FLOATING MESSAGES in After Effects (Eminem – FALL)

This video is brought to you
by Videoblocks. -Hey guys, I’ve been sick for a few days now,
but I’m finally back at the office and I’m ready to work
on our new vid… …Jordy? -Lorenzo? Is that you? Hey Lorenzo! Man, I missed you! Hey, Lorenzo, we have to shoot
a new video for Copy Cat. -Jordy! cut the hair! [background music and ambience] [Message alert sounds] -Wow, so many hair messages. Jordy, I really think it’s time
to cut your hair. -Ho, Ho, Lorenzo! I don’t care
what the people say, I’m not cutting my hair. They can jingle my bells! [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey folks, Jordy here for cinecom.net
and welcome to Copy Cat Friday, the series where we get inspired by a music
video or film and recreate one effect from it. Eminem recently came out with
his new music video ‘Fall’, in which you can see
many great effects, and one of them are these notifications,
which are popping up everywhere. So let’s jump into the Copy Cat mobile
and receive some hate comments! But before we do that, let’s first take a moment
to thank Videoblocks, our channel sponsor. Their library holds a growing
collection of stock footage, video effects, After Effects templates
and a ton more. We’ve also been adding stuff to their
library, such as these muzzle flashes, sparks and our studio backgrounds. With a single price per year you can
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the first link in the description below! So, Lorenzo is back,
he’s filming right now, and we’ve got Kim to help us out
in this wonderful evening, so, let’s jump into the Copy Cat
reveal and film some stuff! [Hip-Hop Music] -Lorenzo, your trunk
is way too small. Well, if you would afford me a bigger
pay raise, I could afford a bigger trunk. -So, we just tried our first shot,
let’s go see upstairs if it works. And it works, that is a good thing. Now we are sure that we don’t have to come back
tomorrow, because that is also not possible, because today’s Thursday, tomorrow is Friday,
so that means we don’t have a second chance, we don’t have a second evening. I’m gonna stop yapping now
and let’s continue. [Music] -Interrupt, guys! We’ve got all
the shots that we need, so let’s go inside right now, and go into After Effects! While you’re making your shots, it’s
very important to look for structure. Although we are shooting on evening, I’m paying
attention that we shoot under a street light, or making sure that the head lights from the car
create a deep enough contrast on the street. Let’s start with that
message popup. Create a new composition, next
go into the Rounded Rectangle tool and simply draw a message
bubble shape. You can make this pretty big and
take up the entire composition. This will create a new shape layer
and if you open up its properties, you’ll find under the Rectangle Path that there’s an option to change the roundness
of the corners, if you wanna do that. We’re going to give some more
depth to the bubble, so I’m going to add the 4-color
gradient effect to it. For starters, I’m going to position
the color points from this effect to have each point sit on a side. Then go into the color options and
change the upper color to light blue. The points on the side can have
some of the same colors. I am picking these one manually each time,
so that there’s still a little bit of a difference between them to make it seem more random. And then the bottom color becomes white. And
this will give some more depth to that shape. Then go ahead and add
some text in here. Usually, the name of the app
sits on top, the message itself is bigger
and sits below the title, And in the corner right you get the time
of the notification, which is ‘now’. On Google you can find the
app icon, like the Youtube logo. Simply import that into
After Effects as well and position it next
to the title name. And that’s the only thing
there is to it. Now let’s create a whole new
composition for our actual shot. In order to make the message bubble float
in the air, like it’s part of the scene, we’re going to have to find
out the exact movement that my camera did
while I was filming. Every little shake, the smallest bump, every tilt and every pan
has to be figured out. And guess what, we were filming
outside of a riding vehicle. This is going to be a ton of work… …for After Effects. For us it’s just a simple matter
of going up to the menu, select Window, choose Tracker
and click on Track Camera. Yeah, that’s it! You just let After Effects
work and you can go get a coffee. And as you return, After Effects
did its work. If you go into the effects controls,
you will find out that the 3D Camera Tracker effect
has been applied to it. If you click on it, it will show
all of its tracking points. We can use any of those points to tell where
our message bubble has to open up. For example, here on the street.
Right click on that point and choose Create Null
and Camera. What we’ve just done is created
a virtual camera that represents the movement
of our actual physical camera. The null object doesn’t do
anything, but… …we’re just going to use it to mark the position
of the point that we’ve just chosen. We can now go ahead and insert the
composition of the message bubble that we’ve created prior
into the new composition. From the layer options,
make sure to enable 3D. You can then go ahead and open up
the properties of the null object, select Transform and hit control C,
or command C for the mac users, to copy all of those values. With the message bubble selected, hit control V
or command V to paste those attributes. It also changed its
opacity to zero, so… hit T to bring that up and
change it back to 100. That message bubble now sits perfectly
in place on the point that we’ve selected prior. And this gives you a reference. You can now go ahead and start moving
that bubble to a different place or rotate it to your desire. The message pops open, so what I’m
gonna do is dive into the Scale property, change it to zero, enable Animation,
move forward in time and increase it back to the size
that you want it to be. Make sure that the animation is short
and that you enable the motion blur. You can do so by first enabling it through
this button from the layer properties, and then enabling it globally through
this button in the composition. The message bubble should look
like a glass panel, so… …behind it there should be
some blurriness. To do that we’re going to
duplicate our normal shot, you can do so by hitting
control or command D. On this duplication, you can already
apply the Gaussian Blur effect and increase it to around 20 or 30. The whole shot is blurred,
so we’re going to have to say to only have this blurriness
behind the message box. To do that, also duplicate
the message box and add a Fill effect
to the one on the bottom. Change the color from
the Fill effect to white. When I disable the top message box, you
will see that we end up with a white mask, and that represents the exact size and
all of its animations from the original. So the only thing that
we have to do now is move the blurred shot
underneath that white mask. Then change the track matte
from the layer options to Alpha. You can now enable the top layer back
and decrease its opacity to around 50%. For the final touch, you could also add a glow
effect to the bubble to make it give lights. And you can also add a noise effect to it
to make it seem more like a display. [Cinecom’s ending music] Thank you all so much for watching,
thank you Videoblocks for the support again. And like always: Stay Creative! -I am exhausted! I’ve been working all day for 12 hours and I work with children,
so I’m really tired, and now Jordy need me to help him
also… I am such a good girlfriend! Oh! I also work with children! -Hey!

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