EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC

How can we prepare
our students to be conscious, to be active
and to be creative digital citizens? In one word,
how can we prepare them for the future? Through coding and computational thinking
students collaborate with each other. They learn how to be resilient. They learn how to be good communicators
and team players. They learn how to cooperate with each other
and solve problems learning by doing. Students also develop
their critical thinking skills. They learn cause-effect relationship
to become independent learners to be responsible for
developing their own future. But they cannot do this alone. They need you, teachers,
to make this possible, to encourage them
and guide them into their journey. Bringing coding and computational thinking activities
to the classroom. Help children
identify their own mistakes. And debugging becomes part of their self-reflective process. Besides, coding and computational thinking help students develop key skills and competences, such as creativity and critical thinking. Wait no more. It’s time for Europe to empower
our community to become digital creators. If you are interested to know more about
the benefits of coding and computational thinking and to find out how to easily integrate
this in your classroom, join us in the EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC that will start on 16th
September in the European Schoolnet Academy. But this is not a MOOC for experts,
it’s actually quite the opposite, right Tommaso? Indeed, we are actually looking for
teachers from any different subjects with no previous experience on coding, who are looking for bringing
some innovation to their classroom. The course
will run for five weeks, and it will provide
primary and secondary school teachers with innovative ideas,
free training materials available in 29 languages and other learning resources to make your lessons
much more interesting and fun for your students, which is at the end
what we all want. And, what do teachers get? So, if you are a teacher taking this course, you will have the chance to meet
a lot of like-minded colleagues with whom you will be able to interact,
exchange, share best practices and participate in an international community
that will help you boost your teaching practice. A course badge and a course certificate will be awarded
to all of you who complete the course successfully. Moreover, if you organise, register and report
an activity on the map, you will receive a certificate
that recognizes your work and commitment. Don´t wait, join the EU Code Week Community. We are looking forward to seeing you in the course!

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