Freestyle swimming workout #2. Technique, distance per stroke and speed. Beginners

Welcome back to our workout videos! Today we will go over a roughly one hour freestyle
practice. We will do some drills to improve your swimming
technique, distance per stroke and some speed. it is 1900 meters or yards long. You can download this practice on the link
in the description. To begin this freestyle workout we will start
with two sets of “skips”. Which is 50 Swim, 50 Kick, 50 Pull and 50
Swim. Do that twice to complete the warm up. The first set consists of three sets of 4
x 25s drills with 2 x 100s freestyle in between. The first set of drills is three full stroke
and a pause. You continue kicking the whole time. Try to make the strokes a little more explosive
than usual. Now do the 2 x 100s freestyle focusing on
fast shoulder rotation. Now move to the next set of drills which is
freestyle but touching your body with your thumb. This will help you keep a high elbow on each
stroke. To do this properly you try to rotate more
and keep kicking strongly. If you have trouble with your flexibility
here I suggest you watch our “Shoulder care part 2” video where you can find shoulder
stretching exercises. Now do the two 100s focusing on high elbow
technique. The next set of 25s is easy relaxed arms with
a strong kick. This will help you coordinate your legs better
in a high speed freestyle. The next set is to increase or at least be
aware of you distance per stroke. It is 4 x 50s reducing the number of total
strokes per 50. So for example on the first 50 I did 34 strokes,
on the next one I did 33, then 28 and finished with 26. The rules are that you cannot do underwater
kicks and if you do a 50 with more strokes than the last, you have to repeat that 50. The third set is playing with fast and slow
paces. It consists of 3 sets of 4 x 25s. The first 25 of each set is half the pool
fast and the rest of the way easy to the wall. Then the opposite. You go half the swimming pool easy and then
fast to the wall. The third 25 is easy the whole way and then
you finish with a fast 25. Do that 3 times to complete the 3rd set. To do the warm down do 2 x 100s freestyle
easy followed by 2 x 50s backstroke kick easy. Don’t forget to stretch. Just like our backstroke workout #1 you can
download the pdf of this practice on the link in the description. If you try this workout please leave a comment
to tell us your impressions. If you do like these workout videos we will
keep posting more, so leave a thumbs up. Thanks for watching! Swim fast!

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