Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #7: Battered Crown (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

Not here either. Hey, where are you going, Hiroto? Wasting time– I’m watching out on my own
for approaching enemies. The coast is clear. W-Well, that’s fine, then. I’m counting on you. If you guys do sloppy work,
the leader gets embarra– Hiroto. Could you look after Kazami? Huh? You know how he is.
We butted heads a lot. In the end,
I couldn’t do anything for him. But I realized
from today’s Created mission… He’s still struggling
in his own way. Why me? I… It’s your help that I wanted. I wonder… What am I doing, Eve? That jerk! Darn it! I ask nicely,
and that’s how he treats me? Man. Just what am I doing? “Battered Crown” – Alright.
– Hey, watch it. Be careful. They’re important supplies.
Handle them with care. – Yeah!
– Yeah! Look, Calico. I’m so strong. Stop it, Zabun! Don’t come near me. Are you alright? I’ll help too. Phew. Thanks. Stop playing around. There’s no
telling when the enemy will come. But if they don’t come,
how can I bump up my destruction count? – Don’t touch that.
– Huh? Mr. Muran. Those are our precious supplies. I don’t want outsiders touching them. Outsiders? You’re the ones who asked
us outsiders to protect you! Yes, and we only asked for an escort. So mind your own business. What did you say?! We’re tired of getting betrayed. How dare he talk to me like that! Wait, why am I getting so mad
over an event part? But he sure is annoying! Something wrong? Mr. Hiroto. It seems the enemy
hasn’t approached for now. Sorry I hung up on you. You’re late! Where do you always wander off to? At this rate, we won’t get
the title for clearing the mission. Wh-What…? Nothing. Darn it. Oh, Mr. Hiroto! Mr. Kazami! What are you doing? M-Ms. May… The mission’s starting soon.
Hurry and get ready. – Y-Yes.
– Y-Yes. Heck. Everyone’s just
doing as they please. Then I’ll do as I please too. A new Captain Zeon episode! What’s the matter, Captain Zeon? Aren’t you going to rectify me
like you always do? Don’t tell me
this is a losing episode… Kazami, do you know? Why Captain Zeon is so cool? Definitely not cool. Enemy attack! We’re leaving. Hurry! This is too sudden.
They’re not coming during transport? Par! Oh, yes! Hey, you guys! I’m the vanguard. We have to bring up the rear. I-I know that. Get in, Freddie. Mr. Muran! Enemies deploying up ahead.
I’ll intercept. R-Roger that. Huh? That Muran was being so bossy,
but he took the wrong route? What do we do? Forget it! I couldn’t care less
what happens to him. You…haven’t changed. Go, Hiroto. Huh? Go, I said. He’s a jerk, but this mission
calls for protecting everyone. But… Can’t leave me on my own? I know that you don’t trust me. But this isn’t the time for that. Just leave this to me.
I’ll protect the main team. He’s still struggling
in his own way. I order you as the leader. I’m leaving that to you. Hey, listen to me! Alright. We can reach the rendezvous point
this way while avoiding the enemy. What? You’re using the others as… I have to carry out the mission, too. – What?
– All the way over here? We’ll charge in like this. R-Roger. Wh-Why…? Why do you do this? Are you alright? Mr. Hiroto! Why are you here? Freddie? I came on the leader’s orders. He told me to protect everyone. The leader… That man did? Justice Lance! Hit the target for a change! If I can end this mission
successfully, I’ll finally… I’ll finally be like Captain Zeon! What the…? A new one. It’s a Daughtress? Isn’t it overpowered? The game balance is all out of whack. How…? Huh? How can they fight for us? We’re complete strangers to them. Because… that’s how the Build Divers are! To be honest,
they seem poorly organized. And it makes me worried
more often than I’d like. But they always fight
with all their might. And they always beat the One-eyes. They’re precious comrades I can
trust from the bottom of my heart. That does sound presumptuous
talking about the great Creators. Comrades… Freddie, you go to
the relay point with Mr. Muran. Y-Yes. Oh, but… Wait, Mr. Hiroto! Build Divers… S-Such firepower. We’ll lose at this rate. Don’t get carried away. You’ll never beat me! Look at him. He’s all talk. He thinks he’s a one-man army. I can’t stand him. He’s too much. I can’t go on with him. This isn’t me. Next time… It’ll be my time to shine. Darn it… It wasn’t… It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Why… Why?! Am I going to fail again? Wait. It’s not over yet. I said it’s not over. Huh? What an idiot. You have no chance of winning.
Why keep fighting? Because I cannot lie to myself. What? As long as the flame of
the Gunpla spirit burns in my heart… I will rise and rise again. Because… that is who Captain Zeon is! You, too, must have
a burning passion in your heart. In my heart… Indeed. Now is the time to awaken it. The Gunpla spirit
that is yours and yours alone. It’s within me… Mine and mine alone. I can’t end at a place like this. No way I’ll let that happen. This time… I will finally… become a true hero. I will become my true self! Sorry I’m late. I wasn’t waiting for you. No… I guess I was
counting on you a bit. I see. What?! You guys are…! How dare you violate good manners. Even if the heavens forgive you… The Three Gaza Brothers will not! You guys… Sorry we’re late, Captain. No… The real battle
is just about to begin. Here we go! Yeah. You guys! Sorry we took so long. Where’s the Resistance? Don’t worry. We wiped out the enemies
deployed ahead of us. The transport team’s first group
has reached the relay point. Alright. We just have to
hold out here to clear the mission. Just a bit longer. Watch out! Mr. Kazami! Don’t rush. The machine’s weak point is… Take this! Yes. Close combat. It gave me a fright… A destruction point…? I did it? I wonder how Kazami’s doing. Probably losing badly. Even though we helped him rehearse. Definitely. He never learns. Not necessarily. – Huh?
– Huh? If they’re fortunate
to meet good friends, people can change. Good job holding out. Who do you think I am? I can’t say that. I got so beat up
taking down just one enemy. Man. How lame. No. It’s not lame. At least that’s what I think. That’s right.
You were so cool, Mr. Kazami. I don’t know how to put it,
but you tried so hard. You never minded looking ugly.
You went crazy. Pointlessly passionate. I was so moved! Such an inefficient way of fighting. Is that so? But… for some reason, I felt more power
than any previous battle. Perhaps at times… people call that “cool.” What the heck? Are you praising me? The Resistance’s base! That’s… Darn you! How dare you! Who are you? Mr. Kazami! Ms. May! Then take this! Limited change. Earth to Venus. Go! Darn! Let’s run! Rats! What was that? Was that the Gunpla
Mr. Muran was talking about? How should I know?
Messing with others’ missions like that. I’ll beat him to a pulp next time! Everyone! Freddie, you’re safe. Yes. But more importantly… Mr. Muran asked me
to give this to you guys. To us? Freddie, take this. Give it to Build Divers. As long as this is safe,
our battle isn’t over. So the real objective of this mission
was to transport this gimmick. I get it. That’s why it wasn’t ‘game over’ when
the base and supplies were destroyed. The administration’s
pretty slick, huh? Mr. Muran believed in Build Divers. So he gave this pendant to you. He also said… that this is our last remaining key
to turn the tide. A key to turn the tide… Divers all have their own mission. Something they wish to obtain.
A place to go to. An ideal self to become. For me, that’s… Next episode, “Duty and Illusion.”

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