Dishwasher No Fill – Tap the Flood Float

If the dishwasher is failing to fill with water it could
be because the flood float is stuck. The flood flood is a device that prevents the water valve in the dishwasher
from turning on if the water level in the dishwasher becomes too high. This could happen, for instance, if the
dishwasher was run with a clogged disposer. Water from the dishwasher would
not pump out because of the clogged disposer. The flood float would prevent
more water from coming into the dishwasher. The flood float may get stuck in the up
position, preventing water from entering even
though there’s no water in it. To fix this problem open the
dishwasher door and remove the lower rack. Then tap on the top of the flood flow
cover with the wooden spoon or similar object. This releases is the flood float and
allows it to work properly. Restart the dishwasher and check to see if water now enters the tub.

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100 thoughts on “Dishwasher No Fill – Tap the Flood Float

  1. Heather Bee El – Thanks for letting us know it worked! We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. – Sheree with GE

  2. LOL! It's crazy but it worked!!! Saved my daughter's dishwasher Try this before you repair or by a new one if your dishwasher won't fill!! Thank you for awesome crazy tip

  3. bonfiredesigns – Thanks for taking the time to let us know your positive experience with our GE repair videos. We love to hear the great results! Thanks again. – Sheree with GE

  4. I just found my problem. thanks. turns out the switch that the flood float presses was mis-aligned with the hole that the float comes out of so i just had to bend the switch back into position and it worked.

  5. I had to undo the panel at the bottom of the machine to reach it. careful though because you can get electrocuted working down there with the power on

  6. @Moezinger, I am glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue and you are correct, it is always important to first disconnect the power by unplugging from the wall outlet or turning your appliance off at the circuit breaker before any type of maintenance or repair.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Alison at GE

  7. I did that but still no water..though haven't even tried to use the washer in over a year so tapping may have been to late if stuff now hard blocking it, then what do I do to remove and look at it if needs manual cleaning to free?

  8. Hello, BodyRockinModelsV3. Thank you for your inquiry. I regret our advice to tap the flood float did not resolve your issue. To review some additional trouble-shooting tips, please visit our GE appliances website. Under our support tab, under FAQ’s for dishwashers, question #9 will offer some great tips to try. I hope this helps! Jill with GE

  9. any advise on how to troubleshoot our dishwasher that doesnt completely drain the water after it complete its cycle..

  10. Weirdnchillmusic – Thanks for contacting GE! I would suggest that you check the trouble-shooting tips on our GE website. Look under the support tab, then scroll down to the Troubleshooting section and type in "dishwasher no drain". We have provided several suggestions that might help! Good luck! – Sheree with GE

  11. 02lmcnulty, so glad that we could help with our repair videos! We love to save dishwashers! Thanks again for your comments. – Sheree with GE

  12. Mi Chelle,
    You are welcome! I am glad the video worked for you. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Alison with GE

  13. Let me just join the chorus of praise. I have a quite old GE dishwasher. And I just saved it with a tap-tap-tap of a wooden spoon. Back in business!

  14. Hello CravenJim, Thanks for the good news! We love to help out as many of our GE consumers as we can! Enjoy those clean dishes! – Sheree with GE

  15. Thank you! You just saved me at least $40. I was just about to purchase a water inlet valve. Tapped the float and dishwasher is filling up just like new.

  16. Hello -I wanted to say thank you. This video worked for me. I appreciate your help. It saved the day for me. Thanks again

  17. OK It worked but I had to take a screw out so I could remove the Cover then moved the float up and down. Put it back together and WA-LA!
    Tapping just was not quite enough.

  18. Does this also apply to if the water is filling the dishwasher at a very slow rate or does a slow/low water rate mean the water inlet valve is shot???  Thank you.

  19. This video solved my issue. Thanks. Though, I do find it funny that the fix for my modern, technologically advanced appliance is "whack it with a spoon"

  20. After trying to fix this myself (I took apart the float and the filter and cleaned them both out) and making no progress. I finally, looked up what to do.  I was very skeptical that such a simple fix would work, but it did.  Thanks for the help

  21. The flood float in my Natilus was stuck and i followed the instructions you gave and it assisted me to fix my fill issue thanks very much!   🙂

  22. You can easily remove the cover and clean out any soap residue.  This fix she describes is the first thing you should try!

  23. My dishwasher wouldn't fill with water so I googled and found this add, i figured what the heck I will try it, it took a few times but it worked. Saved me money and I'm excited!! I haven't used it in over three years. No more hand washing 🙂

  24. I have a different model, but this helped me locate a spoon that had fallen into the basin and lifted the float valve. Thank you very much for posting this and helping me!

