Grotty Yachties and their Stories (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 99

14 euro We’ve got our coins for the Lavender here, we’ve got a Mercadona Super matte couple just over here and err.. Think we’re in business mate After taking care of a few more boring jobs. It was time to jump aboard Okies new boat and help him tighten up the new Rig Now I reckon we tighten up these side, ones. Yeah, see already feel this like From from moving up from pulling that and moving that mast back. This is already so much tighter so Now just wait feeling that so that um and we’ll figure out if we’re going the right way To me, I think that infinitely better Good Well straight math. Yeah. Good exact all right, so we got some presents for you. Okay, a little powerful and gifts We’ve got a diesel engine book. Thank you electric handbook Emerging from rails and a marina guy also an FLV cap beautiful to protect you from the harmful Rays Good, and this is a sponsor piece, but this is a spiro stick We’ve underwater shots and lots of an inch of stuff it flips around you can feel me anchor them feel myself Awesome great if you want to start a YouTube channel Which you should know second were you with Mr.. G oak? Tell us a little bit about your bike might macy’s a grenada 35. She’s four years older than me, so 1981 she was built turns out She was built in the same town the my old man was born in and then my I found that out awkward So pretty fine. What do you pay for it? If you don’t mind yourself asking him Hey, who will be there you burn about? 30,000 australian and probably spent a couple couple of ground on it now fixing up some things What would be the one year and then five year plan with this bike? That is tough to say so breakfast or thing in Algeria Bone I’m thinking Denmark a lot of brilliant that’s absolutely frayed of any that’s why you guys love it so much as well It’s a beautiful afternoon. We’ve got the crew from you and I Okay, all guys this light looks so beautiful behind you We all just look incredible we’re on A 31-foot Carbecue so okay, and it’s broken By now, we’re getting the boat fixed hopefully this week, and then we’ll be continuing up to france and around deedily Raleigh isn’t going to make it to Croatia Let’s throw a couple of big crossings. So very tough to do that. I’m trying to encourage a Few larger overnight crossings on a leaky boat Way Thomas what are you drawing at the moment our I think we’re going to bed prop Shaft which is broken or damaged our Cutlass bearing so where we bought the boat was from a little place called Towles burry which is an ethics on the east coast of England So where the boat was it was in a mud boring? So pretty much I guess birth there of the winter High tide it floats, and at low tide it literally sits like just banging mud. It’s just muddled around and that’s the dumb thing That’s the gun thing yeah I got so every all let’s see what I want to say money in the boat well in the marina you just put in the mud morning It’s safe as houses, but we think that might be the problem with yeah I think it might have landed on like a rock or an anchor or something that was underneath the Underneath of water in the mud, and that’s what’s been the shaft, and it’s just been gradually getting getting worse. So we’ve calmed out a Hunt down 60 years over 50 litres. We can love that Probably what happens more voice to what we water and I did goodness a gooey Help my boat in The tree sorry I’ve heard it a miracle yeah, we should have bought it always been substr in croatia with no idea and it was calm weather and I was leaking in through the stained glass yeah, my prop shaft will dispense, but the most Barren Glen was leaking yeah And we are filled up, and it was dead calm and a boat went past and there was a wake nose hung Before or after Jackie had been there and the when the white the white went like this And so the boat just rocked all over the place and the water had slowly filled up and it was full like just under the Floorboards right yeah, and it just went it Just washed everywhere, so I woke up and there was floorboard flying around and water spraying like every good audio It’s gone up for that zero idea because I turn the bilge off because it kept draining my battery Sponging the water out the last two months. Yeah, it’s just it’s just got to the point now. It’s just too much though Yeah, 50 litres and in 12 hours. It’s be ridiculous and all we’re doing so What was your theory before the water has to be outside the boat? I’m really followed any conversation today You run an undercover yeah, you got a top not in my yoga Guy had no idea what I was asking Joe. I just pointed a picture and said half of that It is just us and one of the yacht and go over there tomorrow morning. We are moving into the marina for a few nights Because we would like to venture out and explore Barcelona by day and night, but we don’t feel too Good about leaving it here on anchor for a whole day or night So we’re going to cruise in there tomorrow morning and see what we can find We are now at the front of K dock and we just like to be instructed or guided into number 10 and 11 Also was there be someone to catch the Lines for us? uh debugging which did not Bugging me all day And I’ll come up with what the most gorgeous Solution ever Fudgie Budgie lodged it up, Nagi. We’ve got gas sighs Just one of those things that you know if I was in Australia I go down to bunnings And I’d have it all sorted in about five minutes we are just about to go to the train station and Get the superfast train into Barcelona to see that night You need titrate it in that drop. It. Coil is really cool and she heard there Just a bunch of times in the middle of the city Boy the boarding and rather than set up to let blood Talking about different sailing routes once again all right. We are just about to Head off it could not be a common morning. Good morning morning He’s excited about France go back to the land of “croissants” I’ve got some serious gas this morning. I’ve never been happier. Oh yeah Oh my gosh all that we’re after four o’clock in the morning because we need to get to the bay of roses because there is going to be this big while would normally come and then we’re going to bunk it down there for one two three days and When we get a window usually determine only goes for that long, but when we get a window in nice little weather we’re going to bomb across the Lagron Wall thanks for watching please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to join us next week as we had known there’s a song As a lot of you are probably aware inviting 10 passions on Board we would like to invite an SV Gypsy queen, I’ve previously done the F9 Sneaky randomizer inside the Book I Welcome on board. I don’t know you probably sounds like you’re very good byes Yes, I hear we can meet you somewhere But jumpship you’re more than welcome yeah exactly so our congratulations and welcome aboard and thank you for the support Yeah, most of all

