Harvard Mens Swimming Training in an Elite Endless Pool

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I think the guys are excited about it. Now basically I can control the speed, so what I’ve been really excited about it to start off with is using it as a teaching tool. It sort of heightens the guys’ kinesthetic awareness of what they’re doing so, we can, you know, we basically started with alignment and getting some feedback on that, and really trying to build a foundation to improve their skill set from a stroke standpoint. We’ve got some cameras to put in with so, we can actually film guys, download it to iTunes, and send it to them. So that capacity is is real good. The mirrors, they seem to really like that, it gives them some instant feedback, on what they’re doing. Back to what I said in terms of it just seems to heighten their, their awareness of what they’re doing in the water. Sometimes With all the training, that gets dumbed down a little bit, but From a teaching standpoint, I can put it at a slow speed, so it makes them go slower, so it can control what they’re doing and then sort of increase the speed as we go along. So the mirrors, the cameras you know, knowing what the speeds that they can handle different things. It’s pretty, it’s just a nice tool, we’re real excited to have it. Well what I try to do is challenge the guys in a variety of different ways. We swim long course in the mornings. So training fifty meters, a whole different element to making them a better athlete in the water. We train yards, we train the middle deep, we do twelve and a halfs, we do fifteen meter diving well. This takes it to the other end we’re holding a stroke, holding a speed, more continuous than they’re used to doing even with long cores. So just from a, from a kinesthetic awareness standpoint all the way up to, challenging them to create speed and maintain speed. It’s really, it’s really neat, it’s really exciting. Of course Alex Meyer has been training with it, it’s been a just a real important part of what he does. From a, from a both from a rehab standpoint coming off his injury, and now we’re getting getting back into it a little bit from a training standpoint. It’s just it’s another great tool that I can use to work with guys, teach guys, and challenge guys in a different capacity to raise their skill set, to challenge them from a speed standpoint both developing speed and maintaining speed. And I’m just real excited about the possibilities of what we can do with it and how it’s going to help the guys and just be a real effective tool to make them swim faster, that’s what it’s all about.

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