Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #6: Hero on the Brink (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

Please, fly with me! Morgiana! Go! Valkylander! I couldn’t do… anything heroic! I can’t upload a new video
if I’m not doing anything. (Destruction count) (Kazami) I see. This way, I can release tension
and increase retaining force. I’ve been asking the administration,
but no progress. I’ll ask a friend, so hold on. Don’t be impatient,
your pretty face will get all wrinkly… … but I’ll talk about the hot Diver
some other time. First, the 4th mission. I’m sure it’s not easy,
but hang in there! (Roger) You guys are early. Oh, Mr. Hiroto. – It’s almost time.
– Yeah. This…is not me! “Hero on the Brink” The Resistance’s base? Yes, Jed asked me to bring
everyone in Build Divers. This is the location. Phew. That’s so far. We’re just
hearing the operation’s outline. Heading to the Resistance’s base
must be the flag for the next mission. I know that. Wow, these event parts are so tedious.
Can’t get to like them. If you’re ready, let’s get going. Par! Hey, can the sacred beast
really fly now? We heard from Freddie. Show us! Now, don’t bother him. Huh? But… I want to see the sacred beast fly. Do you? Maybe you can see it if
you work harder at village chores. – Really?
– Yes! Did Freddie work harder too? Y-Yeah, of course… Then I’m going to work
as hard as Freddie. Not fair! Me too! Wait for me! Everyone… please take care of Freddie. I ask you as well. Sis… Dad… We must do what we can, too.
Right? Leave it to us,
and things will be fine. Don’t worry. It’s even more worrying
when you say it. Huh? How come? You’re a thug who thinks
any sacrifices are excusable in war. How could I trust you? A thug…? Man, they just don’t get it. First of all, that was
Lieutenant Sleggar’s– Hey, Mr. Captain. Take me to the Resistance’s base too. Huh? Huh? I want to fight the One-eyes too. I hate just sitting around. You’re the captain, right?
Please, help me out. Captain, you say? M-My bad. Should that be “leader”? I’m both! Alright, leave it to me! I, leader and captain,
Super Justice Kazami, will take you to the furthest
horizons of justice– Oh, now you’re kidnapping people? Well… It’s a misunderstanding! Get back here! Here. Umph. Huh? It’s the sacred beast! It’s really flying. It’s so cool! Freddie… He’s even younger than me. It’s not like I want him going either. But it’s something only he can do. Yeah, but… Even I can… Thank you for coming all this way,
Build Divers. So this is your base. Yes. We use an ancient building
made by the Creator as our base. Our main weapons and vehicles
are the things we find here. Don’t drop it. Alright, careful carrying it. You want to repeat that tragedy? I’m against an operation
that relies mainly on Gunpla. Muran. It’s already been decided. The operation cannot succeed
without their help. I also believed in Gunpla…no… in him. However… it ended up… We should reconsider. Excuse me. I’ve brought them. The members of Build Divers! We were expecting you. I am Gorus,
the leader of the Resistance. I have heard about you from Jed. We ask for your help. You bet! I’m Kazami.
They call me Justice Knight. We’re both leaders. Glad to meet you. Justice Knight? You mean, the one who fought
fearlessly in that conquest battle? Yup, that’s me. Ah, I see. You’re that sacred beast’s– Noooooo…! That’s this guy. More importantly,
tell us about the next mission. The leader himself has appeared.
Must be a huge operation. Currently… we are gathering our troops at
the floating city Seguri beyond our base. Our target is the Silver Tower
that lies ahead. However… due to the One-eyes
that surround it, we cannot go near. We haven’t even
been able to scout it out. Is there something inside the tower? That’s a rational assumption. Alright, so we have to
demolish every last one of them, huh? No, that’s not it. I would like for you all
to help us with supply transport. Transport? Yes. Would you assist us? So, there’s no fighting? Correct. They made us come this far
to help them run away? We decided to retreat… because we can count
on the powers of your Gunpla. You count on us? Yeah, yeah, I get it. But then I can’t rack up
my destruction count. Mr. Kazami… If it’s a withdrawal operation… Huh? we must prepare for
a raid by the One-eyes. Am I right? Y-Yeah… A raid…? Yeah, a raid! Totally forgot about that.
Right, guys? If there’s a chance of a raid,
that’s a different story. So, how many One-eyes will come? 10? 20? Or maybe… What do you think this is? Muran. Gorus, they’re not
to be trusted, after all. They look like they’ll betray us. Huh? What do you mean “betray”? Tell us. Even if we betray you,
what good does that do us? I don’t ask that you trust us. We’ll just do what we’ve always done. Give it our best. Darn Gunpla riders… These people won’t betray us! Ever since I met them,
Mr. Hiroto and his friends have listened to
my unreasonable requests. They’ve fought
the One-eyes all this time and protected the people
of the village! So they would never betray us… Never… I feel the same way. The Seltsam. Gorus! It is the One-eye that
