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100 thoughts on “Floating Die Cut Panel Cards

  1. Jennifer what a lot of great techniques for die cutting and stamping. I love your tutorials as they are great learning lessons for me a senior and I know I'm not alone in being a visual learner. So thank you from all of us visual learners..I'll say thanks from all of us we'd be lost without your wonderful lessons…pat

  2. Would you ever consider doing a full video on the right type of envelopes you use? Envelopes are the dressing for the card yet no one talks about them much. You need to think about them when you're making a card so they fit. I would love to see someone address this.

  3. You're so clever. How long did it take you to get this to work properly? 😉 I must try this NOW!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing idea. 🙂

  4. Love this effect – and the faux enamel dots. Do you think this product makes better dots than Enamel Accents does?

  5. I really like these cards! I'm going to have to see what I have so I can try this. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to get out of my rut and try something different.

  6. Jennifer, you absolutely amaze me by how you come up with all these fab and fun techniques, week after week! You are such an inspiration and I can't thank you enough for all the enjoyment you bring to this wonderful craft!

    Gentle hugz
    Nancy Lynn

  7. Looks complicated but the end result looks excellent and worth the effort , I will definitely  give it a try. Thanks.

  8. Hi, Im not sure why anyone would give someones video a thumbs down. These video take alot of time and effort and thats not including the time to make the samples. Jennifer i really apreciate your video and time to educate. TFS X

  9. Great! I needed a quick card so I stopped this video in the middle and make a card using your technique and it came out lovely Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Hi I wanted to order the sheer Shimmer Spritz. I noticed that on Amazon that there are two different brands(SSS is sold out; (). Does anybody know the difference between the spray by Imagine crafts or the spray by Tsukineko? I noticed Jennifer's link went to the Tsukineko brand. Thanks for any advice.

  11. I love this process. I'm always looking to make my cards just a little bit different. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. Amazing! I don't have either the stars or hearts which are wonderful but will see if I have anything else that can work. Great cards Jennifer, and thanks for the video 🙂

  13. You exhibit true genius and creativity! You make the most beautiful cards in ways that don't even pop into my mind! On top of that you not only share your ideas, you even give everyone measurements and tell us where to purchase the products! You are a treasure and a true blessing! Thank you so much!

  14. Thank you so much for this video to show this technique. I have been making cards for years, but never saw this before. So excited to try this out.

  15. I LOVE both of these cards, I've ordered stuff from SSS, but don't you know all the star stamp is out of supplies, just my luck so I will just have to wait until it's back in. I looking at all my star die cuts to see if there is any of my dies that I can substitute it with!!!

  16. Help Jennifer, I've been waiting to order Fog Cardstock from SSS for a long time. It is still not in, I have inquired to SSS concerning this and they don't know either. Could you please look and see if you might find a substitute for the fog CS. I'm not hard to please and will be no big deal if you had rather not do it but I'm working on a project and really would like something I could work with. It doesn't have to match exactly, just something close if you don't mind. Of course I have looked but it's really hard to tell from just a photo! Would appreciate it so much!!! I love this card you're doing, actually both!!!!

  17. Jennifer, this is genius. I don't even have a die cutter machine (I keep hinting for a big shot for Christmas lol) but I watch these videos to take note for the future! I WILL GET ONE!! Haha

  18. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I love your videos. I just bought a few of the same products you've used.

  19. hi jennifer, i really love your cards and it inspires to do cards. could you tell me where to buy those tools?

  20. I was just wondering on the 1st technique. After the cutting has been done, how about keeping the die in place and embossing with the die on either side of the cut area? I don't have a die cutting machine, so I can't try it myself.

  21. I'm really hoping to use this technique for my 2016 Christmas cards. I just love it. Also that card where the die cuts extend off the top of the white card Front.

  22. when you die cut the grey hearts, did you flip the second paper so that sticky paper is on top and die cut that so that the sticky part will be facing each other to stick on the card?

  23. I've just started card making, waited till my late 50's better late than never ☺️ needless to say I've gotten so many ideas from just watching you the last couple of days. You're videos are easy to understand and make sense, and your cards are glorious!!!!

  24. I'm behind but I love the look of the floating panel cards. So delicate, pretty and unique. You're a great teacher Jennifer! Tfs ☺

  25. Moon and stars card it's remember me of ramadaan . ما اعرف انجليزي لا تجي تعلمني اني خطأ طيب ؟

  26. Such beautiful cards.I don't make a lot of cards but I do like to make the occasional special one for someone. I am definitely going to have to try this if I can get it to work on my cuttlebug.

  27. I have a big shot plus, and when I do this, it leaves a "score" line on the die where the edge of the cutting plate stops. Is this normal?

  28. Love love love your video. Love the speed of the tutorial, and that I learnt alot of new crafting supplies

  29. thank you Jennifer well done cards are very neat , been a crafter for a few years now but haven't done any since
    Christmas because I had my eyes done for catteracs then took gout in my hands but I am on the mend now.

  30. Love this. I've seen the die cuts that are specifally a see through panel die. But I like how you show how you can basically make your own. And I think you got me hooked on that shimmer spray – I love it and so nice to see you use it like I do sometimes just splattering it on to get big and little dots of shimmer.

  31. I adore these techniques. You are so clever. I guess that's where your engineering background serves you well. You are a genius!!

  32. I love this technique, or I would if I just could make it work! The cutting plates on the Big Shot are sort of tapered or "faded out" so no straight cutting edge, The dies cut all right but there is always a kind of "shadow" cut of the dies on the piece of paper that is supposed to be whole. ( sorry, I just cannot explain properly, english is not my language) Any idea how to solve this? I would love to stretch my dies to do more, especially my snowflake dies, as I am on a very tiny budget.. But I also want to say a big thank you for all the videos you make to inspire- you got me back to stamping and card making again!:-))

  33. I knew I could count on you for a video on a technique of what I was wanting to do. You are so wonderful!!! Thank you for your time and willingness to teach us.

  34. I could not figure out where you were going with the second card but then when I saw it completed I thought, what a great idea! That's why I always stick around to the end!

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