There’s not a day that goes by day that I don’t enjoy being a trooper and I
don’t really come into work what I really like about the State
Police is not just becoming a trooper, working the road, writing
tickets serving warrants. You can go to the
underwater recovery team which on the commander currently you can go in a specialized divisions
you can go into state police crash team which is reconstruction unit you can go on a
homicide unit in going truck enforcement you don’t tell us what you think canines
search and recovery there so many different areas have at and expertise that you can actually
go to be truly have a desire to be somewhere other than actually on the road paratroopers are
well respected throughout the country I know traveling my dad up and down the
East Coast he would talk to different people one Tell them he’s a Maryland Trooper and they would immediately rise up and say
oh you’re from Maryland I’m I think the respected the Maryland State Police carry throughout the
country really is a driving force for me as well as it was my father the State
Police was then how it is now and how it’s almost really
a full circle. A lot of things have changed you know
technology wise but the companionship and the
Brotherhood it safely as you still see that today you meet
another trooper it’s like you’ve known his entire life
to just accept immediately its it’s a true brotherhood they will accept you immediately soon as you
say I’m a MD trooper or a trooper wherever it may be from Canada down to
florida has been all over the country an indifferent in different countries
and of it’s really unique when you say that
you’re a trooper how people really pull you in. It’s very nice I’m very
very very proud to be uniform in the vehicles at steak please give us a drive I’m I’m
very proud when I come up to an accident scene I come up to a scene where there’s a
child missing or pulling into a grocery store were maybe
someone is locked out there are you get out the car on you but that’s that’s the
one demand respect as soon as you get out
the car people actually look up to you still talk to
you its great it’s great it’s a great
career and I can absolutely positively say
without a doubt there’s not a day I can in my hand in the twenty years
i’ve been a trooper that I have not when it comes to work I enjoy shift work I enjoy some long hours got
land hard but I still enjoyed it I learned a
lot it’s the best career if you want to be a police officer the
Maryland State Police is the route to go.

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