Gyeon Q²M Bathe our daily Ph Neutral Shampoo The ideal shampoo for daily maintenance it’s safe on coated or non-coated cars it can be used on Waxed car & it’s safe on all type surfaces With a dilution 1:500 it will give you great suds & great slickness Use 20 to 25ml in a 10 to 15 liters bucket and use it with our Q²M Smoothie Apply in straight motion and rinse from top to bottom then dry the car with one of our drying towels. Remember to wash & rinse your car from top to bottom and never use the product in direct sunlight or on hot panels.

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5 thoughts on “GYEON Q²M Bathe

  1. Didn’t like it, I found it didn’t produce enough suds … watered down.
    Also, expensive even for ‘highend’ car shampoo

  2. good shampoo, but also like Bathe+ with some SiO2 added for extra protection in between main washes, only a few £ extra.

  3. I like most of Gyeon's products, but bathe is one of the few disappointing products they have, unfortunately. Doesn't loosen up the dirt enough to my liking. There is room for improvement for slickness, gloss, as well for cleaning properties.

  4. I use both bath and bath plus . I use the bath as a part of my prep for car polishing. And use the bath + for maintenance washes . I do find you have to use more product than advertised but I blame that mostly on the hard water in my area.

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