poses the biggest threat to us. And it looks very similar… to the Gunpla that… you all ride. Selt…sam… Gunpla besides ours? So there are Gunpla that
aren’t NPD mobile suits? No other Divers can participate
in the same Story mission. No signs of
a player vs. player battle so far. So maybe something like
a mini-boss is appearing? I can’t say. Seltsam… And it looks very similar… to the Gunpla that… you all ride. Who cares? Let’s deal with the mission at hand. The enemies are waiting
to get destroyed by me. The clear conditions didn’t mention
enemy destruction. But let me check. If we protect the Resistance and
bring the supplies to the new base, this 4th mission is cleared. If there’s an enemy raid,
then hold them off. “If”?! It’s a mission. There’s gotta be! I assume so. U-Umm… How about we rehearse
with a Created mission tomorrow? Huh? I’d like to do
everything I can…to prepare. You’re right. Something irregular
might occur like in the 3rd mission. – Exactly!
– I don’t think we need to. The enemy won’t attack
at the same time as in the rehearsal. If we set up a Created mission, we can’t make the timing
of the raid unpredictable. They’ll attack in the same pattern too. See? We just have to smash them
whenever they come. Then how about we try
a player vs. player battle? If the enemy plays strategically,
there’ll be no pattern. They’ll try to exploit our weak points. That’s true! It’s worth a shot. Let’s decide the formation. I’ll be the vanguard. We need opposing players first.
We only have one day. O-Oh, that’s right. All set. Wait, Kazami? Huh? It is! You’re still playing GBN? So are those your
new Diver teammates? Oh yeah? So, Kazami.
Have you mended your ways? Long time no see. Kazami. Mr…Gojo. What are you up to? A Created mission? Build Divers? Like the famous force? Seriously? Did you choose the name? – The system automatically–
– Got a problem? I’m now the leader who
commands this team. You’re the leader? Things are going so well. We’re doing a top-secret mission
that only we can do. I’m not the same as when
I was teamed up with you guys. If you’re so confident, then prove it. Let’s have a match, Mr. Kazami. Huh? Is that OK, Mr. Gojo? Kazami. Are you still a fan of Captain Zeon? What if I am? Kazami’s teammates,
is that alright with you? Huh? Sure… It’s settled, then. Looking forward to it, Kazami. Mr. Kazami. I’m leaving before you guys.
We’ll meet tomorrow. I will not tolerate
any act of nuisance in GBN. As long as Captain Zeon exists. Captain Zeon sure is awesome. On to the next episode… He loses in it? Kazami, do you know? Why’d you rush out at that moment? We could’ve escaped if you
weren’t obsessed with bonus points. Stop it. But Mr. Gojo… We failed this mission as a team. Pampering too much as always. This isn’t…me. Kazami, do you know? Why Captain Zeon is so cool? He’s cool because he loses? Impossible. No visibility. Nothing on the radar either. Par, stay in… position. – And communications, too…
– Stand by. Gotta hand it to you
not leaving your position. But they’re incompetent,
just like I thought. A radome unit? Darn! Radar and communications
don’t work. Over-prepared as always. Mr. Gojo, let’s go for it. Wait, not yet. I got this! First, the car in the middle. A trap? Darn it. How’d they get my position? No way… I’m followed by a connected camera? How’s this? They located you
from the angle of fire. Fall back. If the radome unit can use radar
and communications while jamming ours, 30 more seconds at most. If I can hold out till then… Not much time. Let’s make a move. Justice Thunder Revenge! I think I hit ’em! – No, stay in position–
– Cover the rear. (Kazami) That…is not me. Next time… it’s definitely… my time to shine! You know my machine. Yet you fell for
such a simple feint. You…haven’t changed. This again…? There’s an opening in their formation. – Plan B. Phase 4.
– Roger. We were utterly defeated. I-I’m sorry. M-My bad. I rushed out. Hiroto, you knew. You predicted how we’d attack
and prepared a support mecha. Sort of. What does he mean? A surprise attack
on a field with an unobstructed view. It was more likely they’d
jam communications and radar. Then why didn’t you
tell us beforehand? Cut it out, Kazami. You haven’t changed. Mr. Kazami! You don’t trust your teammates. If you think
you should do everything… then what does your team mean to you? Why stick together with them? What does Kazami mean to you? The archery range at the park
is open till late, so Hinata’s practicing on her own. Her competition’s coming up. Would you take this to her? How unusual. What? Practicing on my own? No. You’re not talking much. Oh… The competition is coming up. My seniors are
always getting mad at me. “Start over from the basics.
You’re disrespecting your equipment.” I’m feeling a bit down. Oh, but it makes me happy too. Which is it? It feels like they’re
encouraging me to work harder. It’s sad to be ignored. You don’t trust your teammates. Why don’t you say anything…? Hiroto… Come on, why do you upload videos
of yourself losing, Captain Zeon? I’d only upload videos of me winning. Next episode, “Battered Crown.” Still 0 destructions, though…

