Dylan Thomas Dives Into The American Acoustasonic Telecaster | Fender

[PLAYING GUITAR] Hey, guys, it’s Dylan Thomas
here, from Hillsong United. And I’m here hanging
out with Fender playing the new
Acoustasonic Tele. So I’ll show you guys a little
bit of the tips and tricks on how this thing works. [PLAYING GUITAR] I just wanted to give
you guys a play by play on how I build out that little
riff that I was playing before. So the first thing I
wanted to figure out really was just a really
warm acoustic– just a dreadnought sound. So how I did that was I found
that that front pickup, which was the main acoustic sound that
I was using, with the mod knob blended all the way off. And it had a little bit a
dotted coordinate delay. And then, just a little bit of
reverb, nothing too special. And then I’m also running
through just a Fender DeVille, which is like my stock
amp when I travel on tour. It’s kind of always been my
true north, as far as amps go. It was first amp I ever bought. So the ability to
plug an acoustic into an electric amplifier– I mean, that’s a
pretty wild concept. I mean, most guitars– even hollow bodies
will definitely start a feedback loop, which
isn’t very pleasant, especially live. Being able to do that
is definitely a feature that took me by surprise. And this is how I found
that acoustic sound that I started off with. [PLAYING GUITAR] And then, as far
as just technique, I’m just literally just
using my thumb and my finger just to kind of pick that. [PLAYING NOTES] Kind of mutes it a little bit. Doesn’t make it
sound too bright, which is what I
liked about that. So that was my first
thing that I did. And that second
thing was– which is what’s so cool
about this guitar– you have a whole other setting,
five settings or more. But the one that I’ve gravitated
towards for that delayed riff sound was actually what
they call Tele pick up. So hit it all the
way back, and then I wound that mod knob right
back in to give it that body and brightness. You can hear the amp starting to
take off, which is always fun. Then I wound the volume
back a little bit, because it was a bit
harder as a pickup, and then kept the delay the
same– nothing too special there. And then, yeah, it just
kind of sounds like this. [PLAYING GUITAR] So then, obviously, I’ve
gone back to my guitar pick to give it that grittiness. [PLAYING NOTES] And yeah, that was that setting. So for the third main riff
that I was playing at the end there, what I found
is that if you go to the body
sensor pickup, you can actually hear me talking. Hello. [GUITAR ECHOS] That’s cool. It’s a big pickup
behind the bridge. And with the mod knob
wound all the way up, I really just like
the tone of that. And then, I just went a bit
wild and put a bit of chorus on there. By a bit, I mean a fair bit. And so that’s how I
just found that sound, and I really liked it
for that top-line riff. [PLAYING GUITAR] So as you can see, there’s
lots of different ways to use this thing. So one of the things
that pleasantly caught me by surprise with the
Acoustasonic Telecaster was just actually the
playability, the action of it. It’s kind of in this fine
line between an acoustic, which is generally
a bit higher action, and then obviously an electric
guitar, which is lower. So I was definitely a little bit
skeptical, because I was like, how can they put all of
these kind of features into one guitar? Plugged it in and was
pleasantly surprised, to be honest with you. And just had a lot of fun in
the studio, testing it out, trying different
techniques that we always go to with an acoustic
guitar, but then blending that with some electric stuff
that we would do, as well. And it’s definitely been
surprising and a lot of fun. So it’s good, it’s good fun. [PLAYING GUITAR] Thanks so much for
watching, guys. I hope you enjoyed my
little take on this guitar. And I hope that this kind of
inspires you to take this thing and make it your own. It’s definitely been fun
to jump on this guitar and just figure it out. And I hope you enjoyed
it, and you feel inspired. Check out the rest
of the videos. It’s going to be awesome. [PLAYING GUITAR]

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17 thoughts on “Dylan Thomas Dives Into The American Acoustasonic Telecaster | Fender

  1. OK……nice guitar!! but waaaaaay too many reviews on one guitar!!,video after video,do you have anything else??

  2. Well now that this guy has played it, suddenly the price doesn't seem so bad. Oh wait, yes it does. Haha, if I had the money I'd buy one. Well, I'd probably buy 1000 other guitars first, but then I'd have this one too.

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