Fighting! We’ll introduce ourselves Hello, we are A.C.E! We just do it because we enjoy it It’s to the point where we just enjoy it for no other reason The way we love to dance and sing It’s something we were born with It feels like our team’s fate And because we enjoy it no matter how hard it gets, if it’s for our dreams We like to think we endure and take it one step at a time And also more than anything I don’t think there’s such a thing as easy work The truth is no matter what you do And although our jobs may be difficult It’s not the only job that’s difficult I believe every job is challenging to the individual person But luckily we consider it a blessing to be doing something that we really enjoy And because of that we think it’s definitely meant to be challenging And especially for us when we were younger We grew up watching a lot of music show programs on television It’s something that our older brothers, sisters, and family all watched So we grew up with it deeply ingrained within us So naturally we… How should I say… The way we sing And seeing as how we also have a big karaoke culture in our country And so a lot of it came very naturally and we enjoyed singing And when we sang it was fun but also The way people enjoyed our singing “Oh you’re really good” “Oh you’re really talented” When people would say things like that I would think “Oh I must be good at this” So we grew up thinking that we must have a talent for this field So I wonder if that’s what fostered our dreams of being a singer Performing on stage together with our fans feels like… It’s a relatable moment with our fans If we’re having fun we have fun together And when we’re emotional while singing we can be sad together or laugh together It may just be us up on the stage But in our hearts it feels like we’re all performing together with our fans First of all, as a team we all have our own individual specialties and I think that’s one of our strong points When A.C.E was being formed there were a lot of groups with many different concepts So we practiced while watching those groups And when we really stand on stage Or put out an album, we want to show a side of us that isn’t lacking So we thought that every single one of us had to be absolutely perfect Vocals, dancing, and performance And so we took whatever we were lacking in those areas to improve ourselves Each one of us really reached our achievements So luckily that’s worked out well and it’s made us into the A.C.E we are now When we did our first concert I have a memory of all five of us crying We were watching a video And then when we turned around our fans had prepared a slogan (banner) with a heartfelt message The moment we all saw that I remember we all started sobbing That was the moment in my career Where I felt like I made the right choice and I’m on the right path We have an official fan cafe And when we go in the fan cafe, fans will write us fan letters on their phones But often when our bodies or our hearts are tired Reading those fan letters leaves a big impact And when we put out an album and do promotions We’re also curious about the fan reception so we go on YouTube I’ve seen your videos before You did a reaction video for our song ‘UNDER COVER’ Watching those videos also gives us a lot of strength Those reactions and words of encouragement are really our form of therapy We really watch a lot of reaction videos We like to watch it at home before we go to bed You could say it’s a hobby of ours While watching it we think “wow we’re receiving a lot of love” “we’re really thankful” And honestly, even if we can’t understand the language sometimes I feel like we can still understand what they’re trying to say We can understand the feelings so we watch it very enjoyably If an A.C.E song has to become a title track We’re not the type to hold anything back When we hear the track there’s something we feel where it feels like “Ah! This is something A.C.E can do” Whether it’s a strong performance song When we listen to a good track A picture of the stage is created in our minds And so far with every title track on the first listen We thought about what would be a cool concept to portray right away So it’s songs that we can imagine will be really great Whenever we put out an album, we think about the title track the most Because it’s the track we have to show the most And it’s the track that represents that album And because A.C.E is a performance based group We choose title tracks that are best suited for performance That’s why our title tracks so far have had strong beats or melodies So we choose tracks that can showcase those things well We constantly work with our makeup artists or hair stylists We have a lot of discussions even with our company They’ll say “we want to try this kind of style this time, what do you think?” We’ll say “oh we’d love it” And if we try it and like it we’ll use it for the music video or during promotions Or if we try it and we express our feelings that we’re not satisfied with it There are times where they’ll listen and not do it And so a lot of is created through communication And because the track is so strong There’s no choice but the fashion to be just as bold Maybe if the track was more normal or tame Such a fashion style wouldn’t come out But because our tracks are always strong or have at least one unique characteristic And if we want to match that We feel like there’s no choice but to make the concept and style a bit stronger And because that’s our process that’s just how it all turns out My short term goal is To show off our ‘SAVAGE’ performances as much as possible As for long term It’s to be able to keep showing our performances as A.C.E And a team for as long as possible That’s my long term goal For me as well My short term goal is to show everyone a good side of us with our new ‘SAVAGE’ promotions As for my long term goal Whether it’s 10 years or 20 years I want to promote and perform concerts with all of our fans together Something that we can enjoy And remaining unchanged is my long term goal When it comes to a short term goal I want to quickly create more opportunities to meet our fans And not just our domestic fans but also our oversea fans as well Whether it’s through shows or broadcasts I want there to be more opportunities to meet everyone As for my long term goal While it would be nice to become a top class group and have many new experiences But as the members have said The most important thing is to show fans more good music as team That has to be our most important goal I’m of the same mind Some people may think it’s obvious But there aren’t many opportunities to perform on stage Right now there are so many talented and cool K-Pop groups And maybe it’s because of that, every single performance feels special to us And it’s not easy for us to stand on stage often As the member have said Whether it’s for ‘SAVAGE’ or other performances Being able to show that as much as possible is both a desire and our goal As for a long term goal We don’t want to just do it all at once Instead we want to take it step by step as a team And just take on new challenges and showing ourselves would make us happy Being a number 1 singer that our fans can brag about My long term goal Together with my A.C.E members And together with our fans They may have hard times or lead busy lives But I hope we can continue to smile and just keep moving forward together To all of our CHOICE it’s A.C.E Everytime we come to greet you Our hearts are always filled with gratitude We’re grateful to even be here today to say this to you Thank you for always listening and loving A.C.E’s music And we’ll be sure to always reward that love and support by showing you more impressive music This has been A.C.E

