[ENG & Spanish]Plop Youth – Dive 06 (Gu Jiacheng, Nonkul)

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50 thoughts on “[ENG & Spanish]Plop Youth – Dive 06 (Gu Jiacheng, Nonkul)

  1. Even though I know the storyline and characters are different 17:26 gave me an instant flashback because Witte has that same pouty expression and body language that Wei Wu Xian had many times. Even the way Witte complains to Caiyi, it's like Wei Wu Xian pouting and complaining to his sister about Lan Wang Ji or Jiang Cheng. It's like the cast/director/producer or someone is almost mimicking The Untamed; it kinda gives off that same vibe between the two main leads as well (17:35).

  2. ENO SVB plop youth ขอบเป็นชับไทยด้วยจ้าขอบคุณจ้า

  3. Am here again to correct my own subs I was creating from ep6 which had no subs.I will tell you the result how many percentage I got write. Ok let's watch it.

  4. เวลาที่ผู้ชายงอนกันนี่ก็น่ารักดีเหมือนกันนะ…

  5. ถึงจะไม่วาย แต่จิ้นได้ พลังจิ้นขั้นสูงอยู่แล้วๆ5555 ติดอยู่อย่างเดียวไม่รู้เรื่องดูแต่ภาพ สงสารตัวเองโง่ถึงเรียนก็ยังโง่อยู่…

  6. Other funny thing i realize and making me wanting to keep believe this is a bl…
    The scene where they're with the girls.. the one that in the teasers and all.. None of them mean something. Like.. the scene didnt bring any kind of feeling…
    ANDDD ONE MORE THING. The scrne where bailong treat witte's wound, THERES A FUCKING SONG IN THE BACKGROUND WTH HAHAHAHA and suddenly it became a deep cute funny scene. Wthhh??!!! Hahahahaha

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