How to Float with your Pants? – Survival Hack

*Splash!* Wooo! It’s cold! What’s up everybody welcome back to my laboratory! Safety, safety is number one priority. And today I’m going to teach you how to float with the pants. So let’s say you’re on a boat, and boat flipped over and sunk. And all you have is just your pants, And you’re stuck in a lake and you’re super tired You cannot swim no more You gotta keep swimming somehow, right? So you don’t drown. Well instead of keep tiring yourself, using this hand motion to keep yourself afloat, we’re going to use pants to keep ourselves afloat. So first of all I’m going to take off my pants Don’t worrie though, I have uh-swimming trunks right under my pants πŸ˜‰ So take them off. And I’m not going to.. Touch the bottom of the pool Just to show you that it is possible and it works pretty well. So we got the ends of the pants right here We’re gunna just to make a simple knot. uh! So it doesn’t untie You know, using my legs to float I’m kinda getting tired already and if I’m like in the middle of a giant lake, or even in the ocean on the bay Sometimes you gotta swim for like, thirty minutes, Forty minutes, You got to swim for almost 2 hours sometimes if it’s a big lake You’ll probably get exhausted so it’s easier to just take a break and float and slowly swim So these pants will help you! ugh! We’re gonna.. Put it over our necks like this. So then you see I got it zipper side up. It needs to be zipped up all the way Then I’m gonna.. Open the pants And use *Splash!* *Splash!* *Splash!* Fill it *Splash!* with the water to get oxygen *Splash!* Inside of the pants *Splash!* *Splash!* Like this, Just to keep your pants moist. And If you run out of air again, *Splash!*Just, grab some air *Splash!* like this And hold it to put it together And give some pants the moist So they don’t go away And you’re going to stay floating You see? I can just kick my legs, Use my legs to keep swimming *kicks and splashes* Keep the pants moist And that way I’m using very very low energy And using like, a very little bit of energy using my legs, to keep swimming. Pretty awesome, right? Once again if air comes *splash!* and goes away *splash!* just get a few *continuous splashing* scoops of oxygen Put the pants together again Keep it moist And you can swim! You know what? I love this hack! This is the best survival hack I have ever seen. Especially for like…you know…crashes You never know you might be on like…a cruise ship or something And you have seen how many cruises sometimes sink and stuff. Now lets say you need to like jump off Or even if you fall from a cruise ship or boat and you have pants on use pants to keep yourself up afloat if you don’t know how to swim or even if you know how to swim conserve you energy with this little technique and you gonna to stay alive for for much much longer and you have a bigger chance to be saved *bird chirping in background* So I like that hack for sure! You see how I keep moistening it? the pants So that way they don’t lose… Uh…oxygen…or whatever. The air! I love this hack! This is so beautiful! I can actually relax like this Wow…this is awesome! Looks like it’s deflating again. *Splash!* *series of splashing* Oh, it inflated again. Hold it up Oh wow! If you put… …these pants between your ankles… And cross this legs together that’s even easier Look! I’m lifting my hands up. And i’m floating. How cool is that? But keep you pants moist though…because if you’re not, the oxygen will come out. So this is definitely an amazing survival hack. Look at that! I’m like completely relaxed Honestly, I can float like this for hours. This is very very comfortable position, you know what? You can also definitely next time at the pool party Show off to your friends. Show them how you can float with the pants. and also, if you think other people should know this trick Share it with them. Send them to this video so they can learn this as well. Enter it out in the pool next time they are in the pool This is amazing! I’m so comfortable! I don’t want to get out. This video is way too enjoyable. Let’s get some more air in the pants *Splash!* *series of splashes* Now I’m going to fold it up Put it between my ankles Lift my hands up Ugh! Oh yeah! Definitely helps! Not using any of my energy..ah! Who would have thought pants? Could be your flotation device. Beautiful isn’t it? Please give this video a thumbs up! Hopefully, you don’t every have to use this in survival situation so that way you don’t even have to experience all that. But next time you are in a pool, you should try it out! This is actually a lot of fun! And that way, in case you have to use this, you know how to use it. Well guys! That is pretty much it! Please give this video a thumbs up! Thank you for watching and I will see you next time! *splashes!!!* *giggles* lets start this again
>>I love this gadget works! *laughs* What do you mean it doesn’t work? *laughs* It’s in a blade! *more laughs*

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100 thoughts on “How to Float with your Pants? – Survival Hack

  1. 5:46 He almost just fell off or is there something down there? I don't understand how these kinds of pools work… lol

  2. i wonder how much it costs to keep that swimming pool running.. i mean you can cleary see that the water is not staying!

  3. 5:09
    German officer trying to survive after his vessel crashed in the freezing waters near the coast of Russia.
    Unknown location, Pacific Ocean – 1943 (Colorized)

  4. i think thats dangorous because from the veiw angle it looks as the pool is a waterfall……..he says saftey is #1 priority -_-

  5. You know those cruise ships when they sink and then you only have pants.

    Get that life jacket on in a boat y'all.

    That infinity pool is flipping amazing.

  6. What about this.
    Tip 1: breathe in hard.
    Tip 2: be on back.
    Tip 3: you should be floating.
    If your fat like me you should float

  7. Actually you can float with just your body pretty easily, just lay flat with your belly up and both your arms and legs spread apart, then control your breathing, since the air in your lungs is the main thing that keeps you afloat, you could float like that for hours no problem, and pretty much 0 energy spent.

  8. A man recently in Australia actually used this technique to survive and stayed afloat for 3.5 hrs until rescue saved him….so this works….

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