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38 thoughts on “Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #6: Hero on the Brink (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

  1. God, at the start I hated this character… or at least didn’t like him as much as everyone else. But now I’m feeling empathetic and all the feels… this season just keeps getting better

  2. This makes GBN a dull world. I am starting to forget why riku, kyoya and everyone fought to protect GBN. The new characters seems disinterested in GBN, or gunpla building, which should have been the focus of the build series, the joy that gunpla brings to people, whether in GP duel or in GBN.

  3. This group is more of a hodgepodge of people than a team. They will eventually get their heads together but the process will be slow. Something I am liking about this series.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I'm kinda tired of main characters who don't try to connect with each other. Brooding and silent times two. Shy and mostly silent. Brash but overcompensating. The plot wouldn't even be moved forward if it weren't for these four just going along with things for the sake of it.

    None of them seem like they're having, yknow, fun.

    This is supposed to be a massive MMO designed to showcase and battle the toys the characters spend time and effort making. So far, it just seems like the main team aren't active in the narrative.

    They chose their name just because. They joined together just because. They keep fighting this "story mission" just because. None of them seem like they're actively enjoying anything they do in the game.

    I mean, yeah the previous Build Divers series weren't exactly masterpieces of storytelling. But at least they leaned heavily of the core idea that the people in GBN enjoy the game whereas now it just feels like GBN is just a setting for all kinds of silly character dramas born out of a group of socially awkward people forced together.

    The worst part of this is that the supposed genius tactician leader doesn't talk to his team. I mean, sure, not trusting them is one thing, but surely the notion of having a force acting on incomplete information is in itself a tactical shortcoming…?

    If he's supposed to be such a tactical genius as the show keeps telling us rather than showing us then why is he overlooking something as basic as team morale? I mean FFS, meet up IRL and have a pizza or something, get to know each other. Even if he's just paying lip service to the notion of camaraderie and squad cohesion, even if it's played as a sort of cold calculating move, let this supposed tactician acknowledge the stupidity of not talking to and building connections with his team mates.

