Floating Market in Thailand | Money wasted

[IRFAN’S VIEW’S INTRO MUSIC PLAYS] [MUSIC] Hi guys!! We’ve come to a place to get the tickets for the Floating market, So many cabs are here, A Japanese star has accompanied us today, You didn’t remove that till now, Just remove it, It is so hot here, you are wearing it as if we’ve come to Switzerland. TAJ: It looks good on me right? It looks good, but how can you survive? Look at him guys, He is like a Japanese School kid, I asked him to remove as this place is very hot I couldn’t wear the shirt itself, This outfit is too much man, For getting the ticket they will come and approach us it seems, We should sit like this. We are waiting for them to approach us. [IRFAN COMPOSING A SONG] 2000 bhat!! Okay guys, as I said before we are in the floating market now. They gave a shock when we asked about the prices. For each of us, they charge 2000 bhat, Which is around 4000 rupees, 4,200 rupees. If we three go we should spend 12,000 rupees, I cannot afford that much. After sometimes they came and tell us to pay 1,500 bhat, I said to her that I can give only 1000 bhat, So finally she agreed, Your gestures are too good!!
[IRFAN TELLS IT IN A SARCASTIC WAY] Let us explore this place and know whether this trip is worth or not, This is the floating market and we don’t have a market like this anywhere, I guess. In Venice we may have because the whole city is floating there. They are waiting for us, come on lets go. This is the boat. It is good if it doesn’t break. They will take a photograph of us, and they will get money from us it seems, It is unfair. I will also take a photo of you, you be ready with money when I come back. Lots of boats are here, Water is in very bad state, Don’t touch it with your hands. You will not do that, because you will get to know when you see by your own eyes. There is more leg room here, We can stretch it like this, We can fold it like this as well. He drives it very fast, [MUSIC] On both sides, people are living their life, Farms are there, Ans also they own a shop where we can buy things , It is the concept of floating market, A lot more to go I guess, We are on the way to our place, Look at the color of the water body, It is terrible, Look at the house, They are living happily building a house like this, I think in this seat two can sit, If we adjust ourselves, Six people can sit totally, [MUSIC] ANAND: How is your new cooler? It is awesome bro, [MUSIC] I won’t bargain here, Because I am basically a good human. One is enough mam, Mam do you have a change with you? To some other extent, It is awesome if the motor is turned off, They are beautifully serving it with flower, Thank You!! We don’t want mangoes. In our place itself, we had enough, [MUSIC] Coconut Ice Cream, We get this on our way, They are not giving but they are selling it, This cost 60 bhat which 120 rupees. [MUSIC] The flavor of tender coconut is there, At the bottom, she has put some coconut, It is refreshing, The flavor of the Icecream is too good. The tender coconut flavor is there, I think it has been made by the tender coconut water, We can spend 60 bhats for this, [MUSIC] I’ve seen my subscriber in Thailand too!!! I am very very happy!!!! Till now I didn’t see any subscribers, but now I saw. Go slowly man!! Why you people are freaking me out? One of our viewers are coming behind us in a different boat, [IRFAN IS A LITTLE EXCITED THAT HE MET ONE OF HIS FOLLOWER IN THAILAND] [MUSIC] I think we’ve come to a central place, Ship size boats are here, We are going to enter the floating market now, From each corners, they have this boat service for this floating market, They are dashing the boats as we see in games, Look before us, so much traffic. It seems to be the starting point dude, [MUSIC] Hey man look at there, Iguana is there, Oh man, It fell down in the water, We are a little bit afraid that it may bite us. We bought a chicken on our way, It tastes like KFC chicken, It is the fried chicken, they’ve used the taste enhancer in it. It is tasty, [MUSIC] [IRFAN ENJOYS THE TRIP BY SINGING HIS OWN SONG] Look at the view here, How beautiful this place looks!! It would be a great place if the water is clean, But it is okay, Let us admire the view, ignoring the water. [MUSIC] It is like a village, I feel like I am in Kerala now, We are in Thailand’s Kerala now, No one is here, Only one boat is going in front of us, They provide life jackets, They didn’t ask us to wear, so we didn’t. It would be more fun if we come here with the food, Like lemon rice or Tamarind rice. For a side, the boiled egg will be enough, It would be a great trip. We should park this boat under a tree, and we should have the food, We can enjoy this trip that way, But we have no options like that, The best company would be the tamarind rice and pickle, Chicken which we had now was good. I will check out whether I get some other food here, I will have that too, I don’t know who is putting the wastes in the water, Some tourists pollute the water like this, All that waste are getting stuck in the motors, This may damage the whole ecosystem, We didn’t put trash in the water, We are having it with us. Don’t put any trash if you visit water bodies like this, It is not in our state but it is one of a place in our world, So don’t do this. Be a good one. These people re very kind, It is like the place which we visited in Pollachi, Lots of coconut tree is here, If someone kidnaps me and throw me in this place, I will think that I am in Pollachi, But this is not Pollachi, We are in Thailand. [MUSIC] We went through the floating market, The boat was fast, I don’t know whether it is worth for 3000 bhat, It is very expensive, In the beginning, they told us to pay 6000 bhat, We bargained and took a boat for 3000 bhat, I feel this itself not worth the money, Think about my plight if I gave 6000 bhat, what would be my reaction, I would’ve regret a lot, In many places they a boat station like this, You can get a boat from the station which is nearer to you, It depends on the place you approach, The main place is there, It is a different place, We’ve gone through the floating market, Some places were in a market set up. They sell paintings, A minimal amount of food is available. Lots of pork was there, They sell pork steak, And chicken, fish, They sell handcrafted things and paintings, That was it. Nothing other than this. You guys watch the video before you come to this place, If you guys like this place then you can come, It is not worth according to me, What about you bro? We three don’t like this place. They also sell beers here, Some are having it. If you want to come with that kind of friends, You can come. You pay for a boat, not for persons. We gave 3000 bhat, you just try to get it for 2000 bhat. There is a chance of getting it. Also, ask for 1000 bhat, that would be the greatest deal of all. Otherwise, just say hi to this place and leave immediately. We’ve came across many kilometers for this place. We got the cab for 1500 bhat, I would’ve been happy if the A/C worked properly in that cab. But it wasn’t. It is a tourist place. I wanted to show you guys, I wanted you guys to know whether this place is worth visiting or not. You can take a photograph with a tiger, You must pay for that seperately. For an elephant, I don’t know how much they will ask. Thank God!! I got another content here. [MUSIC] This man is the only one who has asked for a small amount, [MUSIC] It is very hot here. We are irritated as well, So we are going to have this to chill ourselves. It is different and good. It is very chill, right? My teeth are a little sensitive, They sell elephants here, Sorry, they show elephants it seems. Guys this is near to the floating market, Here we have elephant rides. They have packages, For 1300 they will take us to water along with the elephants, The prices differ according to the packages. You guys want to explore, then you can pay and go. I am not going now. Already in TamilNadu, I went on an Elephant, 1500 bhat is 3000 rupees, I have that experience before, So I am not in the mood to go. Three rides are there. Three rides cost 1300 bhat, Which is fine for me. If we get three rides in that price it is very fine. For me it is no. [MUSIC] [TO BE CONTINUED]

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  1. So guys! As some of our viewers mentioned, 350 was the lowest fee paid. Try to bargain till that amount.
    Learn from your friend's mistake 😉

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