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100 thoughts on “Grotty Yachties and their Stories (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 99

  1. We love the new intro, have been following your videos for quite some time and love your encouragement of following and pursuing your dreams 🙂 we worked a season in Ios (Greece) last year, one of us has returned there again this summer for another season, we hope to see you back in Ios soon and would love to see Elayna sing in Harmony 🙂 x

  2. Love the episode!! Hoping to have a Cat one day to be able to entertain a dinner like in this episode on the deck 🙂

  3. I thought man bun was on board to help with the camera work, it looks like you are still doing all the shooting.

  4. I'm not really sure why, but I'll do in introspective on it this week. There's something about your older videos, the rawness and realness of it that made it seem like anyone who decided to do what you're doingor would love the same lifestyle. (At this point in time I'm thinking that is the most amazing part about having a production hit it on the mark.) That being said, I think the most important thing I've taken from watching every single one of your episodes (at least three times each), is, us, the viewers are smacked with an Alice in wonderland syndrome scenario. Meaning, (and I'm more than sure that Riley will will understand my mini introspective the most. Probably due to his over the top reading and understanding of psychology.) We, "us the viewer" watched your video in a fantasy of us being in the same scenario even if it's not achievable. That being said, do try to remember anything you put in that scenario affects the end result of what us, the viewer, relates to and what we would want to achieve if we were in your position. "Holy mother of all that has been hit from behind that was that deep." In the end, your videos haven't changed enough that I would consider adding someone who can edit with premiere Pro and can Flyer drone. It seems to be more of a distraction on the role you you're trying to allow us to achieve mentally. The most important thing that I would suggest you cast into your future film is the fact that you have viewers that will actually give you their perspective on what made them feel good about watching your productions. What you realized you achieved come from something that was more than just lightning in a bottle. It was something that has a lot of people following you. But the bottom line is, your best work comes from an introspective of others realizing that they wish they could be doing what you two have achieved . For me, entertainment value is priceless. The education that we have achieve from someone else's success can't be dissected, modified, and altered. Because from the outside looking in the view is much different from the inside hoping that the people will see what you're projecting out. I know Riley, that's pretty deep right LOL. let's break it down. I have my own feelings, and I've read everyone's comments from probably every single individual that's has posted on your videos. I've also followed your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! That too. (Although I can't follow you too because I am falling 75,000 people.) LOL,,,, "The fact is, the most enjoyable thing that we have the view were get from your videos is a fantasy that we could put ourselves and our significant other in the place of you and be alone on a boat but, (living a fantasy of being you) without the hassle of actually going through the process. That is what makes what you're doing completely different and better than anything else on YouTube. Sure others are trying, they always say what you're doing is what they're trying to achieve. Don't break the mold my friends. Don't break the mold.
    Your friend HOLLYWOOD! LOL

  5. More! I think I speak for everyone when I say a double upload would be awesome! I know its a ton of work but we would all be super stoked to see 2 videos in 1 week 🙂

  6. Loved the video. I'm so glad I have caught up! Still thinking of trying to build my own Small nothing like your, Sailboat. Elayna great personality and Wiley don't you dare shave the stache!

