Fashion Design for One-Piece Bathing Suits : Bathing Suit Fashion Design: Modest

As I said before, bathing suits are limitless
with design possibilities. They can be provocative, they can be classic, they can be demure or
covered up, they can be sexy out there with a lot of skin showing, it just all depends
on what mood you’re in when you sit down to draw. This one right here, I drew a strapless
one piece, all these are one piece variations. There is a strapless one piece. It is very
basic, it’s a very modest length leg line, the leg holes don’t come up too high, on the
thigh, but they also don’t go to a boy short level. In the back, you can have a variety
of backs. Mine would be straight across, just like the front, flip it, reversed, same thing
but you could also have the back dip, like that, or you could have the back have a bra
type hook and then show skin right there. This is very obvious how to draw it, strap,
leg line, side seams and we’re done.

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