Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #1: Wandering Core Gundam (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

This is bad! This is bad! I thought for a Survival mission,
I’d just have to hide till time’s up. But what is that thing? How should I know? Wait, who fired a flare? Darn it, I was just going to
run out the clock… It’s coming! Stupid thing! Don’t! You idiot! Beams won’t work. I’ll use this! Jump. – A trap?
– An Adzam Leader? That’s… – He did it!
– No, not yet. Congratulations! You got a special bonus! What is that Gunpla? You sure you don’t want your reward? No. I’m not really collecting it. But I’d like to explore the field
with the time left. – That’s fine, but…
– Bye. Hey, you’re free, right? Why not join our force– Were you the one that fired the flare? You used us as a decoy
to lure the enemy? Wait… Don’t bother. His Gunpla building and control skills
are exceptional. But he’s not cut out for team battles. This place… isn’t it either. (Wandering Core Gundam) Gundam plastic models
you build with your own hands and customize as you please… Gunpla. In Gunpla Battle Nexus Online,
the next-generation hobby attraction, you can become a pilot
and fight Divers from around the world. It’s now had a major update! A sensation of riding
like never before! Revamped immersive feeling! A highly evolved and realistic
battle experience is now possible. Even larger Dimensions. A wider selection of varied quests. Face the challenge with your friends. (A Secret mission into the unknown) You’ll be the one
to blaze new trails! Gunpla Battle Nexus Online
Version 1.78. Will you be able to survive? Aren’t the latest missions realistic? The immersive feeling is so exciting! The NPDs have more personality now, too. Lockon was so sexy. I know what you mean.
Lady Haman smelled so nice. Huh? You smelled her? Hey there. Found you. My name’s Kazami. They call me Justice Knight. You can call me Captain too. – Sorry, but…
– Let me tell you! I’m a man who will become a hero. I saw your battle earlier.
Way to go. Um… Hiroto, is it? Let’s team up. Lots of high-difficulty missions
after the update. I’m after the special titles given to
the parties that clear them first. Not interested. What? Are you doubting my skills? You know the second Coalition of Volunteers
battle two years ago. The offense captain of Build Divers,
who defeated countless top-rankers and even the Champion himself… I mean, I could’ve been that. That’s how good I am. There he goes again. Last time, he said he was in Avalon. Unbelievable. Oh, wait! Sorry.
But I’m not here to play Gunpla Battle. Aw, man! Good work. Have fun, Hiroto? It’s been a while. Mr. Matsumura. The Heisei series mass-produced types
are coming out. Help me build the display models. I’ll think about it. Oh yeah! This. You know any pretty girls? Nope. GBN’s hero… After all this time… I’m home… Welcome home, Hiroto. Oh, welcome home. Why is Hinata here? Her parents are working
the night shift. I’m at a stopping point,
so I thought we’d cook together. Did you go somewhere? Yeah, I guess. – Let’s eat.
– Let’s eat. You finished that translation? The medical terms were hard,
but I had Hinata’s parents help me. They really saved me. My parents were happy that
they could help. Oh, Mr. Osamu isn’t coming. Should I get him? I’ll take it to him later. Maybe he’s finally getting
some inspiration to write. I hope so. Is Dad in a slump again? The more talented you are,
the worse the writer’s block. Seconds? Yeah, thanks. A slump, huh…? So, when are you going
to The Gundam Base next? Why ask that now? Didn’t you go today? Yeah… I just happened to feel like it today. I see. Oh yeah, are you free Sunday? It’s The Gundam Base. The cafe is hiring. And the pay’s not bad. Oh. But you don’t need me
for the interview. Oh yeah. You came out here,
so why not log in? Huh? You always carry your Gunpla
with you, right? To log in to GBN when you
just happen to feel like it, you need it with you at all times. It’s not like that… That way… When you’re playing Gunpla,
Hiroto…um… Anyway, off I go to the interview. Your Gunpla is really cool, Hiroto. No way we’ll meet. Darn. Does he not log in that often? Um… Huh? What is it? U-Um… The other day…well… Um… No, I’m sorry. Huh? Hey! Been waiting for you, partner! It’s you… again… Just come with me. How can I make friends? – Hey…
– Just come, just come. I heard it’s around here. What is? The title reward I mentioned. I heard there’s a newly added
hidden mission around here. If I don’t enter soon,
someone will beat me to it. Apparently it’s a mission
in a new area no one’s ever seen. An informant named Yasu told me… That they’re recruiting
for a sketchy mission here. – Help!
– Where is it? – Help!
– I don’t see it. Please save me! I hear there’s a dragon-like NPD. You are…? What was that voice? It came from over here. Save me! Help! Please save me! This is the hidden mission? A dragon? More like a dog. I’m bein’…I mean,
I am being pursued by enemies. I need the great Creator to use
the sacred vessel to protect me. C-Creator…? Is the sacred vessel a Gunpla? A dialogue-based entry… We need to protect you from enemies? Yes, that’s right! (New mission) The battle area? B-Batt…? Your location. Well…around the temple. Number of enemies? Uh? The number is… Lots! Like 30 or 40. – Which is it?
– Time limit? T-Time…? So it’s not a time attack. I’m down for anything. I can’t let this chance slip by. Hey, you guys are entering too, right? Y-Yes! Alright, let’s go! Wait. It could be a high-difficulty mission
with over 40 enemies. We’re outnumbered. Don’t be silly. It’s a secret mission because
you can’t enter whenever you like. I’ll take out 30. You guys each take out three,
and that should do. There’s still one left… Who cares about the small details?! Creators! The Creators really have come. I’m honored! M-My name is Freddie. Creators…? Well, I guess we are builders. B-Builders? This NPD is really over the top. Where are our machines? According to the status,
they’re on the field. You’re right.
But the specs seem different. Over there, I think. These are them, right? Amazing! Awesome, huh?
This is my beloved Justice Knight. And my partner’s machine… It’s tiny! How come it’s so pint-sized? And your machine… A W-Wodom… Is there a problem? No. And the other… A d-dinosaur? What’s wrong with you guys? Are you being serious? I’m the only one
with a proper machine! What? I-It’s them! Enemies? Custom Death Army machines? Three of them. Three? I-I’m sorry. I exaggerated. They’re purposely missing their shots. This must be the start area
and not a battle area. Whatever. My Justice Knight
will wipe them all out… That woman beat me to the first strike. Darn it! U-Um… You’re not going? We don’t know the enemy’s battle strength. What are you doing? Here I come! It’s showtime for superhero
Justice Kazami! Um…go like this and… this! It dodged it! Three-machine formation. The tank-type is the vanguard,
and the floating-type is rear support. No flight ability. Darn! I’ll stay back for now. Got you. The enemy’s rank
is hard mode, I’d say. Not enough power, as I thought. Core change. Docking, go. Seriously?! Hey… That was dangerous! The other one? It’s running away. The clear condition is
to eliminate the enemies. Then… Y-You were all amazing! You Build Divers sure are strong! (Please enter team name) What is this? Build… Divers? Us? Hey, what do we do? But we’re not Build Divers.
Using the same name… Oh, but you said
you used to be in Build Divers… Idiot! That was a figure of speech.
It’s not like that! (Registration Complete) This should be fine. This is a different name. Yeah… But… (Leaving battle area) Hey! Y-You guys? Me? In Build Divers? Even it’s a stray party,
why am I doing team battles? “Build Divers”, it’s the name
I want to forget… Next episode, “Unknown Mission”

