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100 thoughts on “FLOAT YOURSELF

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this effect! Go check out Irving’s stuff! He’s an inspiration for creativity 🙂 kbye!

  2. Why not use an inflatable mattress and fall on it instead of the stool ?
    In my opinion it is easier to carry on the street and the editing of the shot is faster because the mattress does not interfere with the subject 😉

  3. Hey, I made a mobile app that allows you to float yourself or other stuff with little effort, its main use is to clone yourself, but it does floating stuff just as easily
    Its called "Clone yourself – camera for twin effect photos" by Christmas Co.

  4. I love that I've been hooked to watching your videos and immediately thought "hit 'em with the B Roll!" when it came on. Lol

  5. hi Peter just did my first attempt at this teaching my self adobe and just wanted to say thanks , easy to learn when its explained right and you have that gift cheers mate, tagged you in it on insta @hankshouse

  6. I really love creating stuff likes this. I love illusions, special effects, etc. I just feel like i am very bad at it, specially because i lack in creativity 🙁

  7. I JUST got into looking at levitation photography…I got back to enjoy photo manipulation, and I ordered a new camera…just gotta figure out what adventures I'll have in my own apartment. Hee hee!

  8. I love you so much JESUS your videos actually make me emotional gosh seeing you teach all those tricks and methods so simply is so touching thank you oof

  9. Guys! does anyone know what camera Irving is using? it's badass and I love the way the screen flips straight out!

  10. Videos is good…but please dnt talk that much..we are here to learn…so I think that is not required…please try to show edit display and talk in background that is pretty much cool..

  11. *TIP* Dont shoot the subject photo of the floating person on a stool in a low f stop like f/4 because when you shoot the backround photo it is all in focus. Then when u are editing the photo it is parts on the blurry backround in focus where u edited. OVERALL take the photos with a high f stop like f/9-11.

  12. My only problem is to take off the things I don’t want in my pic , which app I should used , and how to download it on my computer and use it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. I liked so much that I am following both of you. You just convince me of getting Adobe photo and video. Still trying to make up my mind on what budget camera I can get. I am totally new to all this but I want to do this. Keep it up with the videos. From Puerto Rico. Hugs

  14. great video but i do not recommend watching your videos while drinking coffee. 🙂 i laugh hard spit out my coffee on computer when you said you look like got tased mid-air when trying to look floated :))

  15. So I have been a photographer for years and am breaking into video I have some editing experience and have always wanted to make short films and music videos but I really feel I need to practice getting the look, lighting etc.. and then practice editing something together do you have any advice on good things for beginners to practice shooting first? Thanks man I love your channel!

  16. I would like to start photo editing and making logos. Should I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil or a Mackbook Pro 13”. I won’t be able to afford a Wacom tablet.. do I need one ?

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