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100 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran on His Girlfriend and Working with Beyoncé

  1. So happy he is where he is, I remember listening to kiss me in college six years ago. It got me through the winter. He deserves all the success, I hope to find a chocolate version of Ed Sheehan to marry 😂

  2. Adorable Ed strikes again ! He is irresistibly loveable . No wonder Ellen is under his charm too 😉

  3. Omg I remember my friend told me that he was cancling his tour to cork and I got so upset because I was gonna go there

  4. Who is here after the release of 'I don't care'??

    Only me???
    Okay, then I'll like my own comment..😋

  5. He's such a fluffball automatically making him more handsome than more than half of the men population.

  6. He broke his arm wrist and rib and he stayed on All Night in the pub he is really strange creature guys!!

  7. When i hear Ed speak on interviews where im from (England) he just sounds so ‘normal’ and like everyone i know but when i hear him on american TV he sounds so posh😭😂

  8. I love Ed’s music but I really like the person that he is. I love how he would rather hear people say that they love his music rather than winning an award and I like perfect. And Ed please be careful next time 😊💖

  9. I’m always charmed by Ed and men like Ed ….. they appear to be sorta awkward but they actually are expressive when they’re passionate about something and I think that’s their charm

  10. I loooove it when he talks about Cherry, and how he is just sooo open about her!!!💗💗They are soooo cute😍😍gunna be amazing when they have kids!!!

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