Found a VAPE Underwater at Lake Fraser while Scuba Diving

Hey guys It’s Dominik and Veronique We are heading out to swim at Fraser where there’s a big rock which is about 3 meters high People often goes there to drink and get drunk so we think that there is quite a few river treasures But we think it’ll be hard because it’s deeper than what we are used to dive in We’ll practice our scuba diving Yes Otherwise we might as well talk a bit about what we want to do with this channel We want to find treasures Yeah, well what we want to do with the channel is finding river treasures We also want to show you our new adventures of diving in Estrie, Quebec and at the same time, we try to clean up rivers because we are both very concerned for the environment so we try cleaning up the rivers Well done, that’s a good summary So if you enjoy, please drop a like and subscribe, it will help us grow this channel Watch out, we are outlaws I don’t want to do this Illegal *Laugh* illegal Let’s go She’s lucky, mosquitoes eat me instead Look I’m getting strung Oh no! Bye, go away A vegan… who just slaughter a mosquito I didn’t killed it *Laugh* Maybe not in the cattail, but there must be some beside the rocks over there Is it deep ? I have no ideas This is content for YouTube It’s slipery Are you hurt ? No Slide on your butt You’ll see, water is warm Catch me! It’s crazy Alright! Are you ready ? Yes, I’m ready Let’s do the fist bump Alright, let’s go! Look how the water is dirty because you felt in That was a good way to get in Ok, let’s go I get over there I see a lure at the bottom I try to grab it Eww! It’s a real dead fish Alright, going back The water’s really good *Acknowledge* We just finished a good search Vero is cold so we are taking a small break We take this time to observe the beautiful sunset Beautiful landscapes I’ll go treasure hunting over there We’ll go scuba dive beside the rocks near the reef Trying to find a GoPro, a cellphone or some treasures A good black (beer brand) Oh no! It’s super slippery Good luck Farewell Try to grab there It’s so slippery Do you want to throw me the can ? It’ll be easier The seal Yes, all of this for a can Lots of trash, it’s fun Yes Not much treasures, but a lot of trash Here we go again I found a vape underwater It’s cool Eww, did you grab some mushrooms ? No, it’s some sort of plastics Soft plastic, a bit like the bone I found the other day This ? It’s clearly some mushrooms You think ? Yes! It might had been a mushroom That’s what stinking ! Let’s go Some of it goes to the recycle bin too, it’s good This one is yours Does it smell good ? Have you seen the big nasty worm ? I don’t know what’s the thing that decompose itself It must be your damn mushrooms Look look look Eww it stink Look at the big worm It’s a lure Nah, it’s a cheetos It’s a cheetos A cheese-flavored puffed cornmeal Do you want me to hold the door ? Yes please Finished! Yeah Good job! It’s gonna smell mushrooms forever So that’s it guys, check out what are our finds today Two fishing lures Two dollars and a quarter We’ll become rich with that Finally, the find of the day I’m not sure, it does look like an electronic cigarette STL… STLTH It might come from the SQDC association, we don’t know So if you enjoyed the video, please like, subscribe and see you next time

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