Floating Collections

floating collections what are floating collections you ask? floating collections are a new way for us
to manage materials as they move around the system so maybe there are items that we have
never had at this location that now we have because they were returned here and we just keep them here when something floats it means it stays at the branch where it is returned the great thing about the floating collection is that we’re a very small branch and we don’t have as many materials as other branches we’ve got much more of a variety I think it’s broader and it’s also deeper because a lot of these we have never seen on our shelves before we started with adult DVDs, fiction and non-fiction and children’s readers which are those easy reader beginning to read books patrons really seem to love it especially for the DVDs they were like wow your DVD collection’s gotten so much better there’s so much more selection now you know we used to sometimes have to apologize for not having too much on the shelf you know maybe it was just cleaned out before a holiday or a summer break or something and now we have plenty on the shelves it’s not like there were no items available on the shelf and now there are a lot it’s that with floating collections we have a greater variety it saves a lot of time and money because we’re not shipping everything around the system right now if you have an item that belongs to a particular branch it has to go back to that branch whenever it’s returned it’s about five days instead of a staff person unloading the book drop putting it into a bin to send it to Central and then Central having to unload the bin put it back in a different bin for a different branch send it to that branch and then the branch staff there have to unload it and then shelve it we’re just putting them back into the collection so it’s like it’s a lot faster process so it eliminates a lot of time our mystery readers are very excited about it as well because they they’ve read everything that we have on the shelf and then they get to see new things mystery collection for example previously we might have the first and second book in a series but we weren’t assigned the third or fourth now we might have those on our shelf because they landed here and they floated here I love it it’s been really great for this branch the people in charge have done a great job of kind of finessing things that were a little out of whack and we’ve done some adjustment to the math and made it work better I think it’s been a big success here

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