FLY TV – Float Tubin’ Winter Pike – Cold Water Pike Fly Fishing

I am Niklaus Bauer.
– And I am Pontus Sjölund. You are watching FLY TV
and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FLY TV! Today we are trying to catch
big pike in small ponds. As you can see behind us,
it has been a really cold night. The fishing will be very tricky.
What would you say? It might be with the cold water
and it is late in the season. If we do catch a pike,
we have a good chance to get a big one. We will search for them with a fishfinder,
and for schools of bream. We will fish in the schools
where the bream is. We will find these specific fish
that are feeding on bream. That is our goal for today.
– This is my favourite way of fishing. A float tube is so easy to use,
and we can go anywhere we want. And we also have the possibility of
changing location very quickly. We can just quickly go to
the other side of the island. Let’s launch these bad boys.
-Yeah, let’s break some ice. I think we should go all the way out
to the weed line and launch them out there. Walk carefully here.
– If we do not sink before that. Otherwise we will
have to call Missing People. This is so cool,
walking with a float tube on your back. This is the boat launch for fly fishing.
No fancy stuff here. The water temperature is 2.5 °C. In this small cove here,
we had an ice fish rising in the ice. We do not know if it was a pike or a bream,
but is was actually a nice wake. I can see… We just moved from where
we launched the belly boats,- -it was just 1 °C in there.
It is 2.5 here where the water comes in. Most of the fish will probably stand
where the water is a bit warmer. That is my plan at least. We are in a system of coves here. They are connected to
each other through channels. We are now entering the next part.
A small area with open water. We will give it a shot. It was a bit deeper in here,
so I am putting on a conehead. It makes the fly go deeper,
and it gets a different action. Just put in on the leader.
Like this. With a bead under. Pontus, I need heavier sinking lines.
– That is literally ice fishing. The wiggle tail does not
move so nice on the ice. We have some bream here,
but only one or two. The problem is that
when we go to side scanning- -most of the nice fish we have seen
are under the ice. We are not really able to get to them.
The ice is a bit too thick. I think it is a lost call for today. Maybe we should put these in the car?
We could find another system? Let’s do that.
– There are a few ones close by. Nice one!
– It is not too bad. It is almost mid-December
and it has been really cold. Bye bye! I was fishing in Holland a few weeks ago
with a guy called Marc Zitvast. They are fishing a lot of
the bream patterns that I tied in the past. We tied up an articulated fly. It is a darker bream with
a lot of black and copper in it. There are beads in between. It is a 6.0 hook in the front
and a 4.0 riding hook up. We got some of
this new matt gold Flashabou. Then there is a very well-chewed
XXL wiggle tail. What I like about these flies is
that they have a lot of jigging action. It also has a nice hook in the back
that rides up, and they hook really well. Let’s not forget the new UV eyes
from Fly-Dressing. It is a killer fly, it works well.
Go get them! We got some scattered bream coming now
in the open water, it looks promising. Are we talking about the weed bank here? The warm water from the inlets
come all the way down to the rocks here. A nice winter fish.
The water here is actually a bit warmer. It looks like they are feeding.
You can see all the leeches on the back. He wanted my bream.
Bye bye! That was wet, man! I really enjoy belly boat fishing,
because you get so close to everything. You do not have to cast so far. I caught my coolest pike from
a float tube this summer. I was fishing lures and I had my pig shad
between my fins like this. Waiting for the next cast,
and then just BAM! When fishing in cold water like today,
it is mid-December and 3.8 °C,- -it is crucial to dress well. You can definitely fish in breathable
waders when it is cold, if you dress well. These fish cat boats get you up high.
You do not have to sit deep in the water. So how do I dress now? We used layers of
thick fleece or filt before. But with these cool materials
that are available today,- -you do not have to dress like that. I only have a thin base layer
that is really close to your body. Wool, bamboo or whatever you like. And then a thin mid-layer of power stretch. It is a really good fleece that wicks
the moisture from your body. This is a kind of new material
called primaloft. It is a really warm and very light fibre
that keeps you warm and dry. If you use pants and jacket of primaloft
that is all you need when it is cold. Dress well and you can fish all day! Big! Maybe?
No, it is not so big. Or maybe, I do not know. We are fishing for these bream eaters. This is a really small one. But as you can see,
she has one on the side here. That is a fatty! I went from a gold wiggle tail
to a custom painted one. It is quite fat.
She has a disc here. Look, the tail from the bream
is actually sticking up. That is so cool,
