Gundam Build Divers-Episode 8: Festival!(EN,TW,HK,KR,FR,IT,TH sub)

The Rommel Team will not suffer
such a disgraceful defeat! Wh-What? H-He’s fast! Behold… the power of… my new 00 Diver Ace! F-Forgive me, Captain Rommel! We were victorious, Mr. Yukki. It was the first victory
for Build Divers, Mr. Riku. Sure they were rookies, but we beat the Rommel Team. It’s an unbelievable upset. Impressive marksmanship here,
Mr. Yukki. Oh, please. It pales in comparison
to your finishing blow, Mr. Riku. Gosh, how many times
are they going to watch it? They’ve been like this
ever since the Force Battle. Let them be. A Force Battle win
is unlike individual ones. – Teammates share a victory.
– Let’s win again. Another big win! They’re pouring in. All these challenges
from other forces! Beating the Rommel Team
sure had a big impact. Hey, why don’t we take them all on? That way, our Force Rank thing
will go up faster, right? Then maybe we will. Yeah, do it! They sure are carefree. From the next Force Battle,
the enemy will be analyzing us. It won’t be easy
like the first battle. That’s pretty harsh, Ayame. I’m just stating a fact. All right,
let’s battle this force next… Battles are fine too… But there are other things
that only a force can do. Things only a force can do? Yes. Like that. “Force Festival.
Now open for a limited time.” What is this? As the name suggests, a festival only
for teams who have formed a force. It’s going on right now. A festival? I want to go! What’s it like? There are lots of different kinds. Gunpla races. Sports tournaments. Dance contests. And even karaoke competitions! Those events are for forces
to get to know one another. I’ve heard about this. If you attend,
you can get special items, or wear costumes
limited to that area. Yes, that’s right. This time, it’s the most popular kind. The Beargguy Festival! You get to go to a Beargguy party. What’s this bear? It’s so cute. That’s a Beargguy. It’s a Gunpla that’s
a cute customization of the Acguy from Mobile Suit Gundam. There’s also a variation
called the Petit’gguy. I know the Petit’gguy! It’s the cute one I saw before. Riku, Yukki, let’s go to the festival. Let’s do it, Riku. To celebrate our first
Force Battle victory. Yeah, sounds good. I’ll pass. I’m not into that stuff. It’s a festival for forces. We have to go together. Sorry, I don’t think
I’ll be able to help you. All right, let’s get going. – Yeah!
– Yeah! Riku, Gundam 00 Diver Ace. Yukki, GM III Beam Master. KO-1, Galbaldy Rebake. Momo, Sarah, Momokapool. Umm…I… To the Force Festival… – Here we go!
– Here we go! (Festival!) Welcome to the Beargguy Festival. Wow, it’s like an amusement park. Almost the real thing. Welcome to the Beargguy Festival. (House of Transformation) Care to try on
a limited edition costume?
(House of Transformation) Sounds fun. Let’s do it. Yeah. Ayame, we should also… Is something wrong? No. Nothing’s wrong. Rikugguy! Momogguy! Sarahgguy! Yukkigguy! Together we are… – The Fourgguy Rangers!
– The Fourgguy Rangers! That name doesn’t jingle, Yukki. I know. Sarah, you’re so cute. You too, Momochi. – But someone isn’t fitting in.
– But someone isn’t fitting in. Y-You want me to wear that thing? Ayame. They say
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” They got you too! – Bear, Bear.
– Bear, Bear. – Bear, Bear.
– Wait. – Bear, Bear. Bear, Bear.
– Bear, Bear. Bear, Bear. I-I said wait… Hey! – (Welcome to Beargguy Land!)
– (Get ready for Beargguy Quest.) Yukki, let’s go there next. Yeah! They’re so full of energy. That’s a perk of being young. You sound so old. Excuse me… Excuse me,
would you take a pic for us? Oh, umm, I’m not… How do I say this? Let me see that. Thank you. – Gundam Seed Destiny!
– Neeee! – Thank you.
– Thank you. Sure. KO-1, about the next ride. You’re going to ride more? Oh, you’re… You’re from the force that
beat the Rommel Team. You’re right. I saw the live stream of the battle. Yeah, you were so cool. Oh, you think so? We’re not that special. This again? Since you’re here… you guys have a force too? Yes. Our force is called Archangels. It’s an all-girl force. Really? That must be pretty rare. That’s not true. There are Gunpla girls
all over the world. Yeah. Anyway, you guys are here
for the Event mission, right? We expected fewer teams
would participate during the day, but we’ve got quite a rival. Event mission? Beargguy Quest! Use your Gunpla
to solve Beargguy Island’s mystery, and find the treasure. Divers who
successfully find the treasure will receive a special Mushagguy. Will you be able to discover it? That special Mushagguy is so cute. I want it! Riku, what do you say? What do you think? How could we pass up
something that sounds so fun? Exactly! All right. Let’s find the treasure! – Yeah!
– Yeah! Welcome to the Event mission
“Beargguy Quest.” Let me give you
a simple rundown of the rules. Hidden across Beargguy Land are treasure chests with clues. Using these clues, find the Beargguy statue. The statue will contain a clue
about the final treasure chest. Everyone, good luck
finding the treasure! Hi there. That voice…it’s you two. We’re not going to lose. We’ve done this before,
so we know where the clues are. We won’t go down without a fight. Well, that’s the spirit. Now, Beargguy Quest… Ready… Go! Let’s go, Stea. OK. I’ll do my best. I won’t be a burden to you. Don’t say that. KO-1, do you have a plan? For now, let’s split up
and search for clues. Yukki. You and Momo come with me. Riku, go with Ayame. – Got it.