    The notion that these four kids treat this game so stupidly seriously yet at the same time can't even solve basic problems by just speaking to each other is just frustrating.

    I don't get if it's a Japanese thing or a bad writing thing or just writing by tropes, but it's BORING and doesn't suit the setting or previously established tone of passionate kids playing together in a big game.

    Can we please start seeing them actually enjoying themselves? Bonding as a team? Taking it less seriously…? I mean, they haven't even figured out the "story mission" is a world of EL-Divers yet, but they're still acting like this isn't a game but an obligation….

    Rant over, enjoy the engagement. But jeez just do something less boring please….

  5. 這一集很爛 完全沒有前兩集的風格 完全沒有追看的意欲 又不是比賽 潛行者一直都是由比賽演變出來

  6. It would be interesting if they turned Gunpla/Gundam into a board game. Making you're models then, battle with cards showing their status.

  7. His character is annoying to no end, hopefully he gets a good development in future episodes… Even muscleheads know where to draw the line. Also, May seems like a wasted potential character. She pilots a Wodom and yet she seemed more like a meat shield, is there even any purpose to her role in this team at all? Par on the other hand, what actually even happened in the past that made him so afraid of flying? Will we ever actually get to learn of his trauma or that's just it?

  8. This is just absolute and utter disgraceful…

    In 2005- 2006, Bandai released the ZGMF- X19A Infinite Justice Gundam in its most controversial form- High Grade 1:144 [The FIRST Release]. So controversial- because primarily: most of its weapons [Grapple Stinger, Shining Edge Boomerang; and the entire weapons en-banc of Fatum- 01] WERE NOT REProduced in its fullest potential- flaws that were corrected in its NO- Grade/ Pre- Master Grade and Master Grade 1:100 counterparts with further discrepancies unexpectedly…

    And now, in 2019- following the successes of HD ReMaster Project for Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam Build Fighters/Divers- some Diver Pilot just gave the High Grade Infinite Justice Gundam the axe- and to further add insult to the poor Gunpla's injury- created a further melee combat custom version of the suit and pilots as if he's main forces MS pilot and its enemies ARE piloting main forces MSs like Athrun Zala or Kira Yamato and the likes…

    Suffice to say: Kazami- KUN; you were defeated by ZAFT and EA Main Forces Mobile Suits. So disgraceful- especially towards Athrun Zala- the ORIGINAL Pilot of the ZGMF- X19A Infinite Justice Gundam- that if he was your opponent- he could have killed you and Justice Knight with its beam rifle or beam saber strike in Ambidextrous Halberd- mode OR be struck down by the same technique the Fatum- 01 had done against Minerva and the Requiem Orbital Tactical Cannon…

    BOTTOMLINE: Better accept defeat HONOURABLY than to fight on._

    And as for Bandai "SPIRITS": please release the HGCE, Master Grade Ver. II, and the Real Grade Version of the ZGMF- X19A Infinite Justice Gundam in its realest robot/ mobile suit form- surpassing its predecessors…

    Do. Not. Repeat. YOUR. Mistakes. and. Kazami. Kun's. Mistakes. EVER. AGAIN._!!!XD._


  9. It would be nice if Build Series have a protagonist whose mobile suit is based off S-Gundam and later on upgrades to Ex-S Gundam.
    Have a protagonist who does not specializes in speed, but in toughness, heavy armor and heavy firepower.
    (If having 6 Beam Cannons and an even bigger ass "Smart" Beam Cannon isn't heavy firepower, I don't know what is heavy firepower)

    I mean someone that is tough, tanky who protects team members while providing big ass cannon shots rather than a fast moving hot shot. will be nice.

  10. Everyone keep talking like Kazami is a good character, the problem is not because of his overproudness or recklessness. He just NEVER REALLY LISTEN. When you expect everyone to pay attention, you HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THEM FIRST, whatever his reasons might be, it's just plain disrespectful and shameless, a dick move I might add. It's a damn shame, his gunpla is actually pretty neat (I like knights)

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