Crushing non-newtonian fluid with hydraulic press

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel Today we have non-newtonian fluid for our press So it is just like regular fluid when you are trying to put things slowly into it But if you are trying to use some force and hit it for for like hammer it is quite hard and you cannot punch through it and it’s going to make some clumps or something out of it So we are going to try use our press against this strange and possible quite dangerous fluid Let’s see First we have this strange looking balloon full of non-newtonian fluid Let’s see *blop* I think that the fluid tried to get bit hard, but As often we thought balloons are the things that don’t stay hard in necessary time Let’s try another method And here we go with the pot full of that sh*t *laugh* That was strange… …strange Yeah, I think that is all for today Thank You for watching and have a nice day Our press tool is… Stuck to the floor and… …and this sh*t right here, it got somehow dried, but before the pressing it was all quite constant from top to bottom, so it somehow separated the water and left the cornstarch on the bottom of this And I have no idea how the hell we are going to get my tool out of that pot Yeah… For today’s extra content we have this extremely dangerous monster ant It is possible even venomous and it may attack at any time So we must deal with it *laughter*

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