What’s up guys Tyler here with Hamlin Media Productions and today I wanted to share a quick story with you
that happened to me just last week. We took a vacation to Vermont to check out
Lake Champlain I was going to make a video about this however I ran into some
difficulties… Let’s begin at the very beginning of this trip. The
trip was going great the ride up was beautiful beautiful; mountains with snow
on top. We got in the hotel everything was fine,
we went out we did our thing we came back and then I noticed the hotel
swimming pool was open for business I remember reading online that the
iPhone X was IP 67 water resistant so I decided stupidly to test that theory
alright so I’m here the hotel swimming pool with that’s the GoPro hero3
and I’m gonna see if it is secretly waterproof I think it’s time for a
little underwater videography with the front face camera maybe the rear facing
again let’s try it out now I do not have shots of this as I was pretty distraught
after finding that my phone was freaking out after being exposed to water for 20
seconds but I will just tell you that it rebooted about 30 times and the ringer
switch was turning itself on and off multiple times now miraculously about
three days ago this fell face-first without the case and ever since then it
worked it’s been working ever since the moral of the story is even if the
company who makes your phone says it’s water-resistant that does not mean it’s
waterproof I would HIGHLY advise that you do not test the water resistance of
your iPhone it is there for emergencies it’s not like a GoPro where you can take
it in the water with you and take videos and have it come out unscathed
so thank you so much for watching if you liked leave a like down below maybe and
subscribe if you feel like it and I’ll see you guys in the next one take care
of yourselves

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