[Music] hello everybody here we are for the first time underwater Aki will be in the Olympic competition is the Southeast Asian Games completion is about to start and for underwater well K it will be between the two December and the 5th December so as you see we are here in vamos sports up here we can see that a lot of works are going and everything is going to prepare to be a nice party of sport and nice party here of underwater hockey come on and follow me you will see now the code of underwater hockey so there will be two codes because there will be two competition a competition of four against four and the convention of six against six there will be four countries Singapore Indonesia Philippines and Malaysia beautiful pool as you see it looks like that has got a very good clarity it looks like stew that the back will slide very good and now on the opposite side it’s the attendants the supporters that will be just there just bima is the stream that is preparing to with no vision our friend Erik Straley who will make the stream of this competition so you will be able to follow everything but one thing is very important I think you don’t know but a typhoon is going to come here in Philippines and it’s maybe during the competition so we don’t know what is going on we will let you know as soon as we will know the situation so keep connected and see you later [Music]

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