  25. If only I had done Google troubleshooting and found this video two weeks ago, it would have saved me so much frustration from non-responsive property managers and home warranty companies!! Two whacks with a wooden spoon and now I'm good to go. Thanks for posting this!

  26. Oh my goodness – I've gone without my dishwasher for 3 weeks waiting for the repair people to come out, and this was the solution all along! Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

  27. Thank you! Your technique worked for me! I am so grateful because the dishwasher worked perfectly until the water stopped coming in! I could not afford a new dishwasher or a repairman. I LOVE being a woman who can fix things!!

  28. Thanks, this video proved to be the solution to my dishwasher's problem. Save time and expense of calling repair person. Thanks so much for posting this very helpful video!

  29. Thanks not my model but l tried the Inlet Valve and found it to be clocked & dirty. Cleaned and works a Real Treat x

  30. After being gone for 6 months-this was one more project I didn't need. Thanks to YOU TUBE and people who contribute their videos…l'm back in biz and NO expensive plumber crack hangin around. THAT was simple. THANK YOU!!

  31. Thanks for the simple advice.  I disconnected the water source, removed the dishwasher from underneath the counter, and took several thing apart before I found your video.  Because I had turned the dishwasher on its side, I think I did the same as if I had tapped with a wooden spoon.

  32. It took me banging on it a couple of times with the spoon and voila!!! Here's hoping it continues to work. A two minute fix, thanks ever so much.

  33. My quiet power 3 won't fill but runs the drain pump for a few mins when I press start and the lights are flashing. After a while it stops but never begins the cycle. When I press start again it does the same thing. I was thinking it might be the float level switch is bad.

  34. I have a gsd2230Z02WW that won't fill with water and I have cleaned everything out. I cleaned out the gunk from the flood float after we first couldn't drain and cleaned the filter. I have no clue what to do now. Is there a forum I can visit for my issue?

  35. YES!!!! It worked! My flood float was stuck. Thank you for this video. I'm going to let the family continue to think I'm a genius. Whenever I catch a break like this I feel like the first man to discover fire!!

  36. Tapping with spoon did not work but this video steered me in right direction. Turned off breaker, removed screw and plastic outer housing to find about 1/8 cup of gooey dishwashing soap inside. Once cleaned up, re-assembled and electricity turned back on, it worked. Took about 15 minutes which most of it was running back and forth to get tool and the breaker box. Thank you. (GE QuietPower 1 – GLD4100L00WW)

  37. I have to chime in here along with everyone else. I can't believe this was it! After tons of "googling" for a solution all I found was a possible water valve replacement. I came to YT to search for replacement instructions and came across this. Based on another comment I went ahead and cleaned out the flood float, which was pretty gunked up. Fired up the dishwasher and lo and behold, I have water again! Thank you for saving me a lot of time and trouble for nothing!

  38. After pulling the dishwasher out and ready to trash it I got smart and found this video. Thank you so much I reinstalled the washer, tapped on the flood float gently and we are back in business.

  39. Thanks, it worked! Plus, I made sure to run the water in the sink really hot to dissolve the cake of detergent. I checked it during every cycle and it filled with water and dissolved the soap perfectly. A few taps and it was fixed!

  40. Just had my water heater replaced 2 days ago and just realized my dishwasher wouldn't fill with water. I was about to call for repairs when I decided to see what I could find online. This video just saved me some money!!!

  41. I replaced a heating element and when the unit was on its side, the flood float got stuck. This was very helpful, thank you.

  42. There is no flood float in my GE dishwasher. At least not where it is in this video. There in nothing on the front left side. The dishwasher runs thru its whole cycle with no water.

  43. Does every brand of dishwasher have the flood float. My Tricity Bendix is not filling but I don’t know where the flood float is.

  44. Had all the symptoms of a faulty water inlet valve, tried the "tap" method and it worked!!, thanks, saved me alot of possible grief.

  45. Good start but sometimes its just not that simple. Ex bad control board, bad inlet valve, low water pressure, or bad pump.

  46. Thanks fixed my problem I was about to try more complicated things so glad I saw this first.

  47. Oh that's how GE fixes things They Just beat them with a wooden spoon. lol. I'm kidding it's a good trick.

  48. Thanks… this gave me the idea to investigate. I took one screw off and found all sorts of dirt and residual dishwash detergent gunked up in there. Cleaned it all out and poof… working dishwasher again.

  49. Brand New GE Dishwasher, installed will NOT fill.. all connections etc have been checked… I have installed A LOT of dishwashers, not one has ever failed to work.

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