I have to take a picture. It is nice to have a waterproof case.
– Yes, it is a good thing for your phone. I went from that gold tail
to the custom bream one. With the red tip?
– Yes, an orange UV tip. Here you go!
Bye bye. Do you want a bream fly?
– She swam into my foot. When I fly fish for pike today,
I basically use three types of flies. Just to keep it really simple,
but a bit more understandable,- -I fished a normal big tube fly
without a wiggle tail or anything. These flies are very lightly dressed
and tied on a bucktail collar. It does not dive forward or slide back.
It stays on a nice level. You can have a good hang time with it. Then we have the second fly.
It is the same style of fly. But it is much shorter. It is supposed to be fished
with a wiggle tail. I will come back to that
and put a wiggle tail on. This is the last fly I am fishing
and I have used it a lot. It is an articulated fly,
which means that it is jointed. It has two hooks.
A 6.0 Partridge hook in the front. Then there is a 4.0 in the back
that is riding up. We have a 40 pound wire in between. Then there are a few beads too. The distance of the beads depends on
how far you want the back hook. In the back, there is a fluorescent bead. We also have a fast attachment clip
in the back, right here. It makes it possible to easily change from
a custom painted wiggle tail like this. This is a new colour that will be out soon.
It also has a UV tip. You can switch to a simple XXL gold,
which is one of my favourite colours. Then the fly has a completely
different appearance. Back to ringing
one of these shorter tube flies. We have the tube here
and then I need a rig. This is the one made for wiggle tails.
It has a fast attachment clip in the back. This is the normal Bauer Pike rig
with a rattle attached to it. The only difference is that this one
has a snap in the back. This one does not. Take the rig. Push it through. Like that. Then tighten it to the tube. The big hook should
be riding down. Take this one
and put in the back. You can see the big hook
riding in the centre. The stinger is pretty far back. Put on the wiggle tail you want. Just snap it on here. We are good to go! I have been float tube fishing for pike
for about a year now. I really like it. Especially the fact that you can go out
even if you only have 2-3 hours free. It is more of a project
to go out with a boat. I get a lot of questions on Instagram
about spin fishing from a float tube. I do that half the time,
and it works really well. Just do what you usually do.
I bring a fly rod and a spin rod. That is when I fish pike.
They both work really well. One thing that can be a bit tricky
when you are out alone on a float tube- -is taking picture of a catch.
You can take it down in the water. But if you want a good pose picture,
you can go the shore of course. The easier way is to bring a selfie stick. Just put your phone in there
and connect it with Bluetooth. Or however your selfie stick works. If you catch a pike, just hold it here
and the phone over there. It works excellent!
It makes it much easier. Always use a waterproof case. I caught a nice little pike here. It is not a big pike at all. But on a slow day like this,
every pike feels as a good catch. Small, but fat. I caught it on a jumbo wide wiggle tail. The days are short and it is good
to use flies they can see in the water. We are using those big tails.
It is not a bad thing. I have the plier, the carbine snaps.
Let’s throw it in. Release the fish.
On my feet! I found some fish standing
very shallow over here. I had to fish them really slow
with long stops. They are far from monsters,
but they are strong in this cold water. Is that a tarpon or what?
– This one is covered in sea weed. The safest way to land a fish
is to go over your line tray. Just make sure you know
where the other hook is. Do not try to lift them over the side.
– Oh, that is a good one. Yes, it is fat.
– It is a better one. With the weed, it might be a…
– Yeah, 6 kilos or something like that. Pretty cool to fish them in December.
She was a strong girl. You can rest here on my leg a little bit.
Before you go back. Bye bye. You see all these leeches,
they are all over the place. This is a sign that the fish is slow
and close to the bottom. As soon as the fish gets more active,
you will not find them on the pike anymore. If the fish stands extremely still,
you can find leeches inside the mouth. I am hooked up!
I think it is a perch or a sea trout. The question is:
What did I catch? It is a perch! Well done!
Well done, boy. Downsized a bit here. We got a perch. We got pike, perch and
almost a zander today. Let’s go for a sea trout now. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

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  1. I don't fish with a fly but I have found this video very interesting. And, let's go to fish in Winter, I find that amazing.

  2. Looks great guys. Why haven't you built yourself some good holders out of box pipe. They work great. If you haven't seen that there are several videos on here

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