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47 thoughts on “DEEP DIVE: A.C.E

  1. Yeah there’s a reason I couldn’t watch ‘SAVAGE’ yet 👀 But reaction coming soon! Turn on CC for subs!

    *note: Sorry about the audio issues! Tried our best to cover it up

  2. I felt bad when donghun said it's not easy for them to be on stage.. i hate how the k-industry treats groups of small companies

  3. Omg thank you Form of Therapy for doing a whole interview with A.C.E!! This was really amazing to watch, to hear your questions and their answers and I also love how they literally watch all reaction videos 😁 I can't wait for your reaction of Savage, I've been waiting for it 🙌

  4. I'm really happy to see this video💗💗 Hope gonna see your SAVAGE reaction soon!

    P.S: I'm waiting for MAMAMOO – HIP reaction as well ☺️☺️

  5. i see a.c.e, i click! they’ve worked so hard and i am so proud of how far they’ve come! from predebut until many many years to come, i’ll keep supporting them. i love them so much 💕 yes, let’s keep smiling and working hard together~ also, channie, you guys are already no.1 in my heart whom i often brag about—more recognition to these beautiful, and awesomely talented guys!!

    thanks for this insightful interview!

  6. question about fashion that pushes gender norms
    Me: If Byeongkwan doesn't answer this, I swear.

    No joke though, they honestly rock ANYTHING and I'm so proud of them for it

  7. I really loved this interview! ☺️💖 I would love to see this as a series of some sort 🥰 The questions were so well-thought out and ACE's answers were so nice and overall, I think they were really vibing with such a deep interview. Thank you for this content, PD! Hope to see more! 😆💞 Fighting, ACE! 💖

  8. Oh, and please do the listening party for their Mad Squad album too.. I'm curious to hear your view to Slow Dive, So Sick and Holiday, thx!

  9. They are so sincere and humble!! They deserve all the love they getting and more!!!
    OMG, I'm imagining they saw my reaction video to Savage….. I hope it cheers them up 👍

  10. I’m crying. I love a.c.e so much. I really hope they will get more Korean fans and become famous and successful. They have a lot of fans overseas, but it’s very important to have fans in Korea. I’m proud of my boys. Every album has been amazing so far. They deserve recognition. Fighting, babies!!! I know you can do it!

  11. A.C.E. is such a genuine group, not that I'm saying others aren't, but oh my gosh. They've worked from literal scratch and look where they are now. They're incredibly humble, down to earth and are grateful for every single thing given to them. If this don't make y'all stan them, I don't know what will.

  12. This was such a GOOD VIDEO! You gotta do more interviews like that!!

    Also oh god I wonder if they read comments too 👀 Jun let me be your wife 👀

  13. Thank you for this chance to let us hear more about their personal thoughts and feelings! It really made me sad when Donghun said that opportunities to perform don't come as often as they would like because we see that happening to them – not getting invited to perform on music shows even when they're promoting, or getting their songs cut during these shows. Their dedication to their performance is one reason I fell deep in love with them and I really hope they can get the recognition they deserve soon!

  14. i love them so much 🙁 i have been a part of the choice fandom for more than a year and a half now, and i still genuinely feel that i dont deserve these boys fkjdkf theyre so kindhearted and just ,, care so much i love them with all my heart

  15. ah…. i haven’t been my best recently and they talking about staying together and going through hard times really hit me …. thanks for everything A.C.E

  16. i was watching this like wow sehyoon hasn’t said a word yet and then at 6:36 we finally got something 😂😂

  17. Huh, now i deffinetely know that I spent all that time writing coments usefully. I am in kpop for a year now and I listened to a lot of groups and tried to stan most of them, but something feels different with A.C.E. I got to know them this spring and i couldn't name any group that impresses me that much. They are really hardworking and sincere – you can see that they are people and i think it is the most important thing for me – i can see and believe that they work hard and that inspires me a lot. Thank you, A.C.E and Beat interactive!

  18. First Brisxlife meet directly to A.C.E and now PD 😍😍😍 I am so happy with the question ❤️❤️ and I am waiting for the reaction too😍 I hope PD like it

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