How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Bathing & Flea Prevention

Hi my name is Sarah and on behalf of,
I am here at Petland in Pembroke Pines, Florida to educate you a little bit today about caring
for your ferret. You generally should bathe your ferret about every other week. You do
not want to do it any more frequently than that because bathing your ferret too frequently
will dry out their coat which will make their skin overproduce the oils and then you can
find your ferret has even more of an odor he or she did before you started bathing.
It is also important to protect your ferret against fleas which should be done with a
ferret safe product. You should consult your ferret veterinarian before choosing any products
to treat fleas on your ferret. There are a number of products out there that are safe
for cats and dogs that can cause severe reactions in ferrets and can be very dangerous. Therefore
once again, before treating your ferret for fleas you should contact your ferret veterinarian.
If you would like anymore information about the animal hospital that I work at, you can
go to and if you would like anymore information about
Petland in Pembroke Pines, you can go to

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48 thoughts on “How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Bathing & Flea Prevention

  1. I think we can all agree that we'll NEVER agree on how often to bathe a ferret.

    There are so many variables: Is the ferret kept indoors as a pet? Outdoors as a working animal? Male/Female, Spayed/Neutered ect…

    I personally find that once a month works fine for me and my ferret. I also change out the bedding regularly as I find it holds most of the odour.

    I will no doupt be told by someone that I am WRONG WRONG WRONG. But as long as my ferret is happy, I'll carry on as is.

  2. my ferret has fleas, and i'm having a hard time killing the problem. when i bathe her with the flea shampoo she acts like it is killing her. i'm so torn on how to fix this…

  3. Every-other week is way to much 1 time a month is enough! I have seven where did they get this dumbass??? Extra care animal hospital should do some more research.

  4. you wash your ferrets 4-6times a year maybe he really have to be dirty if u wash him/her that many times at year and like she say its not good to wash them 2 much but yea every 2 week isn't good 2 do.

  5. @TheDarkplace I agree (: Once a month works well for me too, my two boys live outside, litter changed daily, they are not working either. They do love a splash around though!

  6. @robertlamb178 Rabbiting. They get sent down Rabbit holes to chase the Rabbit's out into a net for the farmers for food. Try YT'ing a few vids about it. 🙂

  7. @CryptoDriver Every other week? I wish… If I didn't bathe mine every 5 days, she stunk like a skunk and was as oily as french fry. It depends on the animal and the owner. I don't do smelly ferrets. Bathe them regularly. Mine loved it.

  8. @DontKlickMyNameMr I think it depends on the ferret. When my ferret had flee's I bathed her once a month with the flee shampoo, I also let her paddle around in just a bowl of clean water once a week (she enjoyed it). The flees hated it, they would climb up under her chin & I'd just comb them out. She didn't smell any worse & she enjoyed the drying session afterwards. She didn't have any skin issues.

  9. @bakkushan I agree these vids can be very ambiguos. I wish someone would do a decent vid on how clean ferret teeth. I was advised by my vet to use a wet johnsons cotton bud with chicken enzyme toothpaste. My ferret took to it after a few tries (mmmm chicken toothpase), but I suspect there might be a better way. I've heard that introducing the occasional raw chick into the diet can help (the flossing power of feathers!) but then you have the risk of salmonella. A friend lost his jill to that 🙁

  10. @fluffystuff66 My ferret showers fine. Just stands there & licks her lips. But put her in a little bowl and she rolls onto her back and chills out! She doesn't climb out or anything. I think she likes the feeling of her fur lifting off her skin. I'd bet good money that another ferret would hate it. As long as the water is tepid, not hot, you should just let the ferret decide. To dry, I put a towel in the laundry basket, stroke the excess water off her then loosley parcell her up in the towell.

  11. @robertlamb178 I'm really sorry to hear about what happened. Your Iguana was lucky to have an owner who tried so hard to save it.

  12. ok so can someone tell me how much you have to bath them cause i bath them 1 a month my mom told me to do it but yeah i have no idea can some one pls tell me

  13. Why the hell is it so hard for a pet store to carry the stuff? They have normal ferret shampoo and many other products that are meant for them except just that.

    I still have a little left of Flea and Tick by Marshall Farms and it doesn't make sense why it's even hard to find a decent formula online.

  14. Anyone interested in learning about or getting a ferret, please join the "Ferret Owners" group in Facebook. We have over 1,500 extremely knowledgable and experienced people who can help educate you on the BEST ways to care for a fuzzy. I've owned ferrets for over 25 years and I'm still learning because of the group. Ferrets are great creatures but they are NOT like cats and dogs… there is specific things you need to know in order to take care of them properly.

  15. PLEASE DO NOT BATH YOUR FERRET as she suggested. Ferrets clean themselves, just like a cat. I've owned ferrets for 25 years and I only bathe them maybe once a year. Unless they get dirty, get poop or pee on themselves… then I wash the area that is nasty only. If you are concerned about the smell, wash the bedding regularly. Bathing a ferret too often can cause the skin to dry out and make them "smell" worse as it puts the oil glands into overdrive.

  16. Generally, you don't need to bathe a ferret no more than twice a year. The only reason for this is because by bathing them more, their skin reacts and produces MORE oils and so, they smell more.

  17. Umm… I didn't learn anything from this video. I thought you were gonna educate me, when you said "a little", I didn't know you literally meant it.

  18. Plz dont bath ur ferret that much. St the VERY most, once a month. If ur looking for a good ferret channel, epic ferret Is funny, party ferret is great for information, and jeoythetrainedferret is good for… Training ferrets

  19. can you use normal vinegar or apple cider vinegar with water to kill fleas on ferrets I use it for my dogs cats and Bunny so I was wondering if I can use it for ferrets

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