– Step on it! M-Miss Ayame, wait! Is she that desperate for a mere… …stuffed animal? Any treasure chests? None underground. This calls for a probe MS. Got it. A treasure chest reading. Let’s go. Shoot! My head’s stuck! Thanks for the treasure. No, that’s mine! There it is. That tree! Clue time. The Beargguy statue is by the water. By the water… The ocean or the lake. – Let’s go, Stea.
– OK. – There’s one, Sarah.
– Yeah. Quiz time. If you can name ten Gundam titles,
you’ll get your clue. I don’t know the answer. Yukki, help. Hold on. I found one too. Sorry. Nothing here. Not even a clue. All that for nothing. Then come here quick
and answer the question. Um, OK. Miss Ayame. Where are you headed? Just follow me. The Beargguy statue. How’d you know it was here? At a festival 2 years ago, there was a similar Event mission. But you said you played solo… Let’s go. Bonus clue. In episode 15 of Mobile Suit Gundam,
“Cucuruz Doan’s Island,” the Gundam threw a certain MS. The treasure is located in a place
with the same shape as its head. Cucuruz Doan…that’s…- A Zaku. In the story, Amuro Ray says
they needn’t fight anymore, and throws
Cucuruz Doan’s Zaku into the sea. A landform shaped like a Zaku’s head. Here. M-Miss Ayame! I found the Beargguy statue. Huh? Wait… That’s… Oh, they beat us to it. No, they haven’t
gotten the treasure yet. Stea? – We’ll get it no matter what.
– Wait! That’s the Zaku’s head. Found it! We did it, Miss Ayame. Let’s clear this quest together. We can do it. What am I doing? After all this time… Huh? An attack? That Gunpla… It’s that lady. Starting a fight in an Event mission? Why? Stop it, Stea. What are you doing? That treasure belongs to us! Disappeared? Stea! Cut it out. That’s bad manners. I’m sorry. Stea, what are you doing? Even so… I still want to
contribute to my force. I’ll do anything! Stea! That’s a Break Decal. I can’t believe she’s a Mass-Diver! Stea… How could you? I don’t want to become a burden. I’ve always caused problems
for my force. The other day too,
our Force Rank dropped because of me. At this rate,
they’ll all give up on me. – You’re mistaken…
– That’s why… I will become strong. Even if I have to use a Break Decal! Miss Ayame, this is… What’s going on? Is the Break Decal’s effect
on GBN being amplified? Isn’t this faster than usual…? What the–?! Is it a bug? Now I can finally become strong. Stea, that’s enough. We’ll never give up on you. You will, eventually. Because… I’m an awful player. Stea! Watch, Kanari. I want you to see that
I’ve become strong! Why…? Why? Why can’t you trust your friends?! You think you’ll get left out
because you’re bad? That’s not true. You wanted to play Gunpla Battle
and enjoy GBN. So you started a force
with your friends. You’re the one who’s… betraying your teammates! A talented kid like you
wouldn’t understand. You’re the one who doesn’t understand. The power you obtained
is just a deception. By doing what you’re doing, you won’t be able to stay in GBN,
let alone your force. Don’t you get that? You came to GBN… to have fun with your friends, right? But… Even so… I have to win. I have to be useful. If not, I’ll no longer
have a place where I belong! I have to win. I have to be useful. The place… where I belong… Kanari? Stea, you’re a fool. Believe in me. We’ve been together all this time. We’re teammates. And we always will be. K-Kanari… I… I… I’m…sorry. Sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I really am. I’m sorry… Miss. The festival isn’t over yet. The party’s just beginning, isn’t it? I would’ve never guessed that
she was a Mass-Diver. What’s even more surprising is how widely
Break Decals have spread. KO-1. The crooks handing out Break Decals,
what do they want? I don’t know either. Why can’t you trust your friends? You wanted to play Gunpla Battle
and enjoy GBN. So you started a force
with your friends. Miss Ayame. Is this a bad time? It’s fine. What is it? The champ was saying… that he wanted to protect this world. Kyoya Kujo did? Yes. I feel like I understand
what he meant. I had a lot of fun today. I like GBN even more now. All kinds of people can
become friends through Gunpla, and laugh together. I realized once again
that this is such a wonderful world. But… The Mass-Divers… No, those making and passing out
Break Decals are trying to rob people of that fun. That lady too.
If it weren’t for Break Decals, she wouldn’t have done such a thing. We can’t let Mass-Divers
act selfishly in this fun world. I won’t allow it. – It’s so pretty.
– It is. I… I heard that I could become strong
if I came here. Y-You’re here, right? No need to yell. I have what you desire. A Break Decal… I was shocked. Even though we’ve seen it
several times… Yeah. Hey there, Riku. Cheer up! Sure, thanks! If you don’t cheer up, Riku, how can we enjoy the next battle? An event battle! We won’t find out
the opponent and situation until the day of the battle! What? That sounds like fun! Next episode, Return of the Ogre. I won’t lose this time! Go for it, Riku!

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