough you would either not have a sail anymore because it broke or your retreated the sails before they broke? That was a comment that was on episode #20 where I got like force 7 to 8 for a few days in between at Gibraltar and Canary Island So yes when the wind picks up I do reef the sails to have less sail area and in this video in the episode #20 you can see that I have 3 reefs and only a really small head sail, the jib #2, really small to cope with the wind that I had at this point But yes, the sea was pretty rough in this
episode the camera flattens the waves but it was a solid 6 to 7 meters waves and even a bit more sometimes and up to 40/45 knots wind,
so it was pretty interesting sailing conditions That’s all for this Q&A session If you have more questions drop them in the comments I’ll try to answer them soon and as always put the thumbs up
somewhere down there to like my video and share it if you can, it really helps me

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