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95 thoughts on “Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #1: Wandering Core Gundam (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

  1. Resemblance = cousin or son/daughter. But is Sara or riku or tiger wolf or KO-1 or…all the characters from GBD where they?

  2. Less kid-ish than the previous build diver series….a slight setsuna/mikazuki main character…sleek, efficient core gundam and an epic soundtrack at 20:23 ….this series is of to a good start. Better than the last series

  3. Alright people, if this shit was real…who is y'all bringing as your main? Also if you can bring a 1/100, which will it be?

    For me I'd go with the Origin Zaku II Type C, and the RE 1/100 Gun Ez(or the Zaku II Kai)

  4. I'm glad this time they've created a whole new gundam rather than just modifying an original design. It's starting to feel gundam is becoming very child like with the premise of the series being based on a gunpla game. Wish there would be another series with its own timeline and designs.

  5. 鋼彈超好看了超讚了👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😉😉😉

  6. You know from what I saw these Gundam after Gundam Double O, its for kids not for the teenager or adult type 😩😩😩

  7. This is dope, but can we ever get a real follow up series from one build show to another with the same characters? Sunrise?

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    그니까 뭐냐 저 멍멍이 프래디부터 저적들을 보면 프래디는 다이버스1기에 나온 사라처렁 전자 생명체일태고 적들은 아무래도 무슨 버그가 만들어 낸게 아닌가 함니다
    그래서 저 세계가 저 버그봇들 한테 공격을 받아서 구조요청 한거 같고 창조주라면 다이버스1기 나온 불사조같은 개임 개발자를 말하는 거 같습니다

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