Floating House of Filling Foam – How to Build – DIY

Hi guys What’s up? I’m the Interesting And I’m Ficus Our last video got a lot likes and comments, so we decided to make the fourth floor on our house But actually, for its construction we need a lot more time than we expected Therefore, we’ll do it next time, and today we’ll make a floating house from filling foam I hope that today we’ll sail on it without getting drown If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, then do it right now by clicking the button below It looks so real. I want this on the balcony. It doesn’t prickle Place of ignition – look here: this is like a criss-cross, here is the point of ignition, under this paper there is probably something You see the wood inflames from inside Do you know why 15? Why? Because it has dried up for two years and the drier the firewood, the better they burn Interesting parking, shopping carts are themselves rolling around To make our walls as strong as possible we’ll make such squares from the wood, make the framework, and weave it with such a grid, and then we’ll foam these walls and collect these blocks in one whole house How do you like our house? Cool, I’ll now try to climb there Good afternoon, Its Katerina Osadchaya with you and today we’ll talk about secular life So we’ll have such walls, I’m just bit worried that the filling foam won’t be sufficient. Well after finishing it we’ll spray the foam and then connect them It’s time for the foam action Don’t look at my horrible slippers, the dog carried away my normal one Look at these holes it because of the dog at our neighborhood. I went away for a while and I couldn’t find my sleepers when I came back And the other one? The other one it took away Well that’s why I love this foam – it’s because of the quantity, it’s twice as much as other containers Our cottage cheese wall is ready Guys, doesn’t it looks like a plowed field? You must agree that it turned out a cool fence from filling foam. Anti-mosquito hat So now you’re in fashionable slippers? As you probably noticed – I found my slippers, it was there under the net where the dog climbs from our yard to his yard. This is our floor. We’ll be sailing, so the floor must be really very strong. Well, let’s see what we got, because yesterday there was heavy rain and we were afraid that it would break down Yes Wow! Absolute dry It was lying on the floor That’s a ring? Yes but it’s a foamy ring now, probably somewhere it fell out and somehow twirled to ensure that the house was cozy, we decided to glue the walls with wallpaper, yes, the real wallpaper and I’ve got a good experience at this. We’re making the furniture for our house, because something we need something to sit or lie on. Wow guys, you did so much while I wasn’t here. look, what a cool roof we’ve got How did you do it? You came up with an economical way of constructing houses Damn, they caught me! I wanted to rip off all our walls! Well actually, guys, I just cut the door What’s going on here? I decided to not throw away the caps but rather to use them as a decoration, when we put the roof we’ll hang them like a beautiful chandelier So, guys now I’m relaxing a bit and shooting everything that’s happening around me over here Well, Dima finished his decoration of bottle caps, and that was our roof, if you didn’t understand. Sergey is spraying the foam there on our furniture It looks amazing And our foam is getting over How can it get over? Filling foam “Tytan” never gets over The door turned out a little less and now I’m filling these gaps. It’s just a perfect material for construction. If somewhere there’s like a crack – just spray a little foam and that’s all If somewhere there’s like a crack – just spray a little foam and that’s all. No cracks visible Today we’ll have an unusual YouTube logo of foam Well the logo is dried up, now we’ll paint it in blue, then I’ll cut it and paste it on our wall What do you associate this with? With some kind of mucus Really it looks like that Is it still wet? Yes some sort of Well I tend to put some romantic music in this one, but certainly, it’s not that moment right now. Wow! Cool! It reminded me of Harry Potter, where they had candles flying on their tables This is the final piece and it’s very complex, and heavy We already brought the panels of our house to the river, as you can see. Look what a beautiful landscape Cutters are sailing! Just hope they don’t collide with our house They just waved us from there Seriously? And now we’re going to amass our house. Come here, look how cool it is Well, there are only 2 walls here, but it already looks so beautiful How’s there Dima? Awesome! It’s like a Madhouse Wow! This is the house, guys! I didn’t even expect that it would be so big. House from filling foam, such a house I’m sure nobody did yet. But the most important question is whether it will float? Wow! It’s going to float So you’ll be putting it on the water now? Yes Hurray, it’s floating Hey wait, just hold it It seems so cozy now These are our pictures from our previous videos, now we’ll stick it to the wall That’s our very first house, and by the way, it floated Today we’ll drive our house with such propeller that we made from our favorite screw gun. Do you think we’ll be able to sail? I think yes, because the house is light, the propeller rotates, so nothing should prevent us from sailing We really sailed! Here we’re 3 of us but I think a couple of more people can easily fit here, what do you think? I think we can have here another 10 guys. Well, guys, we built this wonderful house out from filling foam We hope you enjoyed it and give it a lot of likes And today, according to tradition, Dmitry Verkhovetsky will spend the night in this house Well, I’m afraid to stay here for the night You saw how many midges are here? Yes, even there Cyril is walking. Do you know how scary it is? He reminds of that scary clown! Yeah? Yes Well guys, be sure to hit the likes if you want to see the fourth floor on our duct tape house. And also write your creative ideas in the comments below And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel by clicking the bell so that you don’t miss out the new videos. Thanks for watching See you soon Bye

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