Diving with Orcas (Killer Whales) – Norway Travel Vlog

Today is a very very special day
although I have a mild concussion let me let me try and show you see that right I
hit my head pretty bad the other day but I’m preparing for a very special trip
actually the trip of my life – will be my last trip ever I will see I haven’t
told my parents imagine and I’m a little bit excited yeah and I want to take you
to this trip with me my flight is tomorrow morning and today I need to
pack my stuff so let’s see what I’m bringing with me seven millimeters thickness right so I have the mic the camera and
the second tripod here I’ll pack them later what else what am I missing
clothes I need to bring clothes what’s your biggest dream your biggest
passion in life you know the one that only by closing your eyes you see it you
live it although your common sense screams at you that this is way too big
you don’t care because this dream makes what you are
I have never hesitated answering this question not for a second if you don’t
know what I’m talking about pause this video right now find an
answer and then get back to it once you have it I’m going to spend a few days in
Moscow before my final destination so let me just show you around I believe
that life without dreams is life without purpose the meaning of life is achieving
them being able to touch and feel them many
years I was looking for a way to achieve my most desired dream but somehow it was
always out of reach I told myself it’s just a product of your imagination and I
almost gave up until one day out of nowhere
I grabbed the sign the sign that pulled me out of my imagination and made me
realize that not only what I was thought impossible was possible but it also set
me on a path of making it a reality and for the past year I was obsessed I
didn’t even need to close my eyes anymore I could feel the moment getting
closer and closer and sometimes even while talking with other people I was
already there following my path doing what I have always dreamed of give him a
room on the third floor with an elevator why not
it’s not like he’s carrying anything I just realized that all the teasing and
to this point of the video and everything will be kind of pointless
because the thumbnail and the title of the video will just tell you what I’m
about to do so let’s just get to the point months of preparation a lifetime
of waiting and I was there in the Arctic Circle pouring my wetsuit at 7:00 in the
morning to go and dive with orcas even seeing it right now
sounds so unreal and it seemed unreal because getting in
the water was the easy part but actually seeing an orca underwater
was completely different thing so I jump in the rip dive in the water and nothing
I see fish parts of other fish in the darkness but no orcas then comes the
moment I start noticing the white spots in the distance and they get bigger and
bigger and closer and closer until that special moment when it’s impossible to hide your
excitement the moment of pure joy finding myself while having
uncontrollably looking like a madman but nobody cares I just want to do it again
and again and again I almost couldn’t wait for the right moment to get back in
the water and dive in again with these magnificent creatures people might say
it’s dangerous but now it’s not the way they move through the water the calmness
the grace it’s just mesmerizing and just when I
thought it couldn’t get any better with every following diet everything gets
better I start feeling the freshness of the air the sounds in the world I
realized that I’m in the Arctic Circle and I have a raincoat not even for a
moment I look around and everywhere is postcard
like landscape I pinch myself just in case but it’s real it’s happening and
it’s even better than what I have ever imagined they’re here absolutely here they’re
here hey boy hey boy and as the light of the day fades away making for an amazing
fairytale scenery I just realize it I’m living it living my dream with every
single cell of my body what considered in my eyes almost unachievable and in
the eyes of others absolutely insane it’s happening and it’s even better than
I could imagine reflecting on this unforgettable
experience there’s only one message that I want to share with you dreamers never
stop dreaming never stop believing in what is possible every single obstacle
on the road to success is just going to make the end go much better and the
taste of achieving it much sweeter even if you are in a dark place in your life
always remember that after darkness comes the light

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