Floating an Anvil on Liquid Mercury

We got a nice little breeze today, it’s perfect weather for this. It’s not too hot. The sun’s pretty bright Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab so a little while ago over on the second channel I posted a video of me trying to float an anvil in mercury. Despite it getting lots of views. It didn’t actually work So I wanted to try again So I got a much smaller anvil here Of course, I’m kidding. I got a much bigger tub of mercury, so this ought to get that anvil t’float This is much easier Get a little bit more wiggle room Woah Its also, you stand in there too long cut the circulation off to your feet. Oh gosh, feet are tingly as it goes back There’s no mercury sloshing in there. So I know they didn’t leak. Let’s uh, I got this rag wet Let’s wipe off the top All that oxides and stuff off of there Isn’t that pretty Since the rag’s wet it sticks right to it Don’t get all of it but That’s a lot better then it was alright, so here’s my 110 pound (49.9kg) iron working anvil. I think we got this for making horseshoes and stuff back when we had horses So I set it in here and see if it floats Okay, it doesn’t seem to want to stay upright. I’ll just let it tip over and there it is, it’s floatin’ Look at that The iron anvil floats because mercury has a density nearly twice that of iron In fact due to the density ratios, the iron actually floats better than wood does in water Push it down. Woah, it’s hard to push down. That’s great here let’s try it again from the other side Ok, here we go Push down Bobs up like a cork. Okay. I want to try hitting it with a hammer I think it dulls the sound quite a bit. Just pull it up out of here set it on that okay It definitely sounds a lot different That’s actually pretty nice to have your anvil sitting in mercury while you work it to deaden that sound That way it doesn’t hurt your ears as much. That’s pretty good Barely make it wobble by hitting it Just sit that there, my hammer in. Hammer floats too That’s pretty great. Hope you enjoyed I’ll see you next time. Apparently I got mercury in my glove A lot of good that did *Chuckles* *Bubbling sound of mercury*

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29 thoughts on “Floating an Anvil on Liquid Mercury

  1. Where is gravity??????????????????
    That just proves that DENSITY is what is making objects to go up or down….And yet another myth about GRAVITY busted.

  2. Nobody can get their hands on so much mercury. it's Fake. what he has there is an old decommisioned T-1000.

    Q. How much does all the mercury weigh inside the tub.?

    We know the anvil weighs 110 lbs.

    Q. Does the total weight of the mercury weigh more than or less than that of the 110 lb. anvil ?

  4. Do you realise you’re proving gravity is not a real force ? It’s the lie that makes us think people are stuck to a spinning ball on which water is convex as oceans –

    Example – in relation to hot air balloons

    A tiny flame makes gravity disappear-

    In reality it makes the air hotter which makes it LESS DENSE so it rises through the denser cold air – helium is LESS DENSE than air therefore rises through it – hydrogen is LESS DENSE than air and therefore rises through it – see a pattern ? Is a helium balloon taken up by a magical force ? I could call this effect of density relative to a medium ( air ) Schmavity- giving it a name makes it exist as a force , right ? All the lies of a globe are held together by gravity the fake force – gravity is mendacious glue for the brainwashing of children – it’s child abuse – it takes adults to spot the lies and tell others that we were all brainwashed by a system of control

  5. Could or does red mercury exist? I was reading that this is supposedly a hoax perpetuated by scam artist trying to make a buck (late 70's -present time).

  6. Didn’t Cody once drop an anvil on his foot, but he was completely fine because of his steel toed boots? What video was that in? Seriously, I need to buy them.

  7. Crazy how the mercury just rolls off stuff that been submerged in it like it doesn't make the thing "wet" in the same way water does….just all kinda rolls off….that's cool tho

  8. That was mind blowing video, please keep them coming,
    If I can ask you could you please tell me how much the mercury cost and from where I can buy it?
    Is there is an email I can contact you on ?

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