  7. You both, Alayna and Riley; give me no end of delirium- you are so entertaining and I love ❤️ you for that. I was in Barcelona and I asked the travel agent if I could book a trip to Majorca; she said:- "I live here …. and you flew here… want to go to Majorca?? Noe s possible (I am writing it in English) Now Spanish: no es possible and don't even consider that. I love your journey and I will keep watching you both. God bless you in every nautical mile you travel. God bless SIMRAD and now B&G. It was my forteit. Pete k

  8. You do so much in the southern areas of the world…will you ever start going more north…such as northern us and Canada?

  9. i love all your ventures and stories im hopeing to see your 1000 episode cause you need get tired of a dream

  10. Will there be anyone to catch the ropes! Lol. Slippers & a pipe for the next video & a deck covered in bottles of wine with Jimmie Hendrix on full wack as you approach the next marina to look for gas bottles. Can't wait.

  11. Hèy , you just have to know that you have a fan-Of-Life from ALGERIA so , that nice man ( your friends ) he is welcom to algeria if he want to come ( cause i touhgt hear him say that it's on his Plan )
    and you are welcom to
    Great episode , we should make a party , when the 100em Episode gona be diffused 🙂

    Have a great day …

  12. we may admire and respect you but when the wash is done. It's the strength and perseverance that truly stands above all. The strong survive. you will.

  13. WHAT THE HECK???? I was in Mallorca when you guys were there and just in Barcelona. One of these days I'm gonna run into you!

  14. Hi Guys, I'm following you and leaving in Barcelona. If I knew you were passing by would have been a pleasure to invite you for dinner or whatever. Wish you a good trip in the amazing costa brava. Take care and fair winds

  15. Tollesbury in Essex used to be the home for the J class yachts, before the rise of Cowes. Many of the crews of the yachts were Tollesbury men. J class yachts such as Shamrock V, Velsheda and Endeavour.

  16. Come to Brazil. Gibratar,Marroco,Canaries,Mauritania,Senegal,Cape Verde, Salvador Brasil.I sailed this route 30 years ago and I am still here! Great sailing, good climet ,friendly people lots to explore,then you could head up to the Caribbean ou down to Rio. ´´The world is your Oyster´´. It be nice to see you.

  17. my god, guys, you go to Barcelona and not visit "La Sacrada Familia"… the most fantastic Cathedral in the world 😉

  18. Your college education is showing, whoever set the theme. Theme for your videos. Nice concept. Great Video.

  19. hey guys love the vids n would like to see a recap of ep4 but with a twist I think Riley rocking out would be very entertaining you guy are amazing no matter what you do. just a thought . cheers guys!!! Be Safe have fun which I know you do. Love to all!!!!!

  20. What a great way to go if you're just day sailing or picking the best weather for longer cruises. But still, I like knowing that if the boat turns turtle, that she will upright herself and poof, as good as new, off we go.

  21. seriously such an escape to watch your videos. I spent a while in the ocean today here in California and saw a sailboat flying down the coast with the current, pretty awesome probably 15-20 knotts

  22. "I turned of the bilge pumps because they were draining the battery"
    I guess Riley has learnt a few things since those days.

  23. You guys are great! Thanks so much for these videos. I have told many friends about your YouTube channel and a number of these friends said they watched. I told my friends I click "thumbs up on every single episode" hoping they'll do the same…

    I'm only slightly disappointed in my friends. They should be really bubbling over with enthusiasm, like me. I point them at your first episode, which is really catchy.

    The differences between people… perplexing sometimes. Why are my friends not thanking me and bubbling over with enthusiasm. Oh well. That's life. I highly recommend your videos.

  24. Guys, love your videos as usual! Awesome stuff … impressed with the new editing as well! What kind of filters are you using for the filmic style? If it's a LUT, would you mind sharing?
    Keep the vids commin' mates!

  25. Is there a reason why you guys never have your country flag flying on the boat? I thought every boat at sea was legally required to have their national flag out during the day, or am I wrong?

  26. Great to see you look settled with your new " La Vagabonde " Many thanks for sharing your adventures with this 88 coming up 89 Kiwi. Safe journeys and fair winds.

  27. I can deal with the ads. This episode make me think of this tune. 
    P.S.- Love it when Oaky is on the show.

  28. Absolutely lovingg this new quality of video! So happy you've still got your original vibe and personality showing through them, just such beautiful imagery along with it! Got the whole family hooked on la vaga!

  29. I must heartedly agree with Kysing! The best way to spend time sailing if you are never to do it! Luv ya! It does seem time stands still while i watch you guys sail around. Are you going to DVD any vids? I haven't seen them all yet. I keep trying to catch up. Luv ya!

  30. Realized I’d skipped this vid awhile back when Riley admonished is to get the view count up in Ep 108. Per my due diligence, it was worth the wait. Between early access on patreon and the actual vids on YT, I’m losing track of what I have and haven’t watched. Gonna go play a few in the background to get the counts right…

  31. i came over here because you recommended it at the end of the latest video! Thanks for always making a wonderfull video, it always has the expected feel-good effect. Enjoy life!

  32. Great to see Tollesbury in one if your videos, we are just over the water from there on Mersea Island. Bit too far north for you guys.

  33. Hope the SLV Juno got their problems taken care of without it being something serious. And this episode brings up a question for me, when I was on one of my visits to the land of OZ along the east coast, I caught so much crap for the way I wear fancy leather flip flops, and then nice 'dress' sandals as footwear as it was warm weather. But I see Riley wearing the same (and good on ya!) even on the trip to town, and wonder why I was razzed like that? SAfe travels and fair winds for you as always 😉

  34. As per your request, Ri!ey, I have come to watch this episode, as I was one of those who had not seen it yet. I do have a question regarding the tiller, do either of you ever actually use it to steer LaVaga, or is it just one of those neato keen appearing features that you never actually use?Fair winds and smooth seas, be well

  35. I love yall's (Texas) videos, I would like to request more smoochy poochy (kissing) gotta keep the fire burning or it will sometimes die out on you and without you even knowing it. Besides Elayna is my youtube wife, like a work wife or work husband. 🙂

  36. Hi team LaVaga , thank you so much for all the effort you go to to make these movies, the Joy you bring us is priceless, cheers From Noosa you know back home 😀👍

  37. So…… what happened to the views because I came back and could not believe I missed an episode and now I am watching this one twice. Still good the second time.

  38. Miss the small boat in the rich aquamarine water that used to start every episode up until 98. Always knew you were in the right place to see another entertaining Elayna and Riley episode of SLV.

  39. Mud mooring…?
    Everytime the tide goes down surely there is an increase risk of bent shaft and damaged rudder…
    "Safe as houses" he says…
    Yet his boat now sinks…
    Weirdest thing I have ever heard for mono hulls…

  40. you guys might want to do some on the great lakes system. I grew up on it and there is nothing quite like the Great Lakes in the summer. Plenty of quiet anchorages and marinas when you reach Huron and Superior. USA customs are a bit annoying, even for an america like myself. But if you don't want to deal with us Canada has everything you might need, good beer, bad wine and great people. Thanks for the videos. I'll be sure to drop a couple of dollars into the hat when i graduate college. Cheers

  41. How good is Spain? Love it there. Moved to Mandurah in WA from the UK in 2012 and my only regret is not exploring more of Europe before I left.

  42. Jesus Christ use a Hidrogen instalation ….you got a solar panel and a smal auxiliar electric generator and alot of water ….if i was in your place i will never use propane gas EVER…….water and electricity that it……

  43. If you pause at 0:15, do you guys see allot of squares/blocks? I'm starting to think it's something wrong with my monitor lol.

  44. I like seeing the maintenance stuff. More in depth engine stuff, boat repairs, technical stuff. Most people don't like it, but that's really interesting to me.

  45. You guys always make me feel like I'm actually there with you. You're editing and movie making skills have gotten so much better over the yeara

  46. Well its taken me a while to get caught up….. and hey….. look at that….. SV Gypsy Queen!!! Thats ME! Life has renamed the boat Argus…. but… yay…. I wonder if theres an expiry on the invite!!

  47. Binge watching Sailing La Vagabonde in November 2019!✌🐳🐙🎣⚓⛵ Love Cindy on the Coast of Oregon, Winchester Bay🌴 #davesandersstepdaughter 🦋

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