How to Clean Swimming Pools : How to Use Swimming Pool Automatic Vacuums

Hi I am Francisco Cales of Tampa, Florida
with Pool Inspectors on behalf of Expert Village and our theme for today is basic pool maintenance.
Another way of cleaning your pool or vacuuming your pool would be to use your cleaner such
as the one I have here which is a creepy crawler by Pentair. What this does is when your pump
is running it will skip or hop inside the pool randomly cleaning the floor of it so
anything that fell to the ground would be sucked up by your automatic cleaner. This
is a viable option if you don’t want to have to vacuum your pool on a regular basis or
if you get a lot of debris this will help and so you don’t get much staining or discoloring
in your water. To connect your creepy there are two ways of doing it. One you can connect
it to your vac line or you can connect it to your skimmer line. What you have to do
is pop out your skimmer, take out the basket and plug in the hose to the hole in the bottom
of the skimmer.

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