Gundam Build Divers-Episode 9: Return of the Ogre(EN,TW,HK,KR,FR,IT,TH sub)

assault landing ship Pegasus. Four others. Interceptor in sight. Signal 10. I’ll punch through their formation
and devour the target. Copy that. I’ll support. I won’t let you go. Don’t blame me, our leader gets quite cranky
when dinner is interrupted. But you guys wouldn’t
make an appetizer, let alone a soup. Darn! That was close, boy. You stay out of this! Oh, OK. – We’re done here.
– Then now… Congratulations. Mission cleared with new record. A new record
for the mission clear time. That huge enemy…on his own, too. Do-ji, are you really
that beast’s kid brother? My real strength is… I have what you desire. (Break Decal – Use me. Smooch!) Not yet… Let me… Let me taste a battle
more worthy of feeding on! “Return of the Ogre” I’m open! I wonder how widely those
Break Decals have spread. In the GBN world… There might be a lot. We only just started playing GBN, but we’ve seen so many Mass-Divers. I wonder who’s passing them out. And for what purpose? I wonder too. We won again. How was it? Huh? Oh, good job on your hat trick. I always score a hat trick. Has it been announced? Our Battle-Random opponent. A Battle-Random mission. It’s a Force Battle event
that’s held once a month. The interesting thing is… the battle situation,
like your opponent and location, isn’t decided when you enter. After the entry deadline, GBN considers the forces’ levels
and matches them up. Can’t wait to see our opponent. Oh, it’s here! Let’s see… The stage is an Arctic base. It’s a battle over
a container shuttle loaded with an Alex Gundam
that’s about to launch for Side 6. We’re on defense. And the opponent on offense. So who’s our opponent? This force is… Hellfire Ogre. An up-and-coming fighter. He was too strong
an opponent for Riku. I never knew. That Ogre guy and his brother Do-ji were sort of dubious characters. Maybe we should cancel this time. No. Because I feel fired up. After I lost to that guy, I realized that
I was frustrated about the defeat. I started to wish I were stronger. I’ve experienced a lot since that day. I learned how to live in GBN. They taught me what’s important
in Gunpla building. And now… I’ve formed a force with all of you. How much have I improved
at battling since then? And at customizing Gunpla? If I fight Mr. Ogre again, I’ll be able to find out. Yeah. I’m sure you’ll win this time. Because you’ve gotten
so much stronger. And compared to before,
your Twin Drive is more complete. Its stability has increased. You’ll be able to handle it properly. Trans-Am too. I won’t use Trans-Am. You sure are an interesting guy, Ogre. Of all the enemies you defeat, you recruit those
who put up a good fight. Oh yeah, you’ve fought the 00 user
that we’re going up against. According to Do-ji,
you didn’t invite him then. So he must be no big deal. We won’t need our best members. He’s a different person now. I’ll beat up that punk! Listen to you! Didn’t you take a beating,
unlike your brother? I’ll pay him back 100-fold! I built a new Gunpla, too. And also… Just don’t show me
a distasteful battle. You won’t use Trans-Am? Why not? I misjudged my own strength that time. Sarah warned me, but I used Trans-Am recklessly
and hurt the 00. That’s when I thought… I should become strong enough
that I could win without Trans-Am. Now is the time. I want to show what
I’ve accomplished since that day. All I’ve achieved with Build Divers,
with the 00 Diver Ace… I wanna hit him with it. But what if he uses Trans-Am? Your pride won’t cover you. She’s right. Trans-Am definitely
isn’t a perfect system. Its activation time is limited,
and if you exceed it, your mobility suffers greatly until
the stored particles are recharged. Taking advantage of the terrain
and circumstances to nullify enemy Trans-Am
is a Gunpla Battle strategy. A lot of high-level players do that. If that’s the kind of strength
you desire, then I’ll do all I can to help. Yeah, I’ve got your back too. Same here! Thanks, everyone. Sarah. So will you let me
keep our promise for a little longer? OK. Battle-Random mission, battle starting. All forces,
please move to your stages. Yukki, GM III Beam Master. KO-1, Galbaldy Rebake. Ayame, RX-Zeromaru. Momo, Momokapool. Riku, Gundam 00 Diver Ace. Force Build Divers, here we go! If they can take out
all the invading enemy Gunpla, or protect the shuttle until launch,
then Riku’s force wins. But if Riku’s force gets wiped out
or the shuttle is destroyed, then the opponent wins. This is Riku’s revenge match. It’s time! Whether it’ll be a battle
worthy of feeding on depends on how you guys fight. Remember that. For Hyakki. – For Hyakki!
– For Hyakki! For Hyakki… In a facility defense battle, the key is to lure the offense
into your planned route. The enemy team formation doesn’t
include any high-mobility MS. We can counter aerial incursions with the base’s anti-air systems
and our sniper types. So the only access to the launchpad,
which Riku will protect, is via two crevasses and
an underground water channel. Tremor detected. The submarine dock
must have been closed off. Alright, we’ll split up
and go via the crevasses as planned. – Roger!
– Roger! Lots of curves are coming up. If they’re lying in wait,
it’s there. I know. An ambush, as expected. Don’t jump out carelessly. I want to battle the 00. That idiot! Don’t act on your own! I…I… I wanna beat him! Riku, I’m sorry. I let one go. You think a little trick like that will make up for
this big a skill difference? I couldn’t finish her off. What? Gosh… He sure is a gourmet. Riku, I’m sorry. I let one go. This Gunpla is… a Ghirarga?! I’m here for payback. That voice… You’re… Bro is watching. You’re gonna get maimed this time! It won’t be like it was with the Zedas. His power is overwhelming. But I’ve learned a lot up till now. I’ve gotten better at battling too. No! I want to help out Riku. We’re the ones getting held back. Darn. Ayame, I can fend them off here, so go help Riku. You sure? – I’ll manage somehow.
– Roger. Why? Why is this happening? I worked hard too. I even built a new Gunpla. Then why? Darn it! Darn it! Let me refresh my palate. It won’t be easy like before. Bro… If I beat him… you’ll take notice. Right, Bro? Notice of me. More. It’s not enough. Let me taste you more. I can tell. That you can handle it now. Trans-Am! I won’t use Trans-Am. I will win without Trans-Am. That… is how I fight! I sure would like to get a taste… of your way of fighting! Trans-Am! He’s biting into Trans-Am? More… Let me taste something meatier! The Ghirarga? Riku… Leave them alone. That Ghirarga is an important client. A Mass-Diver… Do-ji, how could you?! I-It’s not what you think, Bro. The Ghirarga isn’t obeying my control. This tornado… It can’t be… The Break Decal
is affecting GBN this much? It’s out of control? Stay out of this. I’ll take care of this. Mr. Ogre! You’re my brother… and you battle so distastefully?! You can’t do this alone. – What?
– What? Darn… If attacking won’t work… No. There’s still a way. If we use a weapon
enhanced by his own Break Decal… Don’t tell me what to do. Go! Our force, Hyakki… hereby withdraws… from this battle. I… I wanted to win so badly. I wanted Bro to acknowledge me. Hyakki has plenty of skilled members. So why do you think Ogre chose you? No need for dirty tricks like that. Your brother acknowledges you already. Not just Ogre. We acknowledge you too. We all take notice of you. Next time we meet,
I’ll be savoring it till the end. Your way of fighting. We won the Force Battle, but it’s not really satisfying. We only won because they withdrew. The joys of many people
gather here in GBN. It’s like they resent that fact. Those spreading Break Decals. If only I’d come sooner. Was it a Mass-Diver? Yes. I didn’t think
they’d be multiplying so rapidly. The ace Divers of your force
were completely annihilated. What happened? I can’t believe that
even Do-ji used a Break Decal… Somehow it makes me sad. Everyone I’ve met
who’s used a Break Decal ended up crying and regretful. That’s right, Riku! Champion! We can’t let Break Decals
keep spreading any more. Will you join our mission? In order to protect GBN. Of course! Me too, me too! Next episode, Coalition of Volunteers. I’ve never been in
such a large-scale battle!

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