How to Bathe a Baby : How to Wash a Baby’s Body

Hi, I’m Liz Hood on behalf of Expert Village
and right now I am going to show you how to wash the baby’s body. Now one thing that you
can do to make this a little bit more comfortable for them if you have got them in some sort
of little baby tub like this is to every once in a while just kind of re-wet them with this
warm water every so often and this right here, this wash cloth right here isn’t so much to
hide his private parts as it is to keep him warm. On his body it’s best to start with
his face, which is going to be covered in another section, but on his actual body I
like to start out with the hands because he likes to put those in his mouth and as soon
as you get those clean go ahead and rinse it off because you don’t want him to put soap
in his mouth. You are doing good little guy, your doing good, yeah. Yeah. Now, I personally
like to just use my finger tips to wash him. Next I am going to do his little feet, and
his legs, and his back. You always, always do the diaper area last because you don’t
want any germs from that area to transfer to any other parts of his body. Especially
any parts like his feet or hands that me might put in to his mouth.

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13 thoughts on “How to Bathe a Baby : How to Wash a Baby’s Body

  1. How is she molesting the baby? How do you expect a baby to clean their diaper area? I can tell that some of you don't have younger family members

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