Hilton prepares to take a deep dive into the US immigration system

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43 thoughts on “Hilton prepares to take a deep dive into the US immigration system

  1. Immigration comes from Legal Naturalization to Legal migration.

    And the millennials works of DACA, illegal migration, illegal refugees, isolation-transportation-trafficking-adoption business is serious crime in Immigration and Customs Law Enforcement USA ICE, USA CBP, USA DOJ, USA SCOTUS, USA Constitution and USA Police Association.

  2. Who is this John Heggie working for UnitedForIsrael?
    Why loudobbs👹🐍 transcends more like john heggie👹🐍 whom people like and call as popular prophetic🐍🐉pastor? He is the false christ and the anti christ.

  3. If you have sound immagration , you'll have a sound country , all immagration really comes down to is a set of rules simple rules hard to follow but really simple to compley with it all deals with the levels of safety.

  4. Hilton is going to plunge head first full into the racist tRump immigration policy full tilt right up to the hilt cause he's a tRump turd & white nationalist.

  5. Let's hope you're focusing on immigration from all parts of the world and not just the Latino population, matter of fact check the guy that was just speaking, he has a funny accent.

  6. You can't talk about immigration (i.e. importing the workforce) without discussing the conditions inside of the country which make having traditional families and children untenable for a large percentage of people. Because guess what, a country with the birth rate of over 2.1, doesn't really need a massive immigration.

  7. Anything in the US with the word "system" attached is dysfunctional and unfair – tax, healthcare, immigration, justice, transportation…

  8. An ignorant Brit telling us how to run our immigration system. I can’t wait for all of the conclusions he’s made for me.

  9. Wow…look at all the misspellings in the comments. If you can't spell, you shouldn't be allowed to vote because YOU are part of the problem, for Pete's sake, most devices have auto correct!

  10. What's the point of this 54 sec video? This some searchbait bs? Cmon Fox, what person in your social media dept flopped this deal?

  11. How about this bald dude close the door behind him on the way back to where he came from. His or George III opinion hasn’t matter since 1776.

  12. Yes, please "Shillton"…
    Look at the illegal immigration of Melania(her green card)…
    And the subsequent illegality of the chain migration of her parents…
    Wasn´t someone running for president saying that he´d stop chain migration ?

  13. Massive, never ending immigration is hurting the US. But the political and business elites want it to never slow or stop. It's all about cheap labor and creating a new voting bloc to out vote Americans.

  14. We need more low skilled 3rd world immigrants who will bring in there extended families. They will help bring a new contempt for the nation while they sponge off tax payer funded welfare.
    This will help improve the election numbers for the democrat party and lower wages for the working class.

  15. America depends on cheap immigration workers to keep low price produce… if you dont believe me ask how much average canadian spends on groceries

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