Fomos de veleiro até a cachoeira em Tremembé – t02e20 Vlog IPA Dive & Sail

we are leaving now maraú destined
tremembé waterfall and look just came hit a wind now with the change of
tide but it is now that will start to rise already rising enough we started to leave
now after the low tide of the preeamar and now oh all open genoa
let’s just gentle here because we don’t know how it will be there to
after we are winding 10 knots going to 393
little dose and now we’re thinking in a narrower part where there are even
on the nautical chart was showing when you give enough sun appears the stones
here are two very large lage stones so you have to be very careful
second there is everyone in front of us depth is 15 meters here in this
region he other side here too as it’s close and here we are passing reaching the
actor that we have been playing a little total on the engine and he’s waiting for the
people up front because there’s a part shallower and about three four meters of
depth that in the house was more deep so let’s reach them to
move on together look there to emerge the touch took our hot
to go is our behavior now we’re gone fell hitting the netherlands
am yes I felt a touch just felt a deep touch
on here still going we ended up feeling a little cuddly at the bottom of
close to a funk now we are here again here
in the ship nicks the shallower part oh what the marina is filling so still going
fill more so this one hits here is the most
tense but according to the violence will be bigger
now the moment of tension again aquino navionics part has blue here that
be very shallow and also following tiagão there is looking at the depth gauge is
conditioned and there that even shows the background design
for now it’s quiet and enjoy two and a half meters to 3 steps having the
nautical chart that the tide still has a meter to climb so if anything
we wait a little longer than climb a little more and we can
pass we have arrived now we are anchored here at
junction are several tributaries that come together here as in a central square
so we have river here there we have here where we came here we have
another river ave has another river that turns to there and here is another river too
so here we are right where all the waters join that we have seven
meters approximately depth 35 meters of current only for
secure in the current here can be pretty strong so we’re safe time
to coral waterfall and now depart for today the crowd the tremembé flood
august burrow O already started the promotion we are already here
with 20 centimeters of water outboard depth that already a
little out of the water that shaq he has a fit that works best but
we believe that for that part over there will sink further the way we have
to follow the waterfall the guy is a water force we took ten
minutes to get here at in the waterfall look at the crazy sacchi foam river by boat very crazy in we left the boat there in this trapiche and
now let’s try to find out if you can get there at that wild waterfall that
she is very full of water probably in the last five days it has rained to
damn and then it’s pretty full too violent in a restaurant over there and now
is showing the way for us the food we have to follow for
this way here o here put your foot in mud here at the waterfall is angry o to shame rita mischief here we decided not to cross here and ok
with a lot of water and everybody’s kinda apprehensive and falling if high
waterfall down there and get hurt then now we will climb a little higher
to see if there is another part there that is less – strong water yes what gave to
take a shower just look at who had can I came jump the cocktail the flame burning oh good ae I think it’s warm from the cause it’s courage here in the waterfall there is a restaurant
here very cool we eat a palm heart in butter with a
weed we forgot the name and they sell very tasty homemade liqueur we made
a tasting of various colors and we are taking this is very exotic to
we of course cocoa honey color with cocoa honey pepper people is just like me
that came out of the fruit when they cut fruit and then they make it from this pepper
very good really is very tasty and the time has come to say goodbye goodbye to
waterfall i and the next day is demonstrating
little john let’s change engines to go up the river
tremembe yesterday our little foot almost sank
lot of everything lie I went there by cargo
they both cried and only gave a lift to thin people there never gave anything alone
with 50 mexico then I just push that cat and then I thought ok the script
look how cool they spoke eagle the boy feel or change engines and a
project that is the law but will get off the bump Alright
it will feel now makes a difference ouch ouch, I think you remember
when it’s abandoned let’s not go go the baby it is the ayrton seine of the seas I remember we turn left here before the box and
rich waterfall comes to folklore is the next day in gent next day is
give 2 here to know the city let’s see if we think villain team we arrived here in tremembé the neighborhood of
tremembe waterfall let’s look for the grocery store
the little boat there is time to we throw the anchor we saw giving reinha and
we tied it to the coconut tree disrupt what is now living in
town here playing with a dog and we did some shopping there in the market
city ​​little grocery store bucket went to Bahia for later we see if
make a bend and the following days and the pretty quiet town half kaka had
are doing here the documentation and the little square we bought crab picker and we went
prepare lunch on the boat squid right complained of river rasquinha that
is it not that those who still declare that wide open there and now rice and
a salad that was already adriana is ours friend and the front island trying
learn to row though the current let’s find that right there where
this water is changing here starts a shoal this here is
all sandbar here look so we are about 35 meters
chain the river is always keeping us for this
sand bottom side so already sundays it’s past 24 hours here it is
quiet so we don’t believe that no we need to remember but have to take
very careful to see clearly there from new here look below you can see the bank
sand all here look it’s like going up to buy that toy like him here I don’t know i have some
soy bro I have a dream do i have a twin brother it’s ok already because of the paddling and doing
exercises and touching remote that the depth to face her if the boat was the
wrong board so screwed we went with our new friend on his island
to see what he’s doing there his bet
Then he told us to visit the another garden of his that was bigger
we ended up going a stretch but we started being attacked by mosquitoes
and we decided not to do the trail by it would take 30 minutes to get there and
then we were getting late and the mosquitoes attacking us a lot then
we decided to go back and the next day we are leaving now that gives from the village
from tremembe we took advantage of the waterfall that gave
we expected today it was sunny dawn for us
enjoy one more waterfall peru doesn’t have but it’s only over
here in Bahia you know and now we are going to maraú de
new is with a tank room of water and let’s go fill that bikes
foot and neither john yes ma’am we are here in front of the water spout there
nicaragua here we are encouraged and anchor here but it’s leaking is that
we see the tide leaking side of tremembé and look at the current here
it’s not even a place that 11 or so well
we backed up and she jumped because the bottom must be hard sand
but now it’s keeping the same with this current and will pay off our gallons of
water this little bit here this little bit here for us we fill our tank
let’s see if we make a trip only will need one more loss
complemented after we get water there for the second
turn we are finishing filling the tank
will leave at least 50 liters so the process here come here with a funnel the
tank a very modern funnel kharif one coke in two and a half liters and that’s it
in the next episode we’ll explore the armadillo island a very tasty beach
of fine sand and we’ll also have to climb the mast to repair the
our fight says top if you liked our content and think
that he has any value to you be entertaining or with some information
think support us no support point s bahn epa drive and see you